Unmasking the Zionist COVID Disinfo Machine


There is a huge and well-funded conspiracy theory disinfo operation that encompasses Chemtrails, vaccines, 5G, and now COVID-19. The authors of these theories are all Zionist stooges, mostly working for well-funded think tanks that function as disinfo outlets.

One of the main goals behind this bunch of lies is to identify what are today called ‘influencers’ so they can be used to spread these lies to a wider audience. Identify those with large social media followings who are both gullible and stupid enough to believe these lies, then feed them more lies and sit back as they do the hard work of promoting and spreading them for you as unpaid ‘useful idiots’.

One of the more prominent spreaders of these lunatic theories is David Icke, a man who relies on the laziness and stupidity of his audience – too lazy to do their own fact-checking, too stupid to recognize obvious lies.

Icke has been pushing the Chemtrails lie hard for years, adding in his own layers of extra BS about nanotechnology and other lunatic weirdness. In 2020, Icke has been at the forefront of two big lies, firstly that the COVID-19 virus doesn’t exist, and secondly, that 5G causes the illness the authorities claim are due to COVID-19.

Well, he’s still at it, still beating the disinfo drums:

The Coronavirus, Chemtrails and 5G Connection?

This latest pack of lies is as laughable as all his previous attempts to demonize 5G and paint the pandemic as a hoax, the ‘doctors’ cited are nothing of the sort, they are fraudsters posing as doctors, scumbags who prey on sick, dying people for profit.

I have already exposed Robert O Young as a fraudster posing as a doctor:

Icke Cites Fake Doctor To Promote Coronavirus Is a Hoax Fraud

Icke didn’t write this article himself, he merely reposted it from a site called the Activist Post, a mysterious operation that has no ‘About Us’ page on its site, does not disclose who it’s editor or ownership are and claims to be funded by donations and advertising. Their listed headquarters is a P.O. Box in South Carolina and according to zoominfo.com they have 59 employees and a revenue of 11 million USD annually.

Just a quick look at its list of featured authors reads like a who’s who of Zionist-funded disinfo scumbags – Tony Cartalucci, Whitney Webb, Eric Zuesse, James Corbett, Jon Rappoport, Patrick Henningsen, Paul Craig Roberts….

This article also cites another fraudster quack by the name of Andrew Kaufman, an MD from Syracuse, NY who has become somewhat notorious after appearing in several youtube videos such as this one where he is interviewed by scammer Brian Rose, who has also promoted Icke and judging by the sheer volume of paid Youtube ads for his ‘London Real’ scam, is very well funded.

In the video, Kaufman talks about how a future COVID-19 vaccine would provide a vessel to “inject genes” into humans, first by a procedure known as “electroporation”, in which an electric current “create[s] little holes in our cells that allow the DNA to go into our own cells” and then through the insertion of “foreign proteins that supposedly generate immunity”. Kaufman concludes that the vaccine, like the results of biotechnology in agriculture, will make humans “genetically modified organisms”.

Clearly this man is a fraud, although he does have a medical practice and he claims to have studied at Duke, M.I.T, and the Medical University of South Carolina, he also claims to be a “natural healing consultant”.

Here are Kaufman’s details from healthgrades.com:

Dr. Andrew Kaufman, MD

Forensic Psychiatry •  Male • Age 49 
Dr. Kaufman

Suny Upstate Medical University Hospital

750 E Adams St Syracuse, NY 13210

Dr. Andrew Kaufman, MD is a Forensic Psychiatry Specialist in Syracuse, NY, and has over 16 years of experience in the medical field. He graduated from Medical University Of South Carolina medical school in 2004. Be sure to call ahead with Dr. Kaufman to book an appointment.

His online ratings are pretty bad:

There is precious little information to be found on Kaufman, his website is glossy but uninformative, others have tried to delve into his background too, such as this Quora user:

I have spent some time trying to figure out who Dr. Andrew Kaufman is. According to London Real tv, who has posted Kaufman’s one YouTube video, say he studied at Duke, MIT, and Medical University of South Caroline. Matching those qualifications to Dr. Andrew Kaufman and a forensic psychiatrist from New York is the result. I also found a disciplinary action from the state of Ohio in 2012 for Dr. Andrew Kaufman who studied at the University of South Carolina and Duke.

Here is the action of the Ohio Disciplinary Board: Andrew Russell Kaufman, M.D. Dr. Kaufman participated in a research project that offered participants a $25 gift code to Online Shopping for Electronics, Apparel, Computers, Books, DVDs & more as an incentive. After the study concluded Dr. Kaufman used nearly all the remaining gift codes, which had been purchased with unrestricted grant money from a pharmaceutical company, to purchase personal items.

