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…by Wile E. Coyote and his trusted lab assistant Elmer Thud

Neo Particle Physicists

(a cheap way of avoiding prison for leaking the classified information below)

Introduction by Gordon Duff:  The material below is classified, some dating back more than a century, nearly a century and a half, some more recent.  It covers basic physics that should be taught in high school, but has been erased from science.

You see, Newton simply doesn’t work when it comes down to sub-atomic physics, meaning…flying saucers are real and we have known how to build them for a long time.  Moreover, we can make flying cars, produce electricity out of nothing, many ways of doing that, and are capable of reducing transportation costs to nothing.

Fuels would be worthless.  We now have two versions of science, one for “rubes.”  This is a look behind the curtain.  Send this to your physics prof back there at the cow college or Oxbridge or wherever you went or were kicked out of.  Tell them to take their classes and stick them where the sun doesn’t shine.

Part one.

As early as the late 1950’s it was proposed by Piekara and Kielich that circularly polarized electromagnetic radiation can magnetise objects exposed to this type of polarized radiation – I.E. light or photons. The theory was later verified at Harvard by Pershan, Van der Ziel, Malmstrom and Shen.

Their experiments demonstrated that a pulse of focused, polarized laser light could produce magnetization in liquid or solid materials that were contained inside a simple induction coil used for current measurement and which produced an inverse Faraday effect when exposed to the pulsating laser light.

This means that circularly polarized laser radiation can act as an optical magnet. Not only can you magnetize or demagnetize an object with polarized laser light but you can also pull or push objects trapped within the beam. I.E. both the Transporter beam and the Tractor beam of Star Trek fame.

Now you know how the little green men from Mars are able to use a very bright white light to pick up and steal cows etc. It can also produce measurable shift in nuclear magnetic resonance. I.E. Transmutation of the elements. Already used for classified uranium enrichment programs world wide.

Part two: The electron’s magnetic field.

According to Maxwell a static electron has no magnetic field of its own and when rotated about its axis it will not produce one. However when an electron is accelerated in a given direction it creates a line of force. This line of force is magnetic in nature and can then be deflected by external magnetic fields such as in a cathode ray tube.

Now when the electron is spun up into a closed circular path it becomes a dipole bar magnet with both a north and south pole. This so-called magnetic dipole is what we call electromagnetic radiation or what Einstein calls a Photon – I.E. light. At longer wavelengths it is just simply called radio waves, micro waves or just simply a transverse electromagnetic wave.

So when an electron is stationary it is electrostatic in nature according to general electrodynamics but when it starts moving it turns into a tiny magnet losing its electrostatic state and replacing it with an artificial electromagnetic state. I.E. is it a particle or a wave?That all depends on it’s motion.

Part three: The Proton’s electromagnetic field.

Yes it has one too and it also acts as a tiny spherical magnet. The difference between the two particle fields is that the Proton’s magnetic field is spherical – I.E. 360 degrees and the electrons or the photons magnetic field is dipolar at 180 degrees.

Therefore the proton can attach to other magnetic particles at more than just the north or south poles. This explains why only certain crystal shapes can be formed within the nucleus of the atom. It also easily dispenses with the need for the so-called mysterious weak and strong nuclear forces within the atom as theorized way back in 1932.

Since the Proton’s magnetic field wasn’t discovered until 1962 and the electron when rotated about its axis also produced it’s own magnetic field was not discovered until 1958. The early atomic theorist had no other model to work with so this was their grand idea of how the atom worked at the time.

However in hindsight now understanding that the electron, photon and the proton all have their own internal and separate magnetic fields that interact with each other and act as tiny magnets by themselves; then maybe the concept of the so-called mysterious weak and strong atomic forces should undergo a modern review.

If this is the case then only magnetism may hold the atom together. How can electrostatics be involved if everything is in motion? Static means no motion or rotation but both the electron and the proton have motion, they spin; I.E. Spin Physics and not Quantum Physics are most likely at play.

This also explains why the Neutron, when ejected from the nucleus of an atom will decay and fall apart into an electron and a separate proton within approx. 15 min. The electron for some reason gets ejected from the proton when it’s spin gets too slow.

Thus losing it’s magnetic attraction to the proton and it is repelled due to like static charges taking over. Otherwise the opposite static field charges would still hold the two particles together forming a hydrogen atom or does it?

