Trumpster Blues: McCloskey’s Indicted on Weapons and Evidence Tampering

Mark and Patricia McCloskeys waved guns at protesters in front of their St. Louis home on June 28, after they were allegedly threatened. ©  UPI
VT: Note that pro-Trump Russian media loves the McCloskey’s and has gone crazytown racist.  What’s that whirring noise?  Its Russia’s honored dead who fought Fascism and now have to be buried in a nation that has a newfound love of….fascism.
For Mark and Pat, they just needed to keep their mouth’s shut.  As Trump’s regime collapses around them, the lashing out has already begun. 

RT/Moscow: Mark and Patricia McCloskey, the St. Louis couple who brandished guns after protesters allegedly broke through the gates of their private street and threatened to kill them, have been indicted by a grand jury.

Jurors agreed to indict the McCloskeys Tuesday for unlawful use of a weapon and evidence tampering, the St. Louis Post-Dispatch reported, citing the couple’s lawyer. The felony indictments essentially mean that jurors found probable cause that the McCloskeys were guilty of the weapons violations, as charged by St. Louis Circuit Court Attorney Kimberly Gardner in July, and expanded the case to also include evidence tampering.

ALSO ON RT.COM‘So it’s verboten?’: Fox News panelist STOPS Newt Gingrich from discussing ‘Soros-elected’ district attorneys With the indictments secured, Gardner won’t need to go through a preliminary hearing to convince a judge that there is enough probability of guilt for the case to proceed to trial.

The evidence-tampering charge apparently concerns the pistol that Patricia McCloskey waved at protesters. Patricia McCloskey claimed that the pistol was inoperable when she surrendered it to police after the incident. However, it was reported that Gardner’s staff ordered the police crime lab to take apart and reassemble the gun to make the otherwise out-of-service weapon capable of “lethal use.”

McCloskey’s attorney, Joel Schwartz, at the time accused the prosecutors’ office of tampering with the evidence to charge the couple. “It’s disheartening to learn that a law enforcement agency altered evidence in order to prosecute an innocent member of the community,” Schwartz said back in July.

ALSO ON RT.COM Inoperable pistol seized from St. Louis couple was fixed to make sure it was ‘ready for lethal use’ to charge McCloskeys – report

The charges stem from a June 28 incident that has sparked a firestorm of controversy over the rights of citizens to defend themselves in the age of Black Lives Matter protests. The McCloskeys said demonstrators broke through their neighborhood’s iron gates, trespassed on their property and threatened to burn their house down and kill them and their pets. Protesters said they came through an unlocked gate and marched past without going onto the McCloskeys’ property.

Mark McCloskey told reporters earlier Tuesday that while none of the demonstrators was charged with trespassing, he and his wife – both lawyers in their early 60s — face felony charges that “could cost us four years of our life and our law licenses.” He said they are being persecuted “because we had the gall to protect our home and our family against the mob.”

Missouri Governor Mike Parson, a Republican, said at the time Gardner’s charges were announced in July that he would pardon the McCloskeys if they were convicted. President Donald Trump and Senator Josh Hawley, a Missouri Republican, also have defended the couple, with Hawley asking the Department of Justice to open a civil-rights investigation. The McCloskeys even spoke at the Republican National Convention (RNC) in August.

Democrats, such as television writer Knell Scovell, cheered the grand jury indictments. “Indicted – and that’s why they fit in perfectly at the RNC,” Scovell tweeted. Author and Young Turks host Adrienne Lawrence tweeted sarcastically about the McCloskeys potentially losing their law licenses: “That’d be a shame.”

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  1. John
    Racism is a real problem. I need a history on where you have lived and worked since, let’s say, 1965. For many of us, and my working career started a bit before that, we have a very strong memory of how things were, why we thought what we wrongly thought and how fucking sorry we are for having been total assholes.

    That said…this lesson has escaped you. Why?

  2. I hope you realize, if reelected the orange blob would likely be the one taking away your precious guns……good grief!

  3. Rage mob? Hahahahahaha! I mean ,how dare they speak out about 400 years of systemic racism.?….

    It was 28 June and just as dusk was beginning to settle over the city of St Louis, Missouri, a group of several hundred protesters converged at the intersection of a busy six-lane street called Kingshighway. It is a main thoroughfare in a well-to-do section of the city known as the Central West End.

    Some pushed bicycles, some carried Black Lives Matter signs, nearly all wore masks as they chanted, sang and began moving up and down the street, which was shut down to traffic. Their ultimate destination was the home of the mayor of St Louis, Lyda Krewson, several blocks away.

  4. “Slip and trip” lawyers are the worst. They seldom go to trial and take 33% of victims money.

    Like I have said from the beginning, what does anyone think would have happened if she came out with a tray of snacks and drinks instead of a gun ? The entire thing is beautifully poetic and shows how wealthy white people are terrified of blacks. This is the root cause of racism, cowardice and domination based on looks. A lesson usually learned before kindergarten.

  5. Do you get the feeling that we’re being played here? That all this street theater is staged to drive the level of anxiety and fear to toxic overload, so that we’ll be desperate for a “law and order” leader to step in and save us? This is a lot like Germany in 1933, folks. Wonder what Trump’s Reichstag fire will be?

  6. “It’s Russia’s honored dead who fought Fascism and now have to be buried in a nation that has a newfound love of….fascism.”

    So nicely said. Who wrote that ? Gordon was that you ?

    I left RT after ten years and after it became obvious that throughout the 2016 elections they did nothing but to defend the indefensible in every which way they could. They kept suspending my account and the sensorship was solely because I was pointing out to their constant fear mongering with nothing but words and name calling like what we saw last night with the debate of “senator”Martha McSally and Mark Kelly. McSally is a disgusting excuse for human being and her loss would be a great victory for the US.

    • Plus at RT they get mileage out of names like Soros like they have a soar ass. And their fake use of religion to conceal their racism, probably makes their stupid commenters think that abomination means Obama nation.
      Too bad that RT started as a good source of information but found their stooge in 2016 and flipped defending the Neo-Nazis at any cost.

  7. Well, I happen to live here in St Louis area. The evidence is clear: the pistol was inoperable until the prosecution tampered with it. And those “peaceful protesters? They broke a gate to get in the gated community. Then they charged down the street, with weapons, looking for the mayor’s house. But they were a block off. They did indeed threaten the McCloskeys and neighbors, and it’s all on video. ALL the neighbors have video. In this case, the grand jury is 100% politicized. It’s a sad day for the truth. Race and Partisan politics should mean nothing, but it does now, and the St Louis prosecutor stokes the flames. You might want to take note of how quiet the mayor has been ever since this happened.

    • Thanks for the truth, JS. I happen to live in the Sanford, FL in the Sanford FL area and know people who worked for WESH the night Travon Martin was killed by Charles Zimmerman. Martin had Zimmerman pinned to the sidewalk, pounding his head on the concrete.

      The corporate media uniformly lied about everything. Evidently VT has been forced or bribed into join Luminati’s agenda, like all the corporate media.

  8. I’m sure that the grand jury was given all of the available “evidence” and/or is most likely made up of liberal freedom hating who knows what Marxists to end up indicting them for anything at all. Yeah, right. Hopefully a trial jury will see through this crap well enough that at least one juror will refuse to convict. It takes all 12 to do so! I have no doubt that the mob did exactly what they claimed because just look at what is happening everywhere else! The new “normal” is that you can’t defend yourself from black/white looters, rioters, murderers. BLM=Burn, Loot, Murder

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