Dr. Kaufman later took steps to cancel the order and return the merchandise. However, as a result of his actions, Dr. Kaufman was suspended from the residency program and notified that his status would be listed as nonprogram completion, which caused his resident training license to become inactive. Duke University and Dr. Kaufman have since executed an agreement providing for a six-month remediation program beginning on January 1, 2009 that will enable Dr. Kaufman to complete his residency program.

Before the North Carolina Medical Board In re: Andrew Russell Kaufman, M.D. Consent Order. 2008-11-26: http://www.circare.org/pd/kaufman_20081126.pdf

I have no idea what expertise this guy would possibly have about the coronavirus. His specialty is the psychiatry of the criminal mind. His one video is repeated by conspiracy theorists, but I could not find anything of relevant research. He has a YouTube video. Conspiracy theorists like it. Not the type of source I would deem reliable.

It is indeed a valid question to wonder what expertise a psychiatrist has in microbiology, especially as it is clear that he has none, as evidenced by his nonsensical statements in the video. As an actual microbiologist pointed out on another Quora thread about Kaufman:

Firstly, Koch’s postulates are only applicable for bacteria as viruses can’t be grown in pure culture by traditional methods. Most viruses grow in a particular living host and not a defined mixture of nutrients, which culture media usually is.

Secondly, if not RT-PCR tests, what are our other viable options for detecting a novel viral disease?

His claims need to be backed up by relevant alternatives and evidence.

So, Kaufman’s about COVID-19 and viruses, in general, are a load of unscientific rubbish, not surprising, as the only remotely relevant qualification I could find is the claim on his website that he holds a BS in Biology from M.I.T.

He also opposes vaccinations, the lockdown, wearing masks, and the contract-tracing apps used to try to control the spread of the virus. However, he can’t even get his facts right about something so simple as how mobile phones work, as the BBC pointed out:

Dr Kaufman suggests the signal for the “tracking software” is clearer if people are separated from each other. But this isn’t how the apps will work because they use your device’s unique digital signature irrespective of how close it is to another phone.

It appears that Kaufman has been fired from his job at Suny Upstate Medical University Hospital due to his insane views on COVID-19, I suspect he has been well paid to spread his lies and falsehoods.

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His studies in history and background in the media industry have given him a keen insight into the use of mass media as a creator of conflict in the modern world.

His favored areas of study include state-sponsored terrorism, media manufactured reality and the role of intelligence services in manipulation of populations and the perception of events.
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  1. Ian, thank you for your material. I had given Dr. Kaufman a look but with all the disinfo around just wasn’t sure, you know what I mean, off in lalaland and not really knowing for sure. You have cleared things up for me. Thank you.

    • You’re welcome. I agree, it is a minefield now and becoming ever harder to find good info.

  2. All the above is just speculation, waste of time and effort! There is but the following two incidents, crimes, against the People of the United States, that we should try to bring fort and concentrate on, to get solved and ‘Justice be DONE!’ The, “USS LIBERTY”, ‘False Flag’ Attack, by the Zionist Terror state of Israel, that failed and the, “9/11/2001” ‘False Flag’ Attack, done by them, that became a ‘Roaring Success’ and dragged US into the Middle East, at the ‘COST’ of some, 3 thousand innocent Collateral Victims! The Middle East in turn has been turned into HELL on EARTH by US! We have murdered hundreds of thousands and have made millions into homeless, desperate migrants who have, like a ‘Human Flood’, engulfed Europe! Stop all these diversions, by our Congress, like the ‘Phone calls to the Ukraine’! ‘Impeachment HOAX’ ‘Russia Interference!’ B.S. Make OUR Congress Investigate, who DONE the Greatest Crime EVER, against America, on our own SOIL!! That IS what we must DEMAND and PUSH for! If not, we are DOOMED for Good!! We have become the, PLANTATION of the Zionist Apartheid Theocracy (Talmudic-Supremacist) TERROR State of Israel, and the, “BLOOD and TREASURE” of OUR People will continue to be the ‘Sacrificial Offerings’ on the Barbaric-Bloody Altar of Zionism, on the World Stage!!

  3. Again , CV 19 is a fable , but more fable are the lines which this author puts together. So at the end no one knows is CV 19 real or not , where is the back hole and which one is the front ! I think the man smokes high doses black afghan products !

    • To our Russian ‘aryan’ friend. Too much hoaxter crap and too little science. You are at the Zio trough, perhaps unknowingly.

