Pence Has Fiddled While America Burns With COVID-19


Pence Has Slowed Down the COVID-19 Response/Carol Has A Lot to Say about This

Health Editor’s Note: In what will have been the more important job Pence will have ever had, he utterly failed to meet the mark and has just kept going downhill after that. Some of Trump’s typically less than immortal words have come back to bite the U.S. in the ass.  ‘Mike is going to be in charge, and Mike will report back to me. He’s got a certain talent for this.’ These words were spoken on Feb, 26, before the first COVID-19 fatality in the U.S. and we are now on the precipice of 180,000 deaths due to coronavirus.

First order of Pence being in charge of COVID-19 was to decide what to do with cruise ships, the potential/threat for cruise ships become actual hot beds for COVID-19 was present and did become a dire actuality. Pence hemmed and hawed, when clearly the appropriate move would have been to keep all cruise ships in dock, never load them with passengers in the first place, and the CDC needed to have been given permission for a ‘no sail’ order. No, but wait, there was all the concern about shutting down a business and the revenue that would be lost. Two weeks later, when the lockdown of the cruise industry happened, there were already many cases and eventual deaths, not to mention stranding of ships and people on those ships, when countries refused to accept them.

Pence did not surround himself with medical or scientific experts who could guide him through dealing with this very virulent virus, that cared nothing about humans life, let alone the economics that seemed to be driving decisions. Cronyism was the order of the day as Pence added people from his Indiana Governor’s days, people who Azar, former pharmaceutical czar, took as usurpers of his position as U.S. Secretary of Health and Human Services. With all the jockeying for positions, the real, essential, direly imperative job of containing the COVID-19 pandemic was lost.

Pence could not control strategy to meet the challenge of coronavirus because Trump spent late February and early March issuing inaccurate claims of cures, prevention, and that the virus would soon just simply disappear, something Pence could not make happen as he was spinning wheels, dealing with administrative issues, instead of medical, safety, and practical issues to stop coronavirus.

And then there was Pence’s mask less April 28th visit to the Mayo Clinic. The excuse of ‘saving masks for healthcare workers’ to not encourage mask wearing of the general public was bogus as it would have been easy, and just up companies such as manufacturer Hanes’s alley to start producing cloth masks for public consumption which the government could have given out, free of cost. Not until the end of June did Pence start to encourage the population of the U.S. to wear masks.

And then there has been the constant background and often at times ‘very much in the fore ground’ of presidential campaigning and the need to make this administration look ‘good.’ This has remained the focus as Pence declares we are wining the second wave of coronavirus, when clearly we are still in the first wave as we have experienced astronomical numbers of new cases and the deaths that accompany them. 

Pence really has been doing his ostrich thing, of hiding from what is actually happening with coronavirus. His claim, above all claims, is that the media has been blowing coronavirus out of proportion and that COVID-19 was/is on the way out.  Health experts call this a lie and proof of this assertion is that the U.S. has had states reporting surges in coronavirus cases and deaths.

Pence and his bogus coronavirus task force are on to larger things….the Republic national convention, and the election ahead. Trump now gives the coronavirus briefings in his speeches at political events.  As Americans continue to contract coronavirus and die from it, it is really politics as usual for the Pence’s group of ‘do nothings’ who care nothing for American lives and what Americans are enduring. I wonder how many cononavirus tests have been squandered on the idiots in Trump’s world? Shame on all of them…..Carol  

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  1. Elvin,

    Trump and Pence are very much responsible for how COVID-19 has been mishandled in this country. Trump abandoned a pandemic plan that was in place before he took office and disregarded science and medicine. Trump’s crazy promises of cures and prevention using hydroxychloroquine and chloroquine, his suggestions for uses for Clorox in the body, use of lights…did you watch any of his briefings? Laughable if they were not so horribly wrong. Some people believed what he said and died from ingesting chlorine products. Trump’s constant rhetoric that the virus is going away….by Easter, by the 4th, by…now when???? How children should be back in school because they will be safe because coronavirus does not hurt children…but it does, it can kill them and if they have it they can pass it to grandparents, aunts, uncles who may fall within the age groups that are hit harder by COVID-19.

    The CDC conducts and supports health promotion, prevention, and preparedness with the goal of improving public health. Trump has from the beginning of his presidency shown pure disregard for science….how has that worked out for him so far? Now he has been given a viral pandemic to deal with and guess what…..I do not see any dealing at all, just the constant downplaying of seriousness of coronavirus. These are the men who could not be bothered with wearing masks, until very recently, July 11th, and Trump only wears his because it is decorated with a gold presidential seal emblazoned on the side.

  2. America is not suffering because of COV19. America is suffering because of Democrats shutting down our industries and stealing our freedoms.
    According to Bulgaria’s lead pathologist — who has with pathologists across Europe been conducting autopsies on alleged VOV19 victims — to date no one on the continent of Europe has died of the insignificant virus.
    According to WHO’s description of the COV19 test, the genetic code the PCR test looks for is identical to the DNA of human chromosome #8. Everyone has it.

    • Ah yes, Bulgaria; home of the AEGIS NATO Integrated Air Defense System. But hey, that’s better than a Lugar Lab type operation!

    • Tedx, Of course people all over the world have died from COVID-19. Bulgaria has had 15,908 cases with 594 deaths. France is on the continent of Europe and they have had 259,698 cases and 30,567 deaths, Germany has had 240,558 cases and 9,359 deaths…are you seeing a pattern here? People in Europe are very much getting coronavirus and are dying from it. COVID-19 is not insignificant and COVID-19 has several types/strains with slightly different genome sequences. These different strains are from mutations of the virus and seem to reflect different times/places when the virus was active.

    • Wrong: survival rate is 94.69 percent. You are the fake and hoax, when it comes to COVID at least.

    • I have talked with people who have treated patients with RMD. It is much more effective than generally claimed.

  3. Carol, do you think this was part of the plan from the get-go? Certainly Pence knew COVID-19 was a bioweapon that had first been directed at China and Iran. That it would make its way to the USA early this year was no big surprise. He might have even been vaccinated for it back in November as Trump was. They were certainly ready to loot the US treasury of at least $7 trillion in March. I have a hard time believing that the USA wasn’t set up to fail at containing this thing, unlike Canada right next door.

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