Staged GOP Convention Opener: Police in Wisconsin Murder Unarmed Man, 7 Shots in the Back (A Qanon Gift to Trump)

A staged murder with Kenosha police sent out by their union, in concert with the GOP, to give Trump a "boost" for his convention performance

3 children are in the car

VT: Clear as day, this was planned, an execution and timed to provide a backdrop for a Trump speech. We have very very strong reasons to believe this shooting was planned by the GOP and coordinated with the police union and that more will be happening around the US.

Quite simply, Trump’s “base,” loves to see police murders. This is the America that has left the majority of decent people heartsick. The GOP goal is to get enough votes to cover their CIA/Mossad backed election rigging scam.

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Gordon Duff is a Marine combat veteran of the Vietnam War. He is a disabled veteran and has worked on veterans and POW issues for decades. Gordon is an accredited diplomat and is generally accepted as one of the top global intelligence specialists. He manages the world’s largest private intelligence organization and regularly consults with governments challenged by security issues.

Duff has traveled extensively, is published around the world and is a regular guest on TV and radio in more than “several” countries. He is also a trained chef, wine enthusiast, avid motorcyclist and gunsmith specializing in historical weapons and restoration. Business experience and interests are in energy and defense technology.

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  1. Other than Mr Odel and our Jack many of you will be obeying at gun point from our dearest blue warriors when Kamalla takes power if you fail to don that mask nice and proper as I suggest we all move along.

    Nothing to see here!

  2. Yes the scrawny little Black man was reaching into his car, but he would not have been had the 200 + pound White cop punched him in the face long before it got to that. How any human being could condone this kind of behavior from a public official, which is what a cop is, is beyond me. Many of you are to sick to even type complete sentences anymore but you need only remember one thing, what goes around comes around. Don’t cry when a Black man shoots your child for no good reason, or so you think. Because the fact that you are applauding something like this is good enough reason right there.
    Fire everyone in the police department and elect sheriffs, as we have been saying. The sheriff can then rehire as a deputy sheriff any unemployed cop he deems not to be a homicidal psychopath who will shoot his constituents on a whim. Its really very simple, but idiots who know nothing about the police or the streets just keep talking, and maniacs with badges just keep killin…

    • Yes, and fair warning to anyone running for sheriff in a county that has entrenched white supremacists, : you will be harassed, attacked, and your family will need extra security.
      We need non-LE people taking those positions with the intention of cleaning the force. It might take decades, but it is very possible.

    • “Reasonable fear” (oxymoron?) can be the SOLE legal basis to shoot & kill…

      But what if you’re afraid of police?

    • Imagine being a kid in that car. Imagine them being your grand/kids…

      I’m surprised the cops didn’t make the kids all get out and lay face down on the hot asphalt… like I saw last week.
      With all women & female children.

    • … But if the cops HAD made the kids lie down on the asphalt, they would have been safer than being in a car that a thug cop was shooting into.

      Again, on a mere disturbance call where they were harassing the peacemaker, for…

      Some reason.

      It’s not like it was a call where a guy shot up a church (Dylan Roof, who police didn’t harrass, beat, tase or shoot. No, they bought him a Whopper from BK. Hey, he was hungry! Shooting up a church is tiring!).

  3. Because when people of color demand equal justice, it scares the hell out of the small boys.
    Income inequality is the most common cause of uprising anywhere, and in this massive abundance we have, it is only possible with oppression, of the already poor.

  4. The cops here will say, which is the rule, they were in fear for their lives. Why? because in ignoring them and going to the car and bending over as he went in, they feared he was going for a gun, and this caused them to fire. I have watched so many of these incidents now where virtually all involved someone aggressively resisting arrests either because they were angry, or had a warrant out for them. If not for that they would not have died. That said, shooting someone one seven times in the back when no gun has been claimed to have seen, is over the top. But the rule is “in fear for their lives”. That is what is put to the grand juries and they have released cops for years and years based in this, and in inner cities with lots of minorities on the grand jury. Then there is a huge scream about a rigged outcome but media never publicizes that the grand juries are often majority minority in these cities.