  4. Ian, Dr. Lanka won on appeal. Do some searching. You comment and write crap when you don’t know what your talking about; as your reply to Dodge clearly shows. Edward Dodge said “one thing the CDC is not saying” and you berate him by saying they didn’t say that. Well isn’t that what he said?
    Dr. Lanka lost in the lower court but won on appeal. Try using another search engine, if Google isn’t showing it. I get a kick out of tools, got a garage full.

    • Joe
      Yes, you need to look at the CDC but not for the reasons you think. They suppressed numbers, they easily allowed reporting to be taken from the and they periodically publish misleading information sent them by the White House. However, representing SARS/COV as COVID 19 without knowing the difference is bullshit.

    • No Joe, it is you who is talking crap and doesn’t know what you are talking about. Lanka lost the bet but appealed to a different court and won the appeal on a technicality – the doctor who proved Lanka wrong submitted several publications as proof rather than just one, and on that technicality, Lanka won his appeal. All that is irrelevant though as Lanka’s bullshit about the Measles virus not existing was proved wrong and for you to claim otherwise is utter stupidity.

  5. By the way if you take the time to listen to Dr. Kauffman’s interview with London Real, he admits he knows little about 5G and makes no claims that it is connected to Corona19. He, does refer to the few studies he has read regarding 5G and from them he cites the researched effects of millimeter waves on the cellular structure. Geezus.

  6. You’re CIA tether is showing. All alternative thinking is a problem. Dr. Kauffman does his homework. Another great virologist is from Germany, Dr. Stefan Lanka, an he has a win in Germany’s superior Court to back up his research, which is evidence enough for me that he’s on the right track. Yes Corona virus is a real thing, but Big Pharma’s reaction to it is a con job. Here it is right from :
    THE WORDS OF DR. EDWARD L. BERNAYS, the Founding Father of Public Relations: “We are governed, our minds are molded, our tastes formed, our ideas suggested, largely by men we have never heard of… If we understand the mechanism and motives of the group mind, it is now possible to control and regiment the masses according to our will without them knowing it… …The conscious and intellectual manipulation of the organized habits and opinions of the masses is an important element in a democratic society. Those who manipulate this unseen mechanism of society constitute an invisible government which is the true ruling power of our country.”

    • Kaufman is a disinfo agent, you’re being a moron. Lanka is a moron too, he put up 100,000 USD to anyone who could prove the Measles virus existed and lost. Not one of these anti-vaccination scumbags is on the level, they are all fraudsters who prey on sick people.

    • Again, Kauffman is a total joke and appears so to any sane human. Go look at his website selling ‘magic water.’ Oh come now…use some fucking common sense. It is your tether showing, not Ians.

  7. I suppose the AMA (American Medical Association), that is the control apparatus for the racketeers of the medical mafia here, are Zionist disinfo stooges as well. In the AMA book of diseases, they equate and correlate the Corona virus with the common cold. Look it up for yourself. Covid 19, is just an occult “handle” for the Coronavirus, promulgated to further scare the sheeple into compliance. You have to admit, Covid 19 sounds more sinister than the Corona virus. Perception trumps reality. (Pun intended).

    • With all due deference to the AMA, one thing they are not saying(intentional or otherwise) is that the SARS_CoV-2 virus is a lab engineered gain-of-function bioweapon, funded with money from USAID, and made in an American university of some renown.

  8. Far from “hoping” that the USA will go under, VT seems to be one of the only websites that are unafraid to tell the truth about the USA, that while we are told that it is a democracy, and many of us even believe that, in actuality our lives are in the hands of a few ultra-rich, ultra-inhuman oligarchs who have never been elected and are in the process of destroying the USA with the bioweapon COVID-19.

    You Trumpsters are doing a great job, playing your part well, of not wearing masks, not social distancing, hitting the bars and beaches, even having COVID-19 parties to pass the virus around. That’s exactly what the “powers that be”, or as Jesus called them, the Synagogue of Satan, want you to do. It will ensure that we are the only nation on the planet that will not beat this thing, like China, Canada, etc. already have.

  9. Ian, the most controversial aspect of COVID-19 is not the actual number of those infected or the seriousness of it around the world, but that it was a bioweapon in the first place, that it was unleashed first on Wuhan, China and eventually on the USA. I’ve been banned from making comments on at least 3 websites for saying that.

    Also, this is a simple fact, the US knew about it back in the second week of November and warned Israel about it, but didn’t warn US about it…


    Instead, Trump warned his Likudnik bankster pals that there would be free money from the US treasury coming their way in the spring, at least $7 trillion dollars of it. Knowing this puts a wholly different cast on why COVID-19 is now ravaging the USA. It was NOT some black swan event that totally came out of the blue.

