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A New Zealand court has sentenced mass shooter Brenton Tarrant, who killed 51 Muslim worshipers at a mosque last year, to life in prison without the possibility of parole, the first such ruling ever handed down in the country.


The Brenton Tarrant massacre in Christchurch mosques was not the impromptu gesture of a white supremacist terrorist as he has been claimed. It was a real military mission planned in every detail for two long years. This is what emerged from the first hearing held today, Monday 24 August, before the District Court of the city of New Zealand where the massacre took place on March 15, 2019.

Christchurch Sentence: Life in Prison with NO chance of parole for mosques killer

Not only has it prepared with sophisticated weapons and even the use of drones the successful attacks in the places of cult of the Muslims of Al Noor and Linkewood but had also premeditated the fire of a third mosque.

These new elements that emerged during the trial in which he risks life imprisonment without the possibility of release, further confirm the thesis that Tarrant was a special agent trained by an expert counterintelligence such as that of the Tel Aviv Mossad, as claimed by various sources and clues highlighted in previous reports also for a previous suspicious episode concerning the mysterious presence of Israeli spies in Christchurch.

Tarrant, a self-professed white supremacist 29yo who broadcast part of the massacre live on Facebook, pleaded guilty in March this year to 51 counts of murder, 40 of attempted murder and a charge of terrorism. His decision to abandon an earlier plea of not guilty averted a lengthy trial that was expected to take months.

On Monday, a prosecutor read the authorities’ version of events, telling the court of the detail in which Tarrant had planned the attacks, buying multiple firearms, thousands of rounds of ammunition, ballistic armour and military-style vests.

He moved to New Zealand from Australia in 2017 and began planning the attacks, researching various New Zealand mosques, viewing plans of the buildings he intended to attack and making a trip to Christchurch from the southern city of Dunedin, where he lived, two months before the massacre.

While there, he flew a drone over Al Noor mosque, scoping the building’s entrances and exits. On the day of the attacks, the terrorist had petrol cans in his car that, the police said, he intended to use as incendiary devices.

Crown prosecutor Barnaby Hawes said Tarrant told police after his arrest that he wanted to create fear among the Muslim population. “He intended to instil fear into those he described as invaders, including the Muslim population or more generally non-European immigrants,” Hawes said.


High Court judge Cameron Mander said that he had received more than 200 victim impact statements, along with submissions from various organisations. “I have read them all,” said Mander, who added that he would not sentence Tarrant before Thursday morning after survivors and family members of victims had an opportunity to address the court.

After the official account of events on Monday the first of dozens of victims due to speak during the four-day hearing read emotional statements in front of the gunman, in a subdued courtroom that was sparsely populated due to coronavirus restrictions.

Gamal Fouda, imam of Al Noor mosque, told Tarrant that he was “misguided and misled” and that his hatred was unnecessary.

“I can say to the family of the terrorist that they have lost a son and we have lost many from our community too, I respect them because they are suffering as we are. Fouda said.

Far more serious were the accusations made a few days after the tragedy, during a public commemoration in Auckland, by Ahmed Bhamji, president of the Mount Roskill E Umar mosque, the largest in New Zealand.

“I am here and I say that I have a very strong suspicion that there is a group behind him and I am not afraid to say that I feel that the Mossad is behind this” declared in a public conference reported on YouTube the former Fijian MP became the spiritual guide of the most important mosque in Auckland referring to the killer and the Christchurch massacre.


The video (here report about), with its suspicion, immediately rebounded on social media and within a few days it also exploded in the media with the immediate indignant reaction of the Israeli communities. Above all because it was not just any Muslim who uttered that sentence but a leading figure in the international Muslim community according to whom there are unspecified “Zionist affairs”.

Beirut: Deep State “Killed” Shia-Christian Govt. Ex Zionist MP: “Blast as Nuclear Bomb. I hope it was Israel”

Those statements confirmed what was anticipated by the Senior Editor of Veterans Today, Gordon Duff, an international intelligence expert, in reference to the alleged double face of Tarrant, trained by Isis and Mossad in Syria for the then failed purpose of killing President Bashar Al Assad, an Alawite Shiite exponent who professes mutual religious tolerance unlike radical Sunnis.


In this intertwining of geopolitics and religion it emerged from the Gospa News investigations that even the Al Noor mosque, site of the main massacre, had a double face. It had within it both moderate components of Islam but also extremists who became Foreing Fighters in the Middle East such as the New Zealand Daryl Jones alias Bin John and the Australian Christopher Havard who became Abu Salman al Australi, both radicalized in Christchurch and then enlisted for Al Qaeda in Yemen where they were killed by a US drone in 2013.

