Trump White House: POW-MIA Flag ‘Missing in Action,’ Removed at Trump Orders, against the Law

The POW MIA flag is now seen as a protest against Trump



  1. What is most astounding and perplexing about this guy is how he literally craps on some of the most highly held values, morals and character attributes of the Conservative ideal and the party faithful only grow fonder. Maybe it’s his old Democratic tendencies slipping out. The boy is a chameleon. Meanwhile Republicans just say to themselves “that’s just Donnie up to his 3D chess”.

    I understand what that flag is supposed to represent and though I haven’t seen a war I would want to participate in. I was initially getting sucked in after 911. Just could not eat the yellow cake. But the darkness of the POW/MIA flag fills me with sadness and sarrow and guilt when I see it. I wonder how it makes survivors feel. I would hope pride and a feeling that others have their respect and their back. Maybe it’s just me but I could go for a redesign one that would pull you in and bring a feeling of gratitude.

  2. We have a CIC that is a coward to the point, he cannot even stomach the mere thought of those who lost their lives, and must protect his ego, by avoiding the notion or removing it from anywhere in his purview. Thus he demeans courage, and eschews self sacrifice as something that to him, is “dumb”. This simple observation is all we need to know. And we knew it well before the first election. Decades ago, in fact.

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