Cockup of the Century: FBI set to name ‘Eye Irritant’ lawn fertilizer as Beirut Bomb material (an intel drop)


…by Gordon Duff, Senior Editor

[ Editor’s Note: An essential part of using a tactical nuclear weapon that some country or party deems necessary, requires sophisticated planning on how the media spin must steer 99.999% of the public’s attention away from the real cause. Why? Because, once determined that a mini-nuke has been used, the perpetrator suspect list is very short, and in the Mideast, lists only one country…Israel.

So I will add, there has been a rumor going around for decades that Israel somehow, mysteriously has huge influence on media worldwide. That full story is for another day.

I mention this now to set up the question, did Israel have people working for it in domestic media in Lebanon? Of course, because it has people working for it everywhere in media.

Then how about the ports?

The answer is of course. It has agents in all the ports of the Mideast to keep an eye on who is smuggling what through those ports, and to make sure it can move anything through them as needed.

Espionage tradecraft would entailed having an immediate cover story for what caused an explosion, with a series of backup plans if needed, as the timing of pulling the trigger on the cover stories and the absolute assurance they will be published determines the success of diverting the cause of the attack in the desired direction.

In Beirut we started with the firecracker diversion, a long slow smokey blaze designed to focus the city’s whole attention, with phone cameras rolling and all eyes horizontal and focused on one specific area, the port. On 9-11 the focus was the first plane strike of the towers.

The fertilizer story was stage two, a manufactured hoax of the fireworks fire building up to the point where it “cooked off” the ammonium nitrate ‘explosive’ material, with the economically stressed Lebanese port management directly in the cross hairs as patsies for the blame.

But there was a problem. The science for the ammonium nitrate bomb was zero, so a media hustle had to be rolled out that ‘everybody knows ammonium nitrate can blow up’, so no explanation as to how it might blow up would be needed, and hence none was supplied. ALL the media reposting that the fireworks set off the fertilizer ‘bomb’ became an unquestioned fact.

But it was not a fact with VT, or any other semi competent intel agency, as you could search for technical information on the web, even if you did not have a Phd organic chemist on retainer. We knew from the start it was a tactical nuke, as we have studied the topic for a decade.

We were looking for the expected cover story in the early hours, because it was one of the bread crumb trails to the real perpetrator. As VT readers know, we burned the fertilizer bomb story down, and no one with a reputation to lose, no government agency or official has challenged us on it, nor have we been spotlighted for our solid reporting.

As punishment for that oversight, Gordon will now pour concrete over the fake cover story via the vastly dangerous operation we have just concluded, never mind the huge expense, of taking a close look at the warning labels on home use fertilizer bags. (Mort de rire)

Please enjoy, and ask yourselves, how could all of the media have rolled over so easily on a totally unsupported cover story?

Furthermore, not a single intelligence agency spotlighted the hoax to demonstrate its expertise… Jim W. Dean ]

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VT is happy to supply this top secret intelligence we were able to obtain from one of our deep undercover agents.


Go to your garage and find your bag of ammonium nitrate.  It will say “Lawn Fertilizer” on it. Check to see if a warning is on the label saying “explosive” or “flammable.”  It will not be there and for a very good reason.

Yet, when the media tells you that your lawn fertilizer blew up a city because it “caught fire,” which is impossible, you believed them.  When VT showed you evidence of a nuclear attack, some of you doubted it.  When President Trump said it was a nuclear bomb, I can understand why you would doubt him but why doubt us?

Now, after reading this, for some of you, you will be proven, as we so often do, to be total fucking idiots.

A few days ago, 9 FBI agents were sent to Beirut, Lebanon told to find that ammonium nitrate lawn fertilizer had destroyed the city exactly as though it had been hit with a modern low radiation nuclear weapon.

You see, all lawn fertilizer is N P K, with “N” standing for ammonium nitrate, normally 95% of the bag and “P” for phosphorous  usually non existent and a small amount of “K” for potassium.

Lawn fertilizer is almost 100% ammonium nitrate with cheaper fertilizers using ammonium sulfate.  Both fertilizers can be used to ‘manufacture’ explosives.

If you check the bag of lawn fertilizer you have in your garage, which is relatively pure ammonium nitrate, there will be a warning.  AN is a skin and eye irritant.

However, please note that it is neither flammable nor explosive.

Thus, when garages catch fire, they don’t explode with huge mushroom clouds.  Nor does your lawn explode when it rains after you put fertilizer down.

