Western Fascism against China never ends


By Michael Dargaville

The western media’s recent and continuing distortion and outright fascist propaganda against China on the Uighur terrorists and Hong Kong is profoundly evil.

Regarding the Uighur situation, these paid western disinformationists should look at how the Uighurs are being used as the most brutal killers/assassination hit men in the western led Syrian war. Uighurs are famous across Syria, but especially in Idlib, for their brutality, where they commit the most horriific and brutal killings, rapes, beheadings, mutilation of children and much else on thousands of Syrian people.

The West “trains” the Uighurs in Syria to be sent back into China to commit mayhem and utterly appalling murders and acts of terrorism. The West uses them in their campaign to smear, discredit and stop China’s peaceful rise, and especially to stop China’s extraordinary Belt and Road program.

Beijing has repeatedly and systematically denied all charges of the western lies about the Uighurs.

Even this new western black propaganda campaign started by a Reuters story three years ago has proven to be a complete fabrication. And the same with the recent videos. As a journalist and teacher who worked in China for 20 years I witnessed the utter brutality the Uirghurs have inflicted there. Once in Yunnan, more than 30 people were hacked to death, literally chopped up, by Uighurs at Kunming Railway Station.

In that attack more than 120 people were seriously injured. In other parts of China hundreds of Chinese people have been killed by Uighers in utterly brutal attacks.

Right across China, however, peaceful Uighurs are completely accepted right across the country and are famous for their restaurants and friendliness. It is only these western backed Uirghurs that cause utter chaos, and they are rightly deemed terrorists.

Thus, the West is using and planting terrorism in China. Where is the western media’s story on that? The current western black propaganda campaign is designed to try and stop China’s peaceful rise. China is a truly great country having lifted hundreds of millions out of poverty through a socialist-communist process that works. More than 65% of industry and corporations are socialist owned and any profits go back to building new cities, schools, hospitals, new industries and much else.

Furthermore, the the 800 million farmers create their lives on socialist land. Yet western fascist multi-billion dollar propaganda keeps churning out its lies referring to this as “state capitalism” when in fact any of the profits are used for the people. The West used government sponsored “Trostskyist” organisations to come out with this sort of garbage. And on top of this China is entirely peaceful, unlike the USA which has more than 800 military bases and has killed more than 100 millon in wars, invasions and economic genocides since WW2.

While the USA and the UK criticise, smear and defame China for taking back its own sovereignty over its own territories (such as Hong Kong) and people, the USA and UK both continue illegal wars and brutal occupations (killing millions) thousands of miles from their own shores all across the globe. Western foreign policy is driven by “might makes right” with all other activities serving merely as smokescreens, created by western media.

And the same for Hong Kong. Beijing and top western alternative journalists have all clearly shown the “colour revolution” in Hong Kong was completely sponsored by western powers with tens of millions of dollars. The recent security law was an absolute necessity to stop this western attack. If this was happening in the USA or UK, such attacks would be stopped forthwith.

Michael Dargaville is a poet, performance punk poet, singer-musician, avant garde novelist, philospher, physicist, international journalist, New Age-ET-alien/transfeminist/socialist-communist activist, pioneering skateboarder, wavepool surfer, publisher, teacher and hippie punk New Age cruising yacht liveaboard who spent 20 years based in China to 2016 where he taught in universities and worked in journalism. He has published more than 100 books, chapbooks and pamphlets of poetry, fiction, philosophy and journalism and has done 3 masters theses and a PhD on issues concerning the New Age, socialism-communism, theoretical quantum physics, alternative medicine, meditation and mind-body medicine and counter culture literature. He is a starseed.


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  1. This article is patently false and untrue. My two Uigher friends, have confirmed to me directly the conditions they lived under in China as worse than what has been represented. Since meeting them and discussing the living conditions of the Uigher people in western China they were both murdered by (I suspect Chinese agents within the USA).
    The author of this article is a liar and appears to be a paid shill of the Chinese government.
    Mike Harris
    Financial Editor

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