Islam vs Common Sense In Northern England


[Editor’s note: Britain has a rotten government lead by a figurehead buffoon that has displayed a disturbing level of disorganisation and incompetence in it’s handling of the Coronavirus outbreak. Announcing this latest lockdown in a late night tweet is typical of the farcical way this shitshow of a government has behaved.

However, to decry this restriction as Islamophobia is nonsense and extremely counter-productive. We are fighting a pandemic, so regardless of whether it’s Eid, Christmas, Hannukah or any other day, if the numbers have been rising in these areas that have seen the lockdown re-imposed, then so be it – religion has no place in such a decision. The virus doesn’t follow religious lines so neither should we in battling it.

There is a great fear that Muslims in these areas will ignore the lockdown as they can be notoriously bad at following the law of the land and often rely on the race and religion cards to cover their blatant disregard for Britain and it’s laws. This disregard could lead to a resurgence in the virus and many more deaths.

The government needs to ignore any and all religious-based complaints and base it’s actions purely on the scientific and medical fields. Britain’s Muslims need to accept this, no playing the race or religion cards, no breaking the rules because they don’t suit you.

Yes, many non-Muslim white people broke the rules in May, but two wrongs don’t make a right and any attempt to interject racial or religious issues into the issue of the pandemic should be roundly condemned by all Britons, regardless of race or religion. Ian]

Middle East Eye
‘I smell Islamophobia’: British Muslims decry lockdown imposed hours before Eid

By Rayhan Uddin

A local coronavirus lockdown in the north of England announced by the UK government late on Thursday night, hours before the festival of Eid al-Adha, an Islamic holiday, has caused outrage among British Muslims.

UK health secretary Matt Hancock tweeted a thread just after 9pm announcing that households in Manchester and surrounding areas could not meet other families indoors, citing an increasing rate of coronavirus transmission in the area.

“Based on the data, we decided that in Greater Manchester, parts of West Yorkshire and East Lancashire we need to take immediate action to keep people safe”, Hancock wrote.

The health secretary said that the spread was due to households meeting and not abiding by social distancing.

“From midnight tonight, people from different households will not be allowed to meet each other indoors in these areas,” he announced.

“We take this action with a heavy heart, but we can see increasing rates of Covid across Europe and are determined to do whatever is necessary to keep people safe.”

The announcement was met with fierce criticism on social media, with many linking the timing with Eid al-Adha, which began on Friday.

One user said that she “smelled Islamophobia” in the decision.

Several towns and cities now under lockdown, including Oldham, Bolton and Bradford, have high proportions of Muslims according to the most recent UK census.

“It may well be the right decision but the timing is really poor,” Furqan Naeem, a community organiser for Citizens UK in Greater Manchester told Middle East Eye.

“Thousands of families would have made plans to be with each other, and some probably would have been in bed asleep when the government announced its message late last night,” Naeem said.

Keir Starmer, the leader of the Labour party, said that announcing measures affecting potentially millions of people late at night on Twitter was “a new low for the government’s communications during this crisis”.

Several critics pointed out that a similar decision would likely not have been made had it been Christmas Eve.

“With the first day of Eid being today, for Muslims in the affected areas, it is like being told they cannot visit family and friends for Christmas on Christmas Eve itself,” Harun Khan, the secretary general of the Muslim Council of Britain, said in a statement on Friday.

“The UK government has failed to provide clarity on the shockingly short notice and the reasoning behind the new rules that British Muslims deserve – any such clarification would be most welcome,” Khan said.

Muslims in the north of England noted the contradiction that while they were not allowed to meet family members inside households, restaurants and pubs were still open.

Syed Rahi, a geography student from Rochdale, Greater Manchester, said he couldn’t understand the decision.

“I can’t get my head around it. No one can see me in my house, but they can see me in another enclosed area like a pub or restaurant,” he told MEE.

“If we’re going to do a lockdown, it should be a proper lockdown. Close the shops, close the pubs, don’t just isolate a minority group and make us seem like we’re causing a second wave.”

Adding insult to injury, Conservative member of parliament Craig Whittaker doubled down on the decision, telling radio station LBC that “it is the BAME [Black, Asian and minority ethnic] communities that are not taking this seriously enough”.

Social media users were quick to point out that BAME communities were not responsible for breaking social distancing when pubs reopened in London, during Victory in Europe (VE) day celebrations and on beaches during the heatwave in May.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson refused to condemn Whittaker’s comments during a Downing Street briefing on Friday.

The local lockdown did not affect Eid prayers, which went ahead as planned across the UK with social distancing in place.

The MCB published advice last week on how to celebrate Eid safely, including avoiding hugging and shaking hands, and performing congregational prayers outdoors.

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  1. Why doesn’t the fat non essential Monarchy get off their dead ass and spread the word – Personally- in each corner of Merry ole England ? Give them an Area and tell them to rule over the Corona lab rats , that are in all four corners of ” Their Country.” At least until the MI -5 or6 quit spreading it. Cheers Ian.

    • No-one is more against the institution of the monarchy than me, bunch of inbred Judeo-German swine.

  2. Look out Ian since we are all beholden to ‘the king’, the Fed, City of London owners of humans of the USA, traded into usery by the unmentionable (bankers), by rights we may just return home. 20% dumbfuck sound better than 40%. I hear the weather and food sucks, at least the people are bearable.
    I have seen posts by conservatives in the US asking if libs are ready for civil war. I wounder if they really want that blood on their hands. Does wining actually feel that good? The only reason humans form civilized societies is to ‘win’. Ultimately winning means to live, so you know what losing means. I have not figured out why ‘you people’ continue to lick the balls of Royalty though, I know you’re into teabags over there but that is some serious dumbfuckery.

    • “The only reason humans form civilized societies is to ‘win’.”

      Actually, why humans formed civilized societies in the first place was to band together, to cooperate, in order to stave off annihilation by some external enemy. It was only when one tribe, whose god was Mammon, started using Babylonian Money Magic to control the other tribes, that the enemy became internal rather than external and therefore much harder to contend with.

  3. In what I hope is seen as an exception, tip-of-the-hat to the English football leagues, especially the Premiership. I thought Operation Restart, was done done professionally, responsibly, and most important, safely, and gave us all some much need diversion. I look forward to the day when the stadiums can again be adorned, safely, with football loving fans, in their full revelry.

    • Yeah, the way football has handled it is sensible. Sadly, common sense has been in short supply during this pandemic in many cases.

  4. “Britain has a rotten government lead by a figurehead buffoon that has displayed a disturbing level of disorganization and incompetence in its handling of the Coronavirus outbreak.”

    Wow, Ian, so much like the USA, where religious nut-jobs of the Christian Zionist persuasion not only think the Earth was created 6000 years ago and that the Sun is its planet, but also think COVID-19 is a hoax perpetuated by Democrats to smear Trump in November.

    Maybe you don’t have quite the equivalent of Trumpsters in the UK. Here, they refuse to wear masks, refuse to social distance, hit the bars and beaches, and go to church by the hundreds just to spread the virus around. That will ensure that unlike China, Canada, etc. the USA will never ever beat this thing. COVID-19 is a bioweapon designed to take out old people, the unemployable, people of color, and dumb fucks like them. Do they know they’re doing just what the “powers that be” in the USA want them to do?

    • Oh we have our own dumbfucks, but they aren’t 30-40% of the population like in the US, the proportion is lower, and very few people go to church in Britain these days.