Crazed Trumptard Attacks Teen Worker at PA Theme Park


Teen Worker Attacked at Pa. Theme Park

Health Editor’s Note: Nothing like doing your job, following rules, even rules set by the governor of the state and getting your jaw broken for it. Here is a seventeen year old who has a summer job.  He was not sitting on a couch, staring at his phone, texting instead of calling, gazing at the TV which right now has no new shows, generally sitting around the house, doing nothing. 

We now have humans (if you can call them that) in the U.S. who are willing to physically harm someone who reminds them that they are required to wear a mask when in public. What is wrong with these people?  Oh, you mean why do they act like the ignorant, lowlife scum that they are? Find reasons to cause more strife at a time when one third of the U.S. population is suffering from low grade depression due to coronavirus for months on end. There is no reason to not go along with rules and wear a mask. Could it be that these people think they are immune to coronavirus? So far, I think no one has a natural immunity to this virus…..Carol 

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  1. The attack was way out of line, NO QUESTION. It should be remembered, however, that it grew out of frustration with an edict which is pointless & ineffective. I hear the sheep bleating about the great pandemic, but I’ve yet to see even a single run on the ER at the good Sam hospital here in Puyallup. the hot clinics I daily pass by are similarly crickets-chirping slow in terms of walk-in business I deliver food for a major pizza chain & frequently go to these locations – as well as all the high traffic, people intense places you’d expect to be breeding grounds for such a virus. My daughter, with whom I reside, works in a BUSTLING drug store literally 3 minutes away from the seattle waterfront, where a mind bending volume of Chinese imports enter our country each day. Nobody in this house with so much as a sniffle. Not one person I know has gotten sick, or knows anyone whose gotten sick. 7 months in already & we’re being told It’s now sweeping through the area. Bollocks. I’ve never met a virus of the Corona group – known popularly to us all as “the common cold” – that didn’t want to stop & party inside my head & lungs for a week or 5. I’m enjoying the best pulmonary health I known in a quarter century & have done so 3 years running. If there were a pandemic, alleged to have started this very state, BTW, things would’ve looked like a scene from the movie “Pandemic” within the first 3 or 4 weeks.

    • & speaking of the movie “Outbreak” – (slight typo there, didn’t catch it til after I posted), check out how the people dealing with the virus are attired – give a hint – they ain’t wearing useless paper nappies on their mugs.

  2. Let’s take a look at the Anthrax attack on USPS.

    How did the people who put anthrax in the mail stream in Virginia not get infected?

    The spores were placed in a standard business envelope and when the letters hit the facer/cancelled and then the OCR sorting machines the spores contaminated a one million plus sq ft building. Spores were all over the packages and letters and distributed nationwide as VA was a transportation hub.

    Many were sickened across the system and the management covered it all up as to not cause a general panic. Per the FBI anthrax came from Ft Detrict and the perpetrator commited suicide as the case was closed.

    The other aspect of anthrax was who the letters were sent to and why as we have homeland security and our dear patriot act.
    From my perspective the cheap mask is a joke to simply feel better during this latest terror event.

    Wear a mask if you must but if you are going to quote science please provide some.

    The mask is simply a bandaid to mask the fear of the people similar to when I was a kid and told to hide under my desk when the nuke hits the town.

  3. Risk assessment 101.

    I am mid sixties as is my dearest wife. We rarely go to restaurants since covid flared up. We don’t go to shopping malls nor large gatherings of people in our local community.

    I am constantly lecturing my college age daughter about crowded bars and large parties where ones risk will rise as what will you bring home to mom and dad?

    No one is sick that we know of in our small town so mask use is the exception and not the rule as our small community has a wonderful local grocery store that we get essentials at as that is one of the only places that I personally go. Masks? After Anthrax? As my risk assessment is a bit different after seeing that up close and personal. A weaponized spore and a cheap plastic mask? seriously? Now Covid?

    The weird covid sure seems like Anthrax poisoning to me in some cases and would not our dear Military use such a bio weapon?

    Just an observation however, much above my paygrade.

  4. The question to ask is why would you go to a crowded theme park at this time ?

    Next question, there are no real studies showing masks are effective against covid.

    Next question, if covid is as bad as you say it is maybe folks should stay home and only go to the store for essential supplies.

    Government authorities lie as for example the USPS under the Anthrax attacks as officially there were 5 dead and 23 wounded however, the management and the politicians were all given Cipro to prevent illness yet withheld that information from the employees.

    Hundreds were sickened as it was covered up by OWCP a system exactly like the VA.

    I trust my local health department as far as I can throw them.

    I am a retired federal employee and know of what I speak of because I witnessed the workers comp system first hand.

    Wont change my mind and immune to shaming.


    • Nine, There are two choices when trying to stop the coronavirus from having more humans to use to replicate itself. Either you stay home and away from all others, or you can wear a mask which may stop you from spreading coronavirus to others. I agree on the question of why a theme park or any venue is opened where there will be large groups of people. Even funerals and weddings will usually have too many people brought together and in spaces that do not allow for physical distancing. COVID-19 is bad for those who contract it and develop the severe form which makes them very ill and may possibly kill them. For my way of thinking it does not get worse than death. The anthrax attacks are different in that anthrax is a bacteria and killed by antibiotics, but COVID-19 is viral and antibiotics do nothing to stop it. Wearing a mask while out in public, physical distancing, which is personally should be at over 9 feet of more, and hand washing till the cows come home are our best defense and will allow us to leave our homes. Trump wants to downplay all harmful aspects of this pandemic because he did nothing at the beginning to stop it from overtaking our country. He want to reopen schools for the same reason….too little, too late.

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