So, if the FBI tells us that every lawn fertilizer sold in America will explode when either subjected to a spark or flame or if wet, will armies of secret agents be storming our sheds and garages seizing our ability to nuke our own neighborhoods?

Who can make the FBI lie like that?  This is humiliating.

Pixies wrecked my country, I read it in the funny papers and know it is true

We are also told that Lebanese President Michel Aoun is now willing to accept that lawn fertilizer is now both flammable and explosive and that Lebanon may order all sales of varying “Turf Builder” products to be listed as both explosive and “highly exothermic” even though you can’t burn it with a blow torch.

Aoun will be proven to be both a clown and coward.

Next we add, why do so many Americans, seemingly over 200 million, suddenly believe their lawn fertilizer is a threat to national security?

Would Beirut still be standing if they simply labeled the bags “Lawn Fertilizer” instead of “Ammonium Nitrate?”




Senior Editor , VT
Gordon Duff is a Marine combat veteran of the Vietnam War. He is a disabled veteran and has worked on veterans and POW issues for decades. Gordon is an accredited diplomat and is generally accepted as one of the top global intelligence specialists. He manages the world’s largest private intelligence organization and regularly consults with governments challenged by security issues.

Duff has traveled extensively, is published around the world and is a regular guest on TV and radio in more than “several” countries. He is also a trained chef, wine enthusiast, avid motorcyclist and gunsmith specializing in historical weapons and restoration. Business experience and interests are in energy and defense technology.

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  1. Oxygen by itself is not explosive or dangerous “” !

    O-2 is a nasty source of ignition. adibatic non thermal expansion.. O-2

    conservation of energy – may change forms..

    the first picture sho’s what appears to be a very large metal fire.. flame color of sodium ; available oxygen gas been conserved here in the form of usefull work..

    grain roasted to corn flakes – but not burned to carbon/ash.. i.e. oxygen not present

    the grain in the silos is not charred or burned/anywhere (no carbon conversion).. rather looks like a box of fresh roasted korn flakes; roasted but not toasted’..

    the available O-2 was conserved (in the sodium/type metal flash/ignition) in the process consumed and unavailable for further work @ the speed of the blast

    the grain on the ground from the ruptured silos is also unburned..

    as the fireball grew in’proportion ! what burned ?

    if zinc will burn to a crisp in an atmosphere of argon.. what burned here ? if its oxygen ! then 1/2 the entire city would still B burning…

    if nitrogen went – then where is the spike in the Zircon Radiation ?

  2. If you google Nitroprill HD you can find a picture that shows large basket shaped bags with Nitro pill H D printed on them stacked in what looks like a storage place.I suppose this is supposed to be the place the 2750 metric tons of what has been referee to as AN in 1 ton bags that were stored in warehouse 12 at the port. Of course this could be misinformation, but if you continue to look at the search results it turns out this stuff looks like it’s an explosive which requires a blasting cap or other shock to detonate. More checking of thsee bags & story needed, but an interesting start.

    • Probably so but there was a time when grain elevators would explode almost with regularity, one, on the Ohio River that resulted in thee dozen killed in the blast. Since then safety measures have been put in place to prevent such disasters.

  3. First, the public mind set has to be conditioned to believe the fact (bogus) that Ammonium Nitrate is an explosive, hence the OKC bombing narrative that passed muster then… but was debunked by late Brig. Gen. Be Partin, which debunk was of course ignored by the MSM.

    Secondly, Israel has hijacked almost a big chunk of the security agencies in the US, Surely ALL that pertains to airports though. If for airports, why not for maritime ports also ? If in the US, why not in the world also ? and why not in Lebanon too ?

    If Lebanon security agency was an Israel offshoot, nothing more easy then to set up the crime scene !

    Third, there were two events in Beirut port : first, the “smoke screen”, then the explosion (nuclear) !

    We have NO evidence at all that the smoke screen was an explosion for a start. It could well be only a few bags of Ammonium Nitrate set ablaze by some fireworks introduced onsite by unknown party to give a pretext to the official narrative that would use it in avoidance of explaining the coming real explosion.

    Indeed, the first smoke plume was the consequence of what ? an explosion ? NOTHING nowhere proved that as I know of. NO video captures on the web proves that, at my knowledge so. What we see though are small firecracker like explosions at the base of the plume. Why not real firecrackers that set ablaze a few bags of Ammonium Nitrate ? It a credible good cover up for the coming nuke bombing isn’t it ?

    • There is something worth knowing. Flour isn’t an explosive at all. Put a match in on a heap of cooking flour and you’ll see. But if you dustify the heap by blowing over it and put a match in the dust, please do it outside, NOT in the kitchen.

