The Beirut Nuke: Scintillation and Flash and Rampage (updated)


By Gordon Duff with Jeff Smith

When Israel’s new nuclear tipped Rampage missile, launched from the IAF’s specially modified F 16s, was tested a week ago on Beirut, Iran saw how a tactical nuclear weapon could zip past Syria’s S300 defenses. The first test was inside Syria but nuking Beirut and crashing her government was a big win for Tel Aviv.

Keeping secrets is hard, even for monsters.  From the hundreds of comments on the Iran interview:

This is where we began so long ago and it all turned out to be more true than we knew, too true and a nightmare for the decent people of Lebanon.

This is what the Rampage is for and why it was used on Beirut at the same time Hezbollah and Iran are marshaling forces to retake Golan, or so Israel believes or, more appropriately, says it believes.

When we had the missile from every direction on video and FLIR, Israel’s army of trolls aided by Brin and Zuck did their best.  Iran’s response has been what is either an empty threat or warning in this highly disturbing Tweet:

Then came the delightful video of the planes zooming in and launching, inexorable, totally visible as they zoom up and away at 450 knots.  They are “birds,” just very very big and extremely fast.

The missile was a bird too.

Now experts are telling us that the missiles are real, and that the planes and missile were over the target simultaneously, which only Israel’s superb pilots could do.  Examination of evidence will confirm whether ordnance from an F 16 was employed, such as a B61, or how the attack was coordinated.

Thus far it seems to be both an atrocity and a masterpiece of planning as with 9/11.

This last frame would be when the motor shut off after a supersonic burn which accounts for the nose cone heat signature.

Israel’s F16’s carry the Rampage nuclear tipped missile that, according to their animation, hits targets just like this. Any similarity between the real video frame and the Israeli military animation is purely coincidence.

We had some questions about the Beirut nuclear attack.  We have since proven that even if fertilizer grade ammonium nitrate existed at the site, it would have burned and could never have exploded.

We had already made a good case for there being no fertilizer at all but even that means nothing.  Ammonium nitrate isn’t explosive at all but can be used to make explosives.  Now, after exposing this using real explosive experts from the mining business, our Israeli friends are now trying to claim that, while the Israeo-Russian fake ship was docking, it rained fuel oil that day.  We wish them good luck with that and, of course, the full support of Brin and Zuck.

The question, can there be a nuclear explosion with no scintillation:

Jeff Smith: Yes scintillation is based on neutron / gamma radiation flux density.The smaller the nuke the closer you half to be to see scintillation. Little nukes produce less radiation than big nukes so you must be closer to see it. If it is a ground penetration burst you will see no or very little scintillation. The same if it is detonated inside a building such as on 911…..Jeff….


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  1. Israel was behind Beirut massive explosion (Google translation from Arabic)
    1- Iran, due to the difficulty and risks of transporting missiles to its country in southern Lebanon, decided to work on replacing the transfer of missiles with manufacturing them inside Lebanon with Iranian assistance and expertise.
    2- The most important step in this direction is the transfer of ammonium nitrate, the main material in the manufacture of missiles, from the most important sources of production in Georgia.
    -3- The shipment (2750 tons) was purchased and transported by a ship named (Rhodes) on the basis that it was heading to Mozambique, and until now the name of the buyer from Georgia and the name of the consignee in Mozambique have remained secret until now.
    continue at Arabic & English=>!topic/themeritocracy/Tfoc3h3CgGE

    • John

      This is all fake information, to an extent. The AN probably never existed, certainly never exploded and has no role in rockets. What Hezbollah does, however, is none of our business.

  2. Folks, Beirut was bombed! There is no need to debate, this is a fact & if you cannot see it then this is a problem. In the “Christian” vid you can actually hear the plane around 32/33 seconds. It sounds like a turn & approach.
    I cannot blame Iran for tweeting that vid. They are getting bullied really bad. Hopefully all Hell does not break loose.

  3. “Ammonium nitrate isn’t explosive at all but can be used to make explosives”…

    Are VT finally accepting the late Brig. Gen. Ben Partin analysis and conclusions regarding OKC bombing ?

    “our Israeli friends are now trying to claim that… it rained fuel oil that day”…

    A good laugh in ‘de rigueur’ sometimes ! HA HA HA…

  4. I am very sympathetic to the missile theory but, I am puzzled that it was not seen by anyone of the thousand onlookers looking at the event from close to far. I imagine that missiles goes fast but… that fast that *nobody* noticed anything from any distances away is intriguing !

    As for the lack of scintillation, Jeff seems to explained it. Aren’t neutrons going though all matter ? and yes, the flux density is in question here.

