Israeli-UAE Peace Deal marks Tectonic Shift In Middle Eastern Balance of Power


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The Middle East is on the brink of the new tectonic shift in the regional balance of power.

The previous years were marked by the growth of the Iranian and Hezbollah influence and the decrease of the US grip on the region. January 2020 started with the new Iranian-US confrontation that had all chances to turn into an open war. August 2020 appeared to mark the first peace agreement between an Arab state and Israel in more than 25 years.

Israel and the United Arab Emirates have reached a historical peace agreement. US President Donald Trump announced the breakthrough agreement on August 13, calling Israel and the UAE “great friends” of his country. In a joint statement, Israel, the UAE and the U.S. said the agreement will advance peace in the Middle East. The statement praised the “bold diplomacy” and “vision” of the three country’s leaders.

Delegations from Israel and the UAE are expected to meet within a few weeks to sign bilateral agreements regarding investment, tourism, direct flights, security, telecommunications, technology, energy, healthcare, culture, the environment, the establishment of reciprocal embassies, and other areas of mutual benefit.

In the framework of the peace agreement, Israel will suspend declaring sovereignty over areas outlined in Netanyahu’s “Vision for Peace” in the Western Bank. Also, Tel Aviv will reportedly focus its efforts on “expanding ties with other countries in the Arab and Muslim world.”

The agreement will also provide Muslims with greater access to the Al-Aqsa Mosque and other holy sites in the Old City of Jerusalem. It still remains in question how Israel will comply with its part of the deal as the annexation of Palestinian territories is the cornerstone of its regional policy.

In the near future, the United States will likely work to motivate other Gulf states to follow the UAE’s footsteps. In particular, another US regional ally, Saudi Arabia, is already widely known for keeping close ties with Israel in the field of security and military cooperation. Both states are allies of Washington and are engaged in a regional standoff against the Iranian-led coalition of Shiite forces.

The support of the UAE-Israeli agreement is also a logical step for the Trump administration’s regional policy, which is based on the two main cornerstones: the unconditional support of Israel and the confrontation with Iran. Through such moves, Washington may hope to create a broader Israeli-Arab coalition through which it will try to consolidate the shirking influence and contain the ongoing Iranian expansion in the region.

At the same time, the overtures with Israel, which has undertaken wide and successful efforts to destabilize neighboring Arab states, could cause a public backlash among the Arab population and contribute to its further dissatisfaction with the course of its leadership.

All these developments, together with the consisted Iranian policy aimed at the defense of Palestinians, will increase the popularity of Iran as not only defender of Shiites across the Middle East, but all Muslims in general. Tehran has been seeking to achieve this goal for years and achieved a particular progress in the field.

The US-Israeli aggressive policy in the region also played an important role in fact promoting the popularity of the so-called Axis of Resistance. Now, the Iranian soft power in Arab states will become even more noticeable and create additional threats to Gulf states involved in a direct confrontation with it.

The Saudi Kingdom, as the main candidate for the next peace deal, will find itself in an especially shaky position. It is already involved in the long, bloody, and unsuccessful intervention in Yemen, with Yemen’s Houthis regularly conducting cross-border raids into Saudi Arabia and even striking its capital, Riyadh. Also, the Saudi leadership has a long-standing problem with the oppressed Shia minority, protests of which are regularly and violently suppressed by Saudi forces.

Other factors are the apparent economic and social problems, not least due to Riyadh’s own adventures on the oil market and the coronavirus crisis.

Therefore, at some moment the Saudi regime may easily find itself on the brink of collapse under the weight of its own social, political and economic mistakes, and controversial policies on the international arena. And it’s highly unlikely that the friends in Tel Aviv or Washington will decide to undertake any extraordinary steps to rescue the current political regime in the Saudi kingdom.

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  1. Instead of pussy footing around Israel, that satanic entity needs to be destroyed……forever. This is the second nuke used in a few months and seems to be without censure. However Beirut may just be the rock that they perish on, massive worldwide anger is building, not only about the Palestine genocide and their constant bombing in Syria, but their whole holohoax bribrary, paedophilia, child trafficking etc etc. Maybe Kissenger’s “In 10 years, there will be no more Israel.” is indeed prophetic.

  2. C’mon these so-called Gulf monarchies are made up of greedy, money-grubbing, terrorist loving “yahoodies”. There really is no difference between them and the terrorist zionist entity…semitic trash!

    • Israel made a history peace treaty with a gas station, then minutes later reneged, UAE then responded in kind. Wow. Historic. Netanyahu tricked the whole world, reneged the “historic” agreement, setting a New world record for inconsistency… just so you never forget as always, wind blows, birds fly, Jews lie. They never wanted peace. All they want is to continue the longest ongoing holocaust in the history of mankind against the Palestinian people.

    • Israel made a “historic” peace treaty with a gas station, then minutes later reneged, UAE then responded in kind. Wow. Historic. Netanyahu tricked the whole world, reneged the “historic” agreement, setting a New world record for inconsistency… just so you never forget as always, wind blows, birds fly, Jews lie. They never wanted peace. All they want is to continue the longest ongoing holocaust in the history of mankind against the Palestinian people.

  3. UAE knows Israel just hit Beirut with a nuke missle, and “got away with it”
    Trump knows it. I
    Israel knows it.
    Russia China Iran know it,
    Hezbollah and Lebanese know it.
    I know it and I am an idiot.
    So time for some diplomacy before WW3 can break out.
    UAE and USA just punished Israel a little bit by demanding a suspension of annexation of west bank.
    In return a token “recognition’ of Israel. Like that’s going to stop UAE from nuking Israel (if they could)
    Of course Israel does whatever it wants all the same this just another easy treaty to break or they seized some of west bank, not all of it will happen.
    This just a photo op for Trump is all but significant in it “looks like” Trump gave orders to Israel not other way around, but that’s the photo op…”Trump stronger than even Israel”
    In reality every country in world now even more afraid of Israel hitting their harbors or cities with a nuke any time they feel like it, and getting away with it so easy too.
    I believe UAE has some US nukes on bases there??
    Perhaps UAE made some threats against USA and Israel about seizing those weapons?
    Maybe UAE simply bought some and are nuckear armed already and are in position to “diplomatically negotiate”

  4. anything to save the cowardly god damned YANK from a face off with a foe she considers dangerous…hasn’t the moxy to take on china, she’ll use south k, japan & the minnow australia, to do her bidding.THE WHORE MUST GO, & as the american people can’t do it, maybe the collapse of the dollar would be just punishment, ’cause fcuk.. i wouldnt want to live there once the power base goes.
    your new masters, the russian red ‘indian’, will run the place more fairly

  5. Arab leader are and will be slaves of International Zios, u can call it peace agreement or so. They already worked together since many years, nothing is new and no ” tectonic shifts” will occur either.

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