    • You’re confusing this with the famous meme of the White guy at a Confederate rally, yelling at police WITH HIS HAND ON HIS GUN as police politely try to de-escalate.

      Tamir Rice was 12 years old!

      Elijah McClain wasn’t reaching!
      He played violin for shelter animals, so they wouldn’t feel lonely!
      Mother Teresa didn’t do that!
      Cops grabbed him & killed him.
      Then posed & laughed about it.

      Garner wasn’t reaching!

      George Floyd wasnt reaching.

      Botham Jean wasn’t reaching.
      The cop who killed him could easily have said he was, especially as the police report was just her story verbatim.

      Freddie Gray wasn’t reaching.
      And paddy wagon rides dont crush your larynx.

      Philando Castille (also w kids in car) was reaching for his license, because… they told him to!…

  5. Unjustified as a white man. The answers are never simple. If at all possible when that ‘fight or flight’ response kicks in you have to resist. Comply at all costs when dealing with the badge. I was handcuffed hands behind my back for two hours, one quarter the amount of time a migrant worker next to me was- white privilege. After three cops beat me while bringing me into jail, While a clerk filmed as I calmly claimed ‘I am not resisting over and over. They carried me over their heads and threw me into my cell against the wall from over 6 feet high. I could not make a call do to my “resisting”. The next day I got a lawyer all charges were dropped in court except reckless driving I did not signal a turn. I did lose driving privileges for 90 days due to an argument my lawyer had with the DMV. THE FILM WAS LOST. None existent for trial, as was the dashcam film from the highway patrol. I was out thousands in towing, impound and lawyer fees. It appears that poor man was murdered. An f’d up excuse for BunkerBoy to stay home?

  6. I don’t believe anyone revels over events such as this. To say Trump’s base does is ludicrous. Today’s media is empowering poc to disobey lawful police orders, and it encourages the beatings and murders of innocent white people including children. The police should just resign in total, and let’s see what happens next. It’s obvious they can no longer do their job.

    • Lawful police orders, like the thug cop who pointed to a very specific, random spot of ground and told me “stand RIGHT there”, after he CASUALLY walked up to me and shoved me for no reason; catching me off guard & provoking my reflex to hit him… (that I somehow pulled back just in time). Like that?

      Reminds me of the rental car ad where the guy says “I’m not a control freak, I’m a control enthusiast”.

      Maybe police are #1 in wife-beating because their wives disobey “lawful orders”.

      Tamir Rice was 12 years old.
      Never given a “lawful order”.
      Just savagely executed…

    • Nevermind the infamous meme of the White guy at a Confederate rally yelling at police WITH HIS HAND ON HIS GUN as police politely try to de-escalate…

      A few weeks ago, there was a slightly viral video from here in Phoenix I believe, of a White guy disobeying “lawful orders” as he chased a female cop around a car and cussed her out.

      Not shot. Not even tasered. As Jacob Blake was. Before they murdered him.

      Right in front of his kids.
      On a disturbance call, where they HAD to have at least established and known Blake was a peacemaker who broke up a fight between two women.

      If they couldn’t even establish that before tasing, then shooting a peacemaker 7 times, reason says they’re just thugs.

      Nevermind the fact you’re just guessing, assuming a peacemaker shot 7 times in the back was “disobeying lawful orders”.

      Which carries a death sentence, of course… For certain people… but not others.

    • You won’t see anything until you pull your palms away from your eyes Joe. There are literally millions of examples on these videos in the comment sections of rabid trump supporters cheering on illegal brutal activities of police.

  7. Trump’s base eats this stuff up. They want a “law and order” president who will end street violence even though it’s his storm-trooper thugs who cause much of it, just like Hitler did in the 1930s. I wonder what Trump’s “Reichstag fire” will be? The “national emergency” that will enable him to, as the Atlantic puts it…

    “The moment the president declares a “national emergency”—a decision that is entirely within his discretion—more than 100 special provisions become available to him. While many of these tee up reasonable responses to genuine emergencies, some appear dangerously suited to a leader bent on amassing or retaining power”

    • 💯!

      More specifically, they want DIRTY HARRY “Law & Order”.

      They all see themselves as Clint Eastwood or Steven Seagal.

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