    • You have to remember that everyone had their noses in there smart phones and the flood of live broadcasting that is all the rage now. Who was looking up? And why would they have looked up. Only a strange noise would have gotten their attentions.

    • I don’t buy many pictures provided as proofs and even missiles pic themselves but… lets talk about missiles :

      Dropped/launched from a fighter jet they are either gravitational bombs, or propelled missiles.

      It can’t be gravitational bombs from a Fighter jet. Too slow to be missed. Maybe a Rod of God could pass muster but we have no events to evaluate this.

      A propulsion missile ? from a fighter jet or some other launch site further away ? Can they evade scrutiny ? even at mach 2 ? mach 5 ? I wonder…

    • Another point Jim. You would be 100% right in normal circumstances and region BUT… in Lebanon, where Israel have already destroyed Beirut many years ago, I hint that the first thing people would do in case of a huge explosion would be : look up ! and almost for the majority…

    • BTW Gordon, you youtube solo is a GREAT initiative. You should make more of these and title them “[Gordon briefings 12/08/2020] some description” or “[Gordon briefings #x] some description” . In Robert David Steele style, you would be followed by a more increasing audience that will be drawn to VT by ricochet. No need to force yourself to regularity as RDS does because it will show that you are forcing the envelope to fill airtime.

      Your background is… “perfect” ! Keep it like that…

    • I have a Herman Miller hideaway office in my living room. Doors come open and the room becomes an office. Looks like shit but works very well.

  5. Shouldn’t the media conglomerates be broken up? Now, do you understand why the tribes were banned from certain areas of business and politics over the centuries?

  6. I’m amazed at how the actual truth of the Beirut bombing is being handled in exactly the same way as 9/11 truth was handled almost two decades ago. After that horrible event, the official narrative came into being within hours of the attack, with pictures of the supposed hijackers and Osama bin Laden pasted all over the MSM. This was way before any evidence-based investigation could possibly have been done. That event became the pretext for all of the wars of this century. You think Americans would have learned…

    Now, with the attack on the Port of Beirut, the Zionist spin machine, which has been operating for many decades, has invented a phony Russian ship with a mythical load of fertilizer. They’ve even gone so far as to claim that the blast “left a 43-meter (141 foot) deep crater” in solid rock where warehouse 12 used to stand. Don’t they know that it would have taken a nuclear bunker-buster bomb like the B61-11 dialed up to at least 200 kilotons to blast a 12-story hole like that? Is anyone in the MSM and the gatekeeper alternative media even paying attention anymore? Or, do they just keep repeating the “official” bullshit narrative ad infinitum, just like they did with 9/11 so many years ago?

    • Tommy,

      Correct, same pattern, same approach. Get the lie out first, almost immediately, because a lie travels many times around the world before the truth gets out. The lie gets embedded and is then difficult to dislodge.

      It worked last time, so they will feel confident that the narrative will be robust enough this time…

      Veterans Today are doing a great job exposing this, with more people coming forward, with more articles being written, more people start to pay attention.

      IMHO, these originals articles need to be published eventually in a book, like Christopher Bollyn’s work on exposing 911.

      IMHO, the videos, the still photograths, need to put together in a film format, similar to what Dave Von Kleist did with 911, when he was part of the production team for two DVDs, 911 In Plane Site and 911 Ripple Effect.

      Henry Kissinger did announce in 2012, that Israel will be gone in 10 years…

      Israel: A cornered rat

  7. Every single human being who speaks out about this atrocity is BRAVE.

    Those who have contacted Veterans Today, with additional information is COURAGEOUS.

    I am certain that MANY Governments around the world are studying the pictures, the footage, the reports being uploaded by the free independent press, Veterans Today.

    The MORE people speak out, the more pictures that become available, the greater the amount of video evidence is accumulated reveals the TRUTH of this atrocious war crime.

    It is my hope that Veterans Today, publish these original articles in a large book, showing how the investigations uncovered this heinous of crimes.

    Veterans Today are doing truly phenomenal work, courageously investigating, reporting the evidence and detailing the accounts of witnesses.

    I repeat again, WHO in their right minds in Israel, thought this to be a good idea?

    This EVIL act, is an act of desperation, by Israel. It shows how weak Israel really is…

    Condolences, to ALL those who have suffered in Lebanon.

  8. – “We ran to the balcony and we saw two aircraft, black planes flying. I screamed to my husband it must be Israel. And then the big explosion happened.”……. she says, she watched them fly out to sea, out on the Mediterranean……” (Planes heard, seen in skies of Beirut before blast
    by Alison Tahmizian Meuse, AsiaTimes, August 11, 2020)

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