Who is doing the killing, the CIA, Barr’s former employer, seems to be busy


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Let’s talk Austin last night.  What we know, our victim was pushing his girl friend who is a quadruple amputee in a wheel chair.  Garrett Foster, a USAF veteran was armed, legally carrying an AK type weapon.

Barr’s CIA background, where he partnered with Robert Mueller, is outlined here by Chip Tatum in his book, “The Mule.”


A car, driven by ??????? sped past a police blockade and into the protesters.  Shooting began and Foster was hit 5 times by gunfire from the car, which was soon surrounded by the same police that allowed it to pass.  Someone was removed from the vehicle and the vehicle was then removed.

We were told that someone, this was 24 hours ago, is “helping police with their inquiries.”

Our sources tell us that the person who killed USAF veteran Foster was “law enforcement” and is NOT in custody at all.

Friends in Austin said he identified himself as a “constable,” the Texas term for a white person with a gun.  I was a Harris County (Houston) constable. (White guy with gun)

A more sinister version has the shooter a “Federal officer,” probably Border Patrol, the most corrupt police organization in the country, the errand boys for the cartels.  More Border Patrol are convicted of crimes than any other occupation in America other than members of congress.

Let’s wait this one out.

Now we have this one:

OK, watch this one again but turn the volume up all the way.  Here’s the body cam of the last few seconds, leaving out the very very very strange audio.

OK internet researchers, who is the dead perpetrator?  Who was the heroic (really) officer?

When it happened, the perp was an employee of the State of Michigan Department of Transportation.  Today?  He no longer exists and, in fact, never existed, like one of Fetzer’s Sandy Hood kids.

Now we go to Seattle and the horrific killings there.  This video is the worst of them:

The driver, we were all told, was, to great relief, an “African American” named Dawit Kelete.

Until it was scrubbed, we got his social media.  He played Soccer and Basketball and University of Washington and liked having his photo taken with attractive girls or at least girls with huge asses.

Dawit, however, is not African American but he is from Africa, sort of or “just barely.”  He is Eritrean (like Somalia sort of).  Why no mention of him as an immigrant?

He is supposedly held on bond.  There is a total blackout (excuse that) of his personal history (CIA) or his parents (CIA) or where he lived or worked (CIA).  He is a ghost.  Look him up, find his address, phone or employment or where he got the Jaguar.

Then find out why he ran into folks at 100 mph, driving magically around a police blockade.  They claim he drove the wrong way down an exit ramp…oh..it was blocked by police too, but since media punks never ask questions, a shit answer is always enough.

Then this one:

If you didn’t see this one, you might have caught the movie:

It may well be the same truck.

Driving the truck was Ukrainian CIA sponsored militia jihadist Bogdan Vechirko.  Police let him go with a verbal warning.  Check this photo of Bogdan in his truck driving outfit:

Little is known about the Ukrainian in the United States. Reporters learned that Vechirko is a fan of the Republican Party and Donald Trump. In 2018-2019, he donated three times $ 100-115 both to the party and to the Trump Make America Great Again Committee.

On September 10, Bogdan Vechirko was listed in the party report as unemployed.

At the same time, the publication “Focus” later announced that the American Vechirko is a full namesake of a Ukrainian who has never traveled to the United States and is in Ukraine. 

VT has Bogdan Vechirko living in Ukraine only days before this incident.  He is still there.  This is him on May 15, 2020:

This is the other him, with a different face but enough to use his documents if you didn’t check too close, from his mugshot before being released:

In Ukraine, they claim he was working for Hillary Clinton as one of the Maidan snipers.  I’ll bet he knows George Soros personally.

“In social networks, Bogdan had more than 250 compatriots from Ukraine, Zhitomir and Vinnitsa region – fighters from the airborne brigades of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. The pictures that we managed to screen from Bogdan’s Facebook profile give reason to believe that he participated in the ATO.
Strange Bogdan, strange case …

After the collision incident, all information about Bogdan during the period of both Maidans in Ukraine was deleted. 
My version is this: he is one of the “activists” trained to participate in the Maidans under the roof of the CIA during the Clinton and Obama times.”


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  1. On the screen grabs I took out of the video I could not see any hits on his chest after at least four rounds. One frame showed her firing wide to the left due to jerking the trigger during quick fire. When you pull like that it pulls the barrel to the tip to the left. The easiest way to compensate is not to try to make your finger not do that, but to aim a bit to the right so your shot is on target with the pull. I learned this doing quick drawn close in shooting, 8 to 10 yards, and went through a bunch of rounds trying to untrain my trigger finger to to that. When I adjusted my aim just to the right if the target I right away began getting three shot groupings inside the target with one often near the center. This is easier for Gordon, as he is an eyeball target guy. God only knows how he does it.

