Caught: Fake scientists giving false COVID death rates, Italy at over 12 percent, US near 4%


By Gordon Duff, Senior Editor

Some areas of the country, the US, are having low COVID death rates, we don’t know why.

Nobody talks about it or reports it.  Trump doesn’t talk about it either.  As conspiracy guys, we tend to run to the ‘wipe out the old folks’ riff.

As statisticians and scientists, we tend to believe we are dealing with more than one disease and clear evidence of bioengineering or biological warfare.

VT tracks death rates for COVID carefully, they follow a curve, which has flattened out at where VT predicted.  VT predicted 3.41 for the US by January, we are at 3.85 percent now.

This number is the percentage of those who test positive who die, simple as that.  There is a graph at, the most accurate of the reporting services.

This is Italy’s graph

This is the US

These are today’s figures.  They were much higher in March.

Where I live, we are running about 1 percent but with 20 to 30 we are running .3 %.

With 80 year olds, about 30%, halve that for 70 and halve again for 60.

However, there are some very serious things wrong.

  • Death rates start at 50 and don’t really involve so much ‘co-morbidity’ as they do level of care.  Minorities get very poor heath care in the US and die at a higher rate.  African Americans are susceptible to certain cardiac and lung issues with extreme numbers suffering from asthma.
  • Yes, there are regions whose rates are much lower than others, inexplicably so, almost as though it were another disease.  By ‘inexplicable’ we mean something very bad and purposeful is probably going on and it is being covered up
  • We suggest that the curious don’t read apologists Trump material but look at things themselves using simple math.  If you don’t have simple math skills, don’t vote, you are too stupid.

What is clear is this, too much fake information is out there.  Only a vaccine, properly tested, can save the US now.  There will have to be national mandatory masks until then, for a few months, to cut deaths, which are back to 1000 a day.

This is a very real and very high rate.

Not even Fauci is being clear about the highly divergent death rates.

Here, where I am, Grand Valley State College pumped up our numbers with a massive infection rate.  They instituted a 2 week lockdown and cut it to nothing.

Pay attention.  Real lockdowns work.

However, nobody died but how many got really sick?  Nobody knows, it is a secret?  Why?

Our hospitalizations here go 4 percent or a bit more of all positive tests.  These are not being tracked or are outcomes, not in a meaningful way.  Why?

With an overall figure for the US of 3.85 fatality of all positive tests, if we had a national figure on hospitalizations, we could extrapolate a death rate v. hospitalizations.  But we can’t, why?

Why are some regions so much lower?  Why?

Why so high a death rate still?

OK, if there was honest reporting, which is blocked by HHS and Trump, we could have unlocked many areas in a safe manner than was done.  Many lives were lost because of lying at HHS, not the CDC.

Trump put a liar and fraud at HHS to oversee fake stats which, in turn, blocked those who were doing a good job from doing it right and this has been killing tens of thousands.

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  1. What is it about COVID-19 being a bioweapon don’t you get? Of course they’re lying to you to make you think that it’s all a big hoax. That’s why you Trumpsters are all running around without masks and having COVID-19 super-spreader rallies. That’s part of the plan to make the bioweapon as effective as possible. It’s like I said below and like how Henry Kissinger said in 2016, “Our primary response to the Third World should be population reduction.” COVID-19 mostly goes after the elderly, the infirm, and those too stupid to live. It’s culling the human herd of useless eaters, Joe.

  2. I’m certain that when it comes to the performance of a bioweapon, they know exactly how effective or ineffective it is. That they put out phony figures to cover their tracks, is only to make people doubt that this bioweapon is out to kill as many people as possible. The whole point is population reduction, Fabio, just like when they gave smallpox-infested blankets to the Plains Indians back in the 19th Century. It wasn’t to keep them warm in the wintertime for crying out loud!

  3. Here in Utah the mortality rate for covid19 appears to be 0.55% based on 103,117 positive test and 568 covid19 labeled deaths. some factors that account for this low rate include; The Median age is 31 years vs 38.2 nationally, we are 88.6% white or european, 1.6% African American, 13% Hispanic, and the Native Americans on reservations are not counted on our covid19 stats. Economically Utah is ranked 9th in the nation. As Fabio’s study seems to indicate how we test i.e. how minutely we assay samples, effects what or who is labeled covid positive. This seem to be very important as it can determine who is contagious. When we start tracing those who meet the covid threshold that is harmful to others we will go a long way in reducing the panic all positive tests are creating. The potential and likely bio-war lab produced element of this virus is a critical factor as well. Designer bugs do their harm by design knowing their target can solve many of the problems with addressing the cures. When mortality rates are .5% for even the most contagious virus, there is no justification to go to the extreme of lockdown. However morbidity rates and long term effects are serious factors that must be considered. That being said we are currently maxing our hospitalization rates here.

  4. The liar and fraud Scott Atlas?
    Comic book hero saves the world.

    A vaccine could stop the covid 19 “carrier” but the bioweaponed parts of covid 19 need an “antidote”

    If the truth not revealed to scientists and labs working on a vaccine and cure, then nothing will get done.

    I have faith in Keshe and GANS
    How is that doing?

    • We have heard nothing. But his major deployment of GANS in Iran and their not being able to control it with their new surge is a sign of a problem. Why we don’t know. Are too few using it? We have had no press releases on studies of its effectiveness, which are always put out when it works. Marketers of successful products are never silent. So there must be a problem witn GANS as Google shows no current info. Keshe is a mystery as he seemed to be giving the technology away. I had watched on video showing how to make it. So one has to ask that if it worked, why is Iran not widely using it?

    • Mr Keshe has set up Corona Team groups through Telegram. Anyone who needs COVID help gets it free from the extensive network of knowledge seekers all over the world. Mr Keshe often directly intervenes. The gratitude people express in these groups is tangible. The main Telegram group is Keshe One World Family:

      Here is the 186-page paper that describes the use of Gans, including why it works, the science behind it, and the protocol used to treat COVID-19 in Iran, China, Italy and other places:

      How to deal with even stronger virus energy packs in deep Space, has been a core teaching of Mr Keshe for over a decade.

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