      I’m stretching the envelope but *if* some explosives were hidden in ‘hypothetical’ Ammonium Nitrate bags and detonated in order to dustify the content then set it ablaze, I wonder what result we would have ? An experiment to be performed. I should be very interesting…

      Finally, I’m really going on a limb here: the amount of AN is claimed to have been 2750 tons. We know that the fundamental cabalists are heavily involved deep into numerology. The two first numbers here are 27 that is an inversion of 72, one of the fundamental number in the Cabala since it represents the 72 genies/demons/angels/whatever in the Cabala corpus… Just a thought.

    • I said Israel had hijacked ALL US airports security facilities. I maybe have been too categorical. Let say… many major American airports; ALL involved in 911 most certainly though…

  4. So it was the same explosive device that took down the Murrah building in Oklahoma City.( Or the Twin Towers) just different delivery system.
    Hint: it wasn’t a truck filled with fertilizer.
    So the bag of fertilizer in my shed could classify me as a terrorist; nearby a 20Lb. canister of propane and some gasoline and some other inflammable materials. I think there’s some 12 ga. shells in there someplace. And a large model airplane that could be used as a delivery system for a home made b***.
    I’d better not say any more.
    They’re probably watching me, more than they’re watching the real culprits of this outrage.
    Just how much longer does Yisrael continue to get away with this behavior? How much longer will other nations continue to give Yisrael a free pass no matter what they do? What is it going to take before it no longer works? When will the people of this world say,”enough is enough”?When that happens the whole charade comes to an end.
    So will Yisrael.

    • John

      Do not keep fertilizer and petroleum stored near each other as there are ways of causing a bad accident which I will not go into here.

  5. The world might be simpler if Tel Aviv was nuked , seems like a simple solution to me, as that might slow Israeli aggression globally and meddling in the media and in the affairs of a multitude of other countries.

  6. A + B = C + D

    look around and see if some of the molecula nitrogen” did a gender bender, and is now lurking around as Carbon14….. otw – –>> new device that burns whatever is available ….. oxygen is kinda nasty when it goes – so lets skip that one..

  7. I stumbled across the suggestion that the nuke used in Beirut (and the one in Syria back in January) was a W76 mod 2 from the submarine USS Tennessee. It was briefly mentioned in No Agenda Episode 1270 but I dug up this writeup in the notes for Episode 1269 under “Circumstantial evidence indicates these were W76-2 nukes from the sub Tennessee”:,1078

    The alarming implication is that maybe 50 tactical nukes were handed over last January to your friendly neighborhood IDF by the mutinous or treasonous crew of a US ballistic missile submarine. Oh, and that they have four dozen more of these fresh suitcase nukes. Not cool! Could this be?

  8. Just because something “can explode”, it doesn’t mean it’s an explosive. My pressure cooker, expresso coffee maker can explode if the water is overheated inside and the safety valve fails. But water is not an explosive, and it won’t carve out a huge crater of solid granite rock.

    Similarly, a well closed metallic drum, or tank, which contains ammonium nitrate, will experience a buildup of the thermal decomposition products of AN, namely water and nitrous oxide, if there is a warehouse fire and the drum, or tank is heated above 170 C or 337 F.

    NH4NO3 yields 2 H2O + N2O, water and nitrous oxide will slowly build up pressure in the metallic drum or tank, and eventually a weak explosion happens, meaning that the metallic container comes apart just like an overheated pressure cooker filled with water. But again, this is not the huge detonation carving craters in granite.

    Detonation, as a technical term, is a subclass of explosions where the shockwave propagates faster than the speed of sound. Let’s not confuse cats with tigers, let’s not confuse the theoretically possible weak explosion of a pressure cooker with the detonation of a high explosive.

    • Like to see some isotope’s which I believe are inevitable when a fission device goes critical and detonates. Some with very short half lifes. Better t get to Beirut”s ground zero sooner than later.. Let’s get scientists to do a bit of sniffing about there.

  9. OSHA and DOT have their own detailed descriptions, material safety datasheets MSDS, shipping labels, placards on ammonium nitrate, see online. (Occupational Safety Hazard Administration, Department of Transportation)

    AN is listed as an OXIDIZER with class 3 chemical reactivity. It is not listed as a fire hazard of any class, not listed as an explosive.

