Could Evangelicals Spot the Antichrist? Here are the Biblical Predictions:


Does the Bible predict the future with stunning accuracy as so many in the end-times camp have claimed?

I grew up in the rapture-me-outta-here end times movement, and have spilled no shortage of ink critiquing it– even poking a bit of fun at it. As a theologian I fall into a category of belief that sees biblical prophecies about “the end” as being events that have mostly been fulfilled in the past, but I try to hold that belief gently and recognize I could be wrong.

Many of my fellow Christians in America have warned me over the years of exactly that, often telling me: “I feel sorry for you, because when the Antichrist comes you’re not even going to recognize him!”

To honor those who have given me such warning, I decided to spend the past week studying the most significant biblical prophecies and descriptions typically believed by my conservative friends to refer the Antichrist. If my evangelical friends are correct, and if it’s entirely possible that the Antichrist is on the global scene today, I certainly wouldn’t want to be the only person in the room who didn’t recognize the Antichrist when I saw him.

In case you too are a bit rusty in the area of biblical predictions about the coming Antichrist and don’t want to be oblivious if such a person were to arise, consider me your chief antichristologist who is more than happy to help you out.

Here are the no-kidding-not-satire-prophecies and signs of the antichrist the Bible tells us to watch out for… and that blew my mind by the time I was done:

Read it all:

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  1. You’re right, John, what we call the “Bible” is largely mythological. Just as no thinking person would now claim that the Earth was created 6000 years ago, or that the Sun is its planet, so too are the stories in the Old Testament that involve the mythical god Yahweh and the goings-on of the mythical Israelites in the mythical land of Israel also fairy tales. There is no historical record of them ever being slaves in Egypt and no sign whatsoever that 3 million of them wandered around the Sinai Peninsula for over 40 years.

    That ethnic Jews are now claiming to be the descendants of these mythical people makes about as much sense as US Christians claiming that they are G-d’s chosen who had the right to take what is now the USA from Native Americans as their new “holy land” and exterminate them as well, just like what the Zionists are doing in Palestine. Is it any wonder that the USA and Israel are now joined at the hip and are soon to be put in our places by a world that is so done with colonialism, conquest, and exploitation?

  2. The AntiChrist will have the following attributes:

    1) A fierce look on his face

    2) He will be bigger and more stout than other world leaders

    3) He will be a vile person by nature

    4) His mouth will speak great things and be extremely persuasive

    5) He will gain political leverage by flattering many political sides

    6) He won’t be interested in women at all

    7) He comes from, or pends a significant amount of time in Egypt

    8) He is a leader or governor in charge of Moscow and Tobolsk

    9) He is very proud and speaks great words and promises

    10) He will brazenly speak against God Himself, exalting himself alone

    11) He will institute a new monetary system, using credit tracking technology

    12) He will be a military genius, able to defeat multiple oponents andhis armies will invade the entire Middle-East

    13) He will be put into power by the Dragon (The Devil) and the False Prophet (News Media) will cause everyone to follow and practically worship him.

    14) He will cause fire to ome down from the heavens for all to see (Nuclear power?)

  3. Have to correct the autor onionen: The Fourth beast is not the AntiChrist. The Fourth beast is Rome. The order of theeast are as follows (Each one corresponds to a recognized world empire that ruled the known world of that particular day) EGYPT, ASSYRIA, BABYLON, MEDO-PERSIA, GREECE, ROME and ANTICHRIST WORLD GOVT. As The prophecy mentioned in this article (Daniel 7:23)was given to Daniel during the reign of Nebuchadnezzar, Kind of Babylon, the countdown to the 4th Kingdom began at BABYLON, not EGYPT. The AntiChrist will be the leader of the 7th (Seventh) world Empire, beginning from the fiirst established world empire, which was EGYPT. The prophecies also predict that the AntiChrist world empire will be a continuation of the ROMAN world empire, as the feet and toes of the image that Daniel saw in his vision, were all coming forth from the feet of the statue (10 in all) and thus were all outcrops of the Kingdom of Rome. There were 10 toes in the image that Daniel saw in his vision and these 10 toes all represent 10 Kings (nations) that will give their power to the Beast, in a military-political alliance. These 10 nations will then in with the AntiChrist in remptive nuclear strike against modern Babylon (America)in one hour “she will be burned with fire”. Vestiges of the Roman empire are everywhere in Europe, but you don’t see any in China or Indonesia. There will obviously be 10 European nations that will turn against America and join with the AntiChrist to form a one world government.

    • I rest my case. And I submit to the court the product and evidence of 2000 years of education and pervasive influence. To accentuate the impact , I believe this person is possible of being hired by DHS.

  4. According to “They Lied to Us in Sunday School” Ian Ross Vayro and other authors; the Book of Revelation was presented to the King of Tarquin[Rome] in 500BC. It was re-worked into The Roman Bible at the council of Nicea 325AD. Rome sits on 7 hills [Aventine, Palatine, esquiline, quirinal, viminal, Calian and one other i can’t remember the name plus bad spelling]. Rome laid waste to the Earth and the Emperor[who became Pope] sat as God’s Rep on the Earth. Trump is a paper front man for City of London and Wall ST Trillionaire Human Soul Traffickers. Ian Ross Vayro spent 3 days in jail under anti-terrorism laws in Australia. He must have been telling the Truth then.

  5. If christians are this good at vetting for president, it is highly unlikely they would vet any other person for any position with any accuracy.
    Beyond that, they are also horrible at vetting even the priests or secretaries of their own churches. In fact, even the basic belief system adhered to, precludes them as investigators of any theological material at all, or any meaningful question. They exist to help their masters cause dispersion and control governments in a globalization agenda. They have no clue.

    • Well, beyond the obvious, we have Bill Barr, Cardinal Pell, and the Israeli Health Minister who caught the corona virus after saying the virus was gods punishment for homosexuality and did not follow his own advice. It is as ridiculous at the upper levels.
      The leaders of these outfits are not our friends. They embody everything we are told about our so called “enemies”. The rank and file members should be protected from them.

  6. The New Testament says there were already many antichrists so they knew it was the time of the end. Christ said his kingdom was not of this world, but most Christians demand that it will be a utopia here after he returns. They make his prophecy concerning his soon return make him look like a charlaton

    • If you think Trump is “out of the running” because he doesn’t come “from among seven hills’ consider this…

      “Despite claims of being a self-made billionaire, President Donald Trump received over $400 million in today’s dollars from his father’s real estate operation — which included two Staten Island properties — that allowed him to amass a fortune and help build his brand, according to a published report.”

      Oddly, Staten Island has seven hills, Fort Hill, Ward Hill, Fox Hill, Grymes Hill, Emerson Hill, Todt Hill, and Richmond Hill. Could these be the seven hills referred to in the Book of Revelation, “and I saw a beast coming out of the sea with ten horns and seven heads, which stand for seven hills” and could Staten Island, the beginning of Trump’s real estate empire make him the “beast” that “the rapture-me-outta-here end times movement” is looking for?

      Trump certainly fits the bill in every other way: leader of a military super-power, arrogant, boastful, known for making a lot of public threats against people, obsessed with winning, and especially, con man that he is, able to fill people with wonder and cause them to follow him. I think he’s definitely their man.

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