Why so many American’s want COVID to kill Trump

We begin with two vital videos, as usual, disturbing to some but utterly truthful


…by Gordon Duff, VT Sr. Editor

In 2015, VT went to security officials and others with something we discovered.  VT found the intelligence agencies of Israel, Saudi Arabia and Turkey (the planners of 9/11) were rigging an American election.  Working with them were “oligarchs,” all from that “special people,” from Ukraine, Russia and American oligarchs as well, the 20 MEGA/MAGA.

These represent human trafficking, gambling, Google Corporation, Fox News and the Murdoch Empire, Facebook and the Rothchild owned Federal Reserve Banks that looted America in 2007.

COVID is the new 9/11, Trump is just another iteration of Bush 43 his fake enemy.

Trump has done a 4 year “Finks Bar” routine on America, with his grifter family and Spaghetti Queen, half a million Americans will take the “dirt nap” while our enemies piss on Americans like child hookers piss on Trump.

450,000 Americans have been taken into hospitals because of COVID infections.  Half were put on ventilators.  A majority of them were over 65 years old.  We begin with two vital videos, as usual, disturbing to some but utterly truthful.

45% of those hospitalized died.  80% of those on ventilators died.  Of every American tested as of yesterday, 4.21% of them are going to die and this figure includes mass testings at schools.

Today, the governor of South Dakota bragged about beating COVID without a lockdown.  Why then does South Dakota have the second highest “new case” stat in the nation?

Frankly, South Dakota would have NO COVID at all except for the Sturgis Rally which has vaulted South Dakota from COVID free to becoming the “middle of nowhere” epicenter.

South Dakota has around 700,000 people, barely equal to a congressional district, yet has two US Senators.  That has to end.

Alaska?  Same.  Montana?  Same?  Wyoming, Same/Worse.

Those who are hospitalized will never see their families again.  They get no visits, no phone calls, and are hauled away in the night in refrigerated trucks.  Here’s Trump and the Spaghetti Queen doing a maskless photo op with military families who won’t be getting royal treatment at Walter Reed WHEN they get sick:

Past that, up to 4 million Americans in assisted living and nursing homes haven’t seen their grandchildren or children this year, they haven’t seen anyone, they can’t even see each other.

We really don’t know how they are or if they are even alive.

This is all Trump’s doing, maybe even the disease itself.  If COVID is, as we have proven, a bio-warfare weapon, one controlled by the military which Trump commands, and if the military under Trump’s command released it in China, which China has said and we will take this moment to remind you of this very real fact:

And from Iberian Times:

Iran made similar charge earlier

The head of Iran’s Revolutionary Guards had also made a similar claim last week. The Iranians said Covid-19 was possibly produced as a biological weapon by the US and had it had deliberately spread it in Iran and China, two of its chief adversaries.

Here at home, no effort at all has been made to control the disease, not by Trump’s people.  In Michigan, where a strong COVID response has brought the disease under control, the GOP controlled Supreme Court has ended all emergency controls.

In every state where this has been done, massive infections have ensued.  To Trump it is all a game but Trump doesn’t worry, he is above the law.  Seniors with COVID die in solitary confinement…

All except Donald Trump, whose million dollar treatment included being driven around in a motorcade and running around a hospital maskless while pumped up with steroids and out of his mind with oxygen.

Of those who have died, around 216,000, around 150,000 are dead due to failed policies which have included profiteering by White House insiders on medicines, on protective gear and stripping cash out of vaccine research.  To Kushner/Pence and gang, COVID has been a vast piggy bank and Americans know it and want Trump to suffer.

No president has become so hated by older Americans than Trump.  He support by the ‘over 65’ group is hovering in the 20 to 25 percent range.  There was a reason, now there is so much more.

His war on COVID, a disease he knows is deadly, a disease he knows, as he knows Beirut was nuked (he says ‘bombed’), is lab created.

COVID was most probably spread to China on his order.  When Google choked off the counter on this VT article, it had crossed 150,000 in 6 hours.

Exclusive: US Army Brought COVID-19 to China with Fake ‘Military Games’ Team (March 12 story)

Similarly, Google backcounted this one, so Trump could pretend he didn’t know where COVID 19 was made, as VT published the evidence:

Documentary Proof: University of North Carolina Generated COVID-19

The first to go weren’t just older Americans, they were veterans, a group Trump has long complained about.  Being called losers and suckers is nothing new for Vietnam vets and none of us alive today were at Belleau Wood, me perhaps but a bit late.

The American Battle Monument at Belleau Wood

But then it isn’t all older Americans, is it?



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  1. If the US adopts a medicare for all , the two biggest losers will be Insurance companies and the catholic church. The biggest winners would be the people.

  2. My guess John Bolton behind plan to knock down Chinese economy by by hacking SARS into a common flu virus with a clever “14 day time release” of the physical symptoms.

    Trump wasn’t told about it and fired him Sept 12. Pompeo convinces him to continue with the program however; “it’s no worse than a really bad flu, doesn’t kill kids, plus we engineered it to only infect the Chinese race…the military games in Wuhan are in just a few weeks”

    Early February; China in panic and brutal forced lockdowns. Wuhan shut down, its no1 industrial city.

    Iran still needs to be punished for it’s ballistic missle attacks on two US airbases.

    Large quantities available of an Israeli “virus”, a sort of doomsday-weapon if Israel is ever over run, which only infects the darker skinned Arabs, but not the white skinned Israelis.

    To punish Iran, Trump orders an attack within Iran, using this virus, targeting the Iranian government, also the underground nuclear base in Qom.

    Because both viruses lab engineered and only experimental on a grand scale, both bioagents go “rogue” from their inherent instability and infect the whole world.

  3. This situation is changing daily, no hourly! Are we witnessing Trump’s death throes or another con job by the consummate con man? Is this the “October surprise” that we’ve all been waiting for? These and other questions will be answered in the next few days. May Heaven help us all.

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