This is useful simply to understand the context in which a bloody and terrible tragedy took place but certainly not to mitigate the terrible sins of a ruthless killer like Tarrant. Lucid and well trained just like a Mossad agent…

Fabio Giuseppe Carlo Carisio
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  1. Cindy was raised as a Mormon and has an ex policeman father. This she has publicly renounced. She has admitted suffering from self doubt and is alleged to suffer from Imposter’s Syndrome. There seems little doubt that her Proud Mentor, Helen Clark, Former Prime Minister and the former Number Three at the United Nations Organisation, has promoted her Protégé Cindy remorselessly. Hard to spot much Independence of Thought and Rather Beholden to Outside Influences that are Well Documented, both ladies blinded and led by ambition. The Population here are getting tired of this Geopolitically Strategic Country getting dictated to by Powerful Outside Forces.

  2. Strategy of Terror. Black Swan Cindy the Facilitator and Prime Minister of New Zealand/Aotearoa is committed to Agenda21 and Agenda30, blabbing “Comrades, Comrades, Comrades” as then President of the World Young Socialists. She worked under Helen Clark as a very young woman after Media Studies at Waikato University and is a Fine Actress, but I wonder who writes her script. After working in ‘Helengrad’, she went to work for Gordon Brown in the UK during the Notorious Tony Blair/ Allister Campbell (Campbell means “Crooked Mouth” – never trust a Campbell, the first clan to take Title from the Crown) Administration and one comment on VT said she was seen getting on a plane at the Da Vinci Airport with Tony Blair and his family. Cindy is Right On Script with the New World Order/WHO in the Covid19/Wuhan Well Poisoning Plandemic, (alternatively the Greatest Public Policy Failure in History) and if one were to ask the age old question: “Cui Bono”, the answer would be The Giant Ponzi Scheme That Runs The World through Money Magic and Fractional Reserve Banking. The Yield Curve Inversion took place on September 16, 2019. Every country on the planet is now deeply in debt. NZ/Aotearoa is the most Isolated Country on the Planet and has no Herd Immunity. I call it the Chinese Drip Torture and tourism is Finished for The Foreseeable Future,

  3. Cameron Mander is a plumber’s son from Lower Hutt, where I live and grew up. I coached the Rugby teams at the Victoria University of Wellington as Junior Club Captain back in the early 1980s. Cam was opinionated but naïve and judgemental: as are a lot of Kiwis with the very orchestrated “education” system, no doubt dictated from Tavistock. I can’t see him or the Legal/Judicial/Law Enforcement getting to the truth of this matter. The New Zealand Intelligence Agency is call the Secret Intelligence Service, the same name as the UK Service MI6, an integral part of the same. Our Communications Intelligence is called the Government Communications Security Bureau, an office of Government Security Head Quarters in Cheltenham. The New Zealand staffed Long Range Desert Group rescued the early Special Air Service from ignominy after early botched operations in the Western Desert during WW2 and has a long and intimate association, with many Kiwis carrying out operations whilst “On Secondment” in places like Oman, Rhodesia and Northern Ireland, more recently in Afghanistan and before that all over the Empire during Decolonisation under the likes of Brigadier Frank Kitson. Anything is possible, especially after watching the intertwining of Israel, Turkey, France, Jordan, Saudi, UAR, UK and USA et al. in Syria. This writer is credible.

  4. Amazing how this Creature looks almost like Bush the junior. May be anyone with face like that should be locked up before he cause other Genocides.

  5. “cult of the Muslims of Al Noor “??? Cult?? I think this Fabio Giuseppe Carlo Carisio is even worse than the mass murderer with his vile description of Islam. Compare Islam to your Christianity and you will find that it is not different from Hinduism with three deities and enormous amount of dramas, drugs and violence. Islam gave the world all laws and science where and culture. Christianities ( yes collection of hundreds of cults ) bend everything but bible and burnt alive those who wanted to read books of knowledge and creativity as witches. Only a cult practices violence of that kind. The cult of Christianity has infilcted most destructive wars on human race and caused Genocides in Africa, Asia, Americas and Australia, New Zealand and Oceania. That is just tiny example of the VIOLENCE This Cult of Christianity has inflicted on this planet.

    • “places of cult of the Muslim of Al Noor…” is only a synonymous to avoid to repeat several times “mosques”. Cult is synonymous of worship or religion without minimum bad meaning. May be someone has many prejudices against a Christian journalist…

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