    • Hi Tommy
      I agree bioweapon for sure.
      Whats left out to consider and research is did Trump Pompeo etc. Retaliate against Iran missle attacks on the two US airbases with a covert biological attack on Iran in early Febriary…..I think so …look into it lots of evidence and do you think they would not if they were sure they could get away with it

    • There have been numerous articles on VT that would support your conclusion, that the “powers that be” (PTB) attacked Iran with a bioweapon, just like they attacked China… just like they attacked the USA.

  10. (THIS COMMENT CONTAINS MEDICAL INFORMATION BASED ON BLATANT FALSEHOOD) You’re cherry-picking people with batshit theories about 5G and chemtrails. These have always existed to make people that don’t accept the Zionist narrative on current events look like stupid conspiracy theorists. The senior management at VT appears to have completely accepted the Zionist-controlled media’s narrative on this virus. The virus is real. I don’t think the reporting on numbers is accurate. I don’t think the cause of death being reported on many death certificates is accurate. And all the while VT keeps blaming Trump for all of it and agreeing with Zionist-controlled media’s assertions of this pandemic.

    What am I missing here? I know Trump is a zio-stooge. A criminal mobster. I’ve always known that. But now suddenly, VT’s stance on this is to believe what I see when I visit news.google.com in my web browser.

    Senior editors at VT state every single day, essentially, that the federal government is no longer lying to us, Fauci is to be believed without question, the CDC and WHO have our best interests in mind, the people behind this want the best for our economy and future, all the numbers are real and should not be questioned, pay no attention to the massive profits gained by smart-money by the economic collapse in the stock market, and take the vaccine without question and ignore the massive profits these pharma companies are making. It’s all Trump’s fault, right?

    Trump is an idiot, yet completely capable of masterminding all this.

    Frankly, this is the worst bio-weapon virus I’ve ever seen. Admittedly, the first one I’ve seen in my life. It’s pretty bad at killing people. Doesn’t even seem to cause me a fever and my trip up the cog train at Pikes Peak as a child resulted in more shortness of breath than this virus.

    A seasonal cold results in more symptoms than this virus. I’ve had it at least once confirmed, and speculate I’ve had it three times total since late March. My girlfriend I sleep next to each other every night and she got it too. We all have high blood pressure. She has diabetes. Her son who has visited us for the summer never got it. Her and I had no symptoms beyond shortness of breath. Meanwhile, the Tyson chicken processing plant down the road here in Springdale, AR tested about 200 people and all came back positive. But only one had symptoms. One employee. Gives them a good reason to shutdown all the chicken processing and make an artificial food shortage they profit from.

    But yeah… Senior writers at VT tell us to believe all this shit and it’s all Trump’s fault. And that I’m a moron troll for writing all this.

    I’d like for someone with access to about 100 COVID19 testing kits to send them off to a lab with fake names on them without ever having been put into someone’s nose. Pack them up in a sterile glovebox. Send them off. How many would come back as positive? I bet the number coming back as positive without ever being used would be in-line with the reported infection rates. Who knows.


    • (INFORMATION IN THIS COMMENT IS FABRICATED) You are spot on! VT pushes for the devolution of America through conflicting stories. Yes, Trump is a turd. Yes, the virus is real. But, the antithesis that Fauci is the paragon of medical wisdom & the pandemic is real are bogus. One simply has to look at the March 24 CDC directive that instructs doctors to indicate the cause of death on ALL death certificates as Covid19 irrespective of preconditions, testing, etc. merely on guesswork. Google it. The false positives, the forced intubations leading to deaths, the confinement of covid patients in nursing homes, it’s a plandemic to tear the country apart, and the owners of VT love it. Watch the lawsuits and charges of crimes against humanity roll out. btw, what happened to tuberculosis that kills 1.5 million per year? Crickets.

    • That CDC directive never existed, complete falsehood. If you’re going to make such blatantly fraudulent statements on VT then you’ll have to do a lot better than that.

    • Paul,
      You know we love you like a red-headed step child but if you are so ignorant that you think Trump is anti-Zionist or that we don’t know the difference….
      Your medical information is utterly false and contains Zionist crap fed to you by fakes and ‘demon sperm’ peddlers. Grow up, deal with reality and stop trying to make yourself feel better through chasing hoaxes.

    • Corbett is 100% controlled opposition, as is Webb, but Webb occasionally does excellent work in order to maintain her credibility in the eyes of the uninformed.