    If heated above melting point (170 C or 337 F) it will start decomposing, releasing nitrous oxide N2O which can sustain the burning of flammable materials. Race cars use nitrous oxide tanks, instead of air, to boost power. Thus, AN is not flammable, but AN and its thermal decomposition product, nitrous oxide, are both OXIDIZERS. In other words, they can’t burn, but sustain the burning of gasoline, fuel oil etc.

    If AN was either explosive or a fire hazard, it would be explicitly stated so on MSDS, on OSHA docs, DOT shipping labels and placards, chemical laboratory labels – but it is not listed anywhere as explosive, flammable, or fire hazard. It’s listed as an oxidizer, period.

    • We have had our attention directed to photographs purported 2B of the bags the AN was in. The bags have a label says NITROPRILL HD which leads me to believe that the bags contain an explosive product which is in essence a mixed fertilizer explosive mixture. The one the Weathermen use on the war computer, and the one Tomothy McVeigh (sp?) purportedly used on the Federal Bldg. In Oaklahoma. City. But the AN blast could be used as cover for something MUCH more powerful. It does not preclude such deception. I imagine NITROPRILL HD is an explosive.. you can Google it and go to the manufactures web. site, which I believe says it’s used for mining. What a twisted tale this blast is leading us on.

  10. If Lebanese authorities don’t call this nuclear attack then they might as well join a Bush & Cheney fan club, cause they are not worthy of more. Already they are overdue, but there is still hope. Monkeys in the 21st century refuse to witness a nuclear attack, while throwing flowers on Hiroshima monuments. Someone should whisper to Aoun that SADAKO WANTS TO LIVE..

    • They are the authorities over a sinking ship economically. The country has been hollowed out financially and is and classic example of divided and conquer. That said, since the lase time they got their asses kicked, with a poor army and novice leaders they have only done bombing.

  11. The nuclear take-down of Beirut, and the Twin Towers on 9/11, has more than a little in common with the Covid-19 “crisis” and the accompanying $7,000,000,000,000 looting of the Federal Reserve.
    The first two events, Beirut & 9/11, used nuclear weapons to do the heavy lifting of the operation, with the weaponized news media performing the mop-up detail. Although, the media’s role is actually just as important in maintaining the integrity of the lie; a “re-lie-able” source.
    In the case of Covid-19, the “virus” was really only a triggering agent setting off the weaponized news media, who did the heavy lifting of causing a nuclear meltdown of the American economy.

    • Economy meltdown, more or less, was almost in vast majority of countries around the world, mainly in west. I think that Covid it’s only a first step in preparation for some more big economic crash soon and pandemic will be used as a scapegoat…

    • Also I don’t really think anyone can “loot” the Federal Reserve, but they can be “purchased” by it.

    • I think in last decade have disappeared trillions of dollars of west banking system but this vanish money still remains in the accounting records and “they” need hide this giant embezzling and what better way to do it that a total economic crash ??

  12. Just as in the Bali mini nuke explosion, leaving a swimming pool sized hole, to convince gullible Aussies to switch from opposing the illegal invasion of Iraq to supporting it.
    The FBI (Federal Bureau of Israel) was in Bali within 12 hours, which is impossible without foreknowledge, even the media in Indonesia was complaining, “What are they doing here?” Looking for evidence or hiding it.

  13. Just as the MSM won’t touch this, so too, the limited hangout alternative news media won’t touch it either. I’ve been banned from commenting on at least 2 alternative news sites for suggesting that the official version of the Beirut blast is total BS. Simply put, it had to be a nuke as that would be the only explosive device that could have possibly “left a 43-meter (141 foot) deep crater” in solid rock where warehouse 12 used to stand. That little detail was put out by the Times of Israel, mind you. Maybe the FBI missed that in their so-called investigation.

  14. We still have no solid proof that AN or a nuclear device was responsible as far as I am concerned. I lean away from AN as the cause for reasons of poor mixing & or evaporation/migration of fuel plus huge job to mix. But all speculation aside, if nuclear it seems there would be broken eggs, in this case element’s which Would leave isotopes I believe, melted rock or some other things that shout “nuclear” event, unless GASP, it was a fusion event triggered by a non-fission initiation. Can anyone comment on my take…????? If the fusion is the cause, that opens up a new chapter in the possible terrorists arsenal.

    • Maybe opens up a new chapter in the possible terrorists arsenal but always you have the same single main terrorist behind….

    • I am not sure any of us have a remote idea what you are saying. Do you mean to say that someone may have brought in 50,000 barrels of heavy crude, mixed them, and then set 4 tons of TNT to set it off with no one noticing? OK, that’s possible.