Part four.

How does this apply to Star Trek and the Transporter / Tractor beam theory? Its simple. We now know that if you hit a molecule that is rich in hydrogen atoms with an external magnetic field it flips its magnetic field by 90 deg. This is called Nuclear Magnetic Resonance. Its been around since the 1960’s; Old school stuff. However if you hit it with the correct amount of magnetic energy at the correct frequency then even more interesting stuff happens.

First if you flip it a full 180 deg you both get an anti-matter effect and an anti-gravity effect. What goes up must come down now becomes what goes down must now come up. The 360 deg magnetic field polarization of the proton reverses under proper external magnetic field exposure. Now when you hit a molecule rich in hydrogen atoms with a polarized laser light you can not only magnetize the atom but you can push or pull it with a polarized beam of light.

Now you know why we have high and low tides. Part of the effect of moon light is that it is polarized at the correct wavelength to magnetize the sea water and it creates a pulling effect on the ocean’s surface due to optically induced magnetism. The other form of gravity.

Interesting questions for interesting minds to answer.

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  1. Ian, this article is a mulligan stew, or chop-suey if you prefer. Part 1: circular electromagnetic fields. Circular polarization is the standard used for all satellite communication. I use it myself to download the NOAA Nimbus Polar Sats WX images (NOAA APT). If these polarizations were so powerful I think I would notice it after all these years. The article jumps from one thing to another, as if their close proximity actually binds the ideas together. They don’t. XXXX When I was much younger, I had a theory about something similar (I was in high school) I took the idea to my science teacher, who said “yeah, well when these poles go fast enough they will line up and negate each other”. When I took BSEE at a major (unamed) college I asked a senior engineering professor the same thing. I got the same answer! Finally, while I was active duty I happened across one of the scientists (retired) who had worked on the Manhatten Project. Again, I got the exact same answer. Three different people across many years and thousands of miles. Always the same answer. Since then I have taught Electrical Engineering, and I can tell you that I was never one of the “establishment” teachers. I happen to know a great deal about the scienctific underpinnings of this article (but not all the history). As you said in the intro, there IS more than one way to generate electricity for almost nothing (construction costs) without using ZPE.

  2. There is zero proof of extra-terrestrial origins of any intelligent life form on earth. That does not mean it has not happened or that there are not many credible people who think it is or has happened. What we do know, and have abundance of evidence of, is incorrect accounts of history, and the falseness of the narrative that we are a recently advanced technological species. My position is,.. automatically going to extra-terrestrial, displays a vacancy in the imagination department.

  3. Hehe, but SAAB at least proved, that what goes up, will come down:


    I think it was the same Swedish pilot who crashed two of those planes. He’d had liked to continue his career as top gun, but his family was somewhat against that. If I was Swede , I’d had said that we were only testing the ejector seat, working, but they explained all that purposely unstable design and problem with control of that. Therefore Norwegians and Finns are turning on F-35, which doesn’t know how to fly , therefore crashes only economy. I’m afraid F-35 crashes our economy too.

  4. My standard line for years regarding ‘aliens” is , so an alien craft crashed 2 years after Tesla’s research was stolen, and the crash site just happened to be down the road from a top secret R&D base, out of the myriad of places to crash.

    As for other “anomalous” flying objects, that are not “ours” , there are things that exist, that are not understood. That does not mean they are from another world or even that they are mechanical in nature. The military and religion have a vested interest in maintaining the ‘alien’ story, because people are capable of things that frighten them, and it provides cover. This is also why it is illegal in some places with pyramids for elders to gather or do ‘ceremony’, or for anyone at all to go on them. Mutable forces, respond to a variety of stimuli, and are capable of a variety of things such as apparition, bi-location and manifestation or the appearance of such. The human eye, or more correctly brain, can be made to ‘see” things. This isn’t new.

    • John , yea, those incidents are noteworthy, and there are soo many possibilities. Aliens would not be high on my list. That sort of thing is not beyond the capability of gifted human beings interacting with ‘things”, also one branch testing another branch does not necessarily communicate this. In fact, that would be unwise. The military is absolutely not in charge of this planet. They want to be though.

  5. Interesting Ian – But how do they get that big white beam to light up the whole inside of your truck – even under the dash – when you are driving home at night ? Took me a decade or 2 before I even told anybody about that one.