MASK DEBATE! Ed Corrigan Says “Wear It!” Kevin Barrett’s Not Convinced


VT: On another amusing note, a good friend run the ICU at a local hospital, all 8 beds of it.

All are full, COVID 19.  All are looking at a negative outcome.

According to the CDC, the county where this hospital is located has no COVID 19 patients of any kind.  And so it goes…

Watch the MASK DEBATE starting a little past the 14 minute mark above; click HERE for links to the stories we covered

By Kevin Barrett, VT Editor

International lawyer Ed Corrigan has thrown down the gauntlet: There are sane and sensible limits to freedom, he says, and mandatory masking during a pandemic falls squarely within those limits.

Most of our audience at False Flag Weekly News disagrees. A few think the whole pandemic is a hoax. Almost all think the virus was made in a lab and designed, like 9/11, to shred the Bill of Rights, terrorize the population into submission, and roll back freedom on a worldwide scale.

Most think the threat has been exaggerated. And they are inarguably right. As I recently observed in American Free Press, a scientific survey has shown that people in the US, Europe, and Japan believe, on average, that the pandemic is about 100 times worse than it actually is. The exaggerated fear of COVID may not be quite as insane as the fear of terrorism after 9/11, but it’s obviously a case of mass hysteria in service to the politics of fear.

My position is that if indeed the pandemic was made in a lab and unleashed deliberately to accelerate the trend toward global tyranny, as seems likely, we should rise up in all-out revolution against the entire power structure that is complicit in that monstrous action—and be ready and willing to risk our lives to do so, tearing down that power structure no matter what the price. There is no point living under tyranny. Death resisting it is infinitely better.

But Ed is Canadian, and he’s too polite for such “live free or die” stuff. So he thinks that during a pandemic, even one that is only 1% as bad as people think, we should all just be nice and wear our masks.

Another pro-mask voice at False Flag Weekly News is Allan the producer. Allan wants everyone to wear an N-95 mask. That way you’re protecting yourself as well as others, he says. Allan even thinks there may be a conspiracy to prevent the US from getting COVID under control via N-95 masks. He asks: “Why doesn’t the government produce mass quantities and hand them out free along with instructions for sterilizing them in your oven or microwave for re-use? Is it because they want the COVID emergency to continue?”

I understand how a reasonable government might mandate universal N-95 masking if the threat reached a certain crisis level. If a COVID were three times as infectious as it is, and twice as lethal as Ebola, then who would argue?

But in anything less than an apocalyptic emergency, I would look askance at mass masking. It isn’t just a minor inconvenience. It is an absolute nightmare, a social catastrophe. Not being able to see other people’s faces is profoundly alienating. Facial gestures are at least as important as spoken language in communicating the full gamut of human emotion, which is what interaction is all about. Going to a public place and seeing everybody wearing masks is like something out of a horror movie. For that reason, I don’t go out at all any more, except to a couple of local, uncrowded places where masks aren’t much in use.

I love face-to-face socializing but have always found it extremely stressful and alienating to talk on the phone, and never, ever talk on the phone for fun—so maybe I am hypersensitive to the absence of bodily presence and facial gesture. And seeing the face you’re talking to on a screen doesn’t work for me either. I do all my talking on Skype and Zoom as part of my truth jihadi vocation, and am willing to endure a high level of stress as part of that, but never in my whole life have I spoken over a telecommunications device for fun. I can’t imagine why other people torture themselves by doing so, when they could be sitting down with real people and talking face-to-(unmasked)-face. I lived the first fifteen years of my adult life without a telephone, have never owned a cell phone, and spend most of my time far away from my landline. So again, maybe I’m an extreme case. But I suspect other people are also alienating themselves and making themselves miserable by using telecom technology, or, worse, beholding crowds of people in masks. They just aren’t emotionally aware enough to realize it.

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  1. You think the current situation is bad? Try masks in a hurricane shelter! The possibility of being killed in a storm surge places CV-19 in a much lower place.

  2. Sorry, Kevin, I’m with Ed on this. He’s Canadian so things are different up there. When their government tells them to not smoke in restaurants because second-smoke causes cancer, most Canucks go outside to smoke, no questions asked. When their government tell them to wear masks and social distance in public, they do it without bellyaching about how it violates their civil rights. Consequently, Canada has essentially beat COVID-19 whereas in the USA it’s still totally out of control. Also, unlike us they have socialized health care up there so that if they get sick they can go to a doctor without bankrupting themselves. Seems like a better deal to me, Kevin.

    • I have to add that Canucks don’t have a government that’s using the bio-weapon Covid-19 to totally reset the economy like we have in the USA. Gordon tells us that Trump was vaccinated for the virus back in November, before the bio-attack on Wuhan. He warned Israel about it and also warned his Likudnik bankster buddies that there would be free money coming their way in the spring. Did he warn us about it? Nope.

    • Tom, Canada has been supporting the banksters’ rich-get-richer wars about as long as the US has, is also run by a private central bank, and is also a Five Eyes surveillance state. When the banksters really “reset” the economy, you don’t think many Canadians would “politely” follow that, too…?

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