  2. DOJ.gov/biography > Wm Pelham BARR, CIA 1973 to 1977

    once a spook, thereafter always a sheepdipped spook

  3. So, what’s the takeaway from all this, Gordon? We knew from the beginning that agents provocateurs were employed by someone or something to draw the BLM protesters into violence and looting in Minneapolis. Here’s the “umbrella man” doing his thing…


    If all of these “incidents” you focused on are really contrived, what is the end game here? Is it to give Trump the “national emergency” he needs to get the “get out of jail free” card he so desperately needs? That would enable him to declare martial law and suspend the November elections. We all know he has the power to do that…

    “The moment the president declares a “national emergency”—a decision that is entirely within his discretion—more than 100 special provisions become available to him. While many of these tee up reasonable responses to genuine emergencies, some appear dangerously suited to a leader bent on amassing or retaining power.”


    Then, he can use his personal Storm Troopers to round up all of his political opponents and declare himself President for life. Is that how you see it coming down, Gordon?

  4. I found this piece interesting…. On April 16, Danny Jones of the Northlake Babtist Church in Georgia USA gave a razor-sharp Sunday sermon about the ‘pandemic’.

    Now I understand why I can’t keep my mouth shut, and urge everyone to search the Real History on the Net…

    If everyone knew ! Then they would be lost…

  5. Just a bit of minor corrections, Dawit Kelete went school 8 years Washington State University way across the praries from Seattle in Washington .it’s a cow-town and party town it takes about 6 hours to drive there. My friends back in the fay with hot shit cars liked to brag they can do it in 3 or 4 hours at average 100mph. Univ of Washington is in Seattle, not Wash state.
    Also Eritria region Dawits parents are from a Christian Orthodox country not Muslim like Somalia like those “terrorists” getting massacred in Blackhawk down movie.
    I know lots of Eritrians in Seattle who I played soccer with…nice guys all of them I met. I just think Dawit fucked up driving on deserted freeway thinking nothing in his way.
    The car blockade he veered around were protestor cars!!! They all easily went onto freeway. Dawit now in king county jail, his attorney John Brown.
    Everything else you write totally agree with

  6. My first take on the female officer shooting was,…she is not fit,…she is not well trained in procedure,…and he might be,.. carry over,..his steps from the vehicle indicate previous substances or trauma affected his movement. His decisions and movements. Was he bruised or beaten beforehand ? By Cops ? Beyond the obvious tox screen.
    I’m sticking to my first take about the car on the freeway ,..mushrooms. Or something
    The truck, ..the crowd got him,..how did they do that, was the window down, the door unlocked..how did he get the job, truck driving common for Ukraine or Russian immigrants,..

    The sober drivers do not hurt anyone and are confused/in a hurry, and protests on the road know one out of a hundred get pissed about closing roads, especially if they disagree with the cause. I do not agree with protestors closing roads with speed limits above 35mph. It is dumb, and I would question who directed the people there. The latest case in point Interstate Aurora Co. Last night, and the leader marched on after the incident in a way that suggested foreknowledge. Stay off the freeway. This from a seasoned hitchhiker who has traveled from one end to the other. i cannot think of a more dangerous thing to do. Horrible way to protest. Close off downtown during lunch on Wednesday instead. Direct message to those who administer Law. The folks on the freeway are not the audience.

    • The story is the protestors threw their bikes under tanker truck to slow it and bring to stop.
      He was honking horn the whole time clearing the way so he could hit target of the police lines! He was
      pretending to be protestor is how I see it that s guy obvious agent provacateur to the max and they let him go of course.
      I agree Dawit just fucked up, don’t know about mushrooms or TCP rlaced pot maybe who knows he wasn’t drunk on alcohiol. I think anybody could get on freeway very easily and all those cars protestor cars! They drove right up there.
      My bet Dawit in right lane going 100mph in a joy ride, road curves to right did not see cars in time thought the big white SUV was state patrol decided to swerve around and take off, rather than brake to stop.
      You can see he is trying to avoid the two he hits in video fishtailing as he swerved. He also stopped after with emergency flashers on but everyone wanted to kill him so he stops further down again also blinkers on just not a CiA assasin I don’t think but who knows these days

  7. MostVetsAreCowards , Does the uber brave really think that anyone worth a who doesn’t know their real name, so why use a screen name, to me, that is cowardice displayed.
    If you are going to call others a coward, you best be not hiding like one. Not that anyone would waste their time. So tired of dumb.

  8. What does one say to this? Does someone know this person? Danger to self and others perhaps?

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