The Second Debate

Michael Shrimpton praises the President's performance in the second debate and predicts he will win by a landslide.


It was worth staying up for! President Trump thumped Joe Biden in Thursday’s debate. Biden looked tired, drawn and beaten – he’s probably been reading too many internal polls! He couldn’t even remember which country the Germans invaded to start World War II. Granted that our community partners the Jerries have invaded every country in Europe except Switzerland and Lichtenstein, which are German client states anyway, and Spain and Portugal, where they installed fascist dictatorships, one would expect a candidate for President of the United States to know that Germany started World War II by invading Poland. It’s all in the famous Fawlty Towers episode for those who don’t know their history.

The President’s victory was even more impressive given that he was fighting not only his opponent but the moderator, Kristen Welker, as well. Carefully chosen by the highly partisan Commission on Presidential Debates (CPD) for her left-wing bias, she wasn’t quite as bad as I expected, no offense intended. The CPD are backing Biden, of course.

The choice of questions was designed to favor the Democrat. This didn’t stop the President introducing the topic the MSM and the Tech Giants have been desperately trying to avoid – the secrets revealed by Hunter Biden’s laptop and the Senate inquiry into Joe and Hunter Biden’s corrupt dealings with Burisma. “The Big Man” looked distinctly uncomfortable as the President challenged him with the evidence of his corrupt dealings with the Ukraine. It seems that Joe was taking a big cut.

It’s all very well Joe Biden disclosing his tax records. It’s doubtful to say the least that his Ukrainian earnings found their way onto his Form 1040s. How would he describe them? “Bungs From Burisma?” The Democrats must be regretting making such a fuss of the President’s taxes. That $750 figure, by the way, was a joke – fake news.

Just as he lost it during the first debate, Joe lashed out at the President, effectively accusing him of being a racist, a baseless smear. The President is no more a racist than Oprah Winfrey. Unable to wear a wire this time, Joe rambled at times, repeating himself. The inevitable gaffe came towards the end, but it was worth waiting for, arguably the biggest gaffe in the history of presidential debates.

Whilst the President’s jaw seemed to drop to the floor and the moderator looked like she was about to pass out, Joe lost Texas and Pennsylvania in the space of about 30 seconds by promising to kill the oil industry. Good luck with that! Being full of it themselves, no offense intended, Democrats naturally favor wind – intermittent, inefficient and ugly, wind power could almost pass as a metaphor for the modern Democratic Party.

WASHINGTON, DC – OCTOBER 15: House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) listens during a news conference discussing the College Affordability Act on October 15, 2019 in Washington, DC. The act is a proposal to lower to cost of college for students and improve higher education by restoring state and federal investments in public colleges and universities and increase the value of Pell Grants. (Photo by Zach Gibson/Getty Images)

The President had a gentle dig at TIPWNOI, who’s doing her best to sink the Biden/Harris ticket by holding up a crucial Coronavirus aid package and may have lost the Democrats the House. He also had a gentle dig at Dr Death, sorry Fauci, who is to infectious disease control what Dr Mengele was to family medicine. (Dr Mengele was so evil that he could probably have found employment as the British Government’s Chief Medical Adviser, no offense intended.)

Even Dr Death, sorry Fauci, seems to think that the President is winning. He popped up this morning on the BBC’s Andrew Marr Show. Andrew, who’s an anti-Trump fanatic, desperately did his best to help the ailing Joe Biden by getting Dr Death, sorry Fauci, to call the President a liar, but Death, sorry Fauci, wasn’t buying.

I have of course heard the rumors that Joe is about to be arrested, but I’m discounting them. There’s no chance of any law enforcement agency arresting the Democratic Party candidate days before a general election. The Fibbies are backing Biden of course, one reason why they’ve sat on Hunter Biden’s laptop for nearly a year, terrified by what they found.

The polls

Although you can usually add 5% to a conservative’s numbers to get the real figure, except for the excellent Trafalgar Group, which uses more sophisticated methodology, for this election I would suggest adding 10. That’s because the CIA are, apparently, running an operation to distort the polls even more than usual. Rumors are flying around that the Virginia Farm Boys are planning a coup, having failed to assassinate the President in Cleveland. (I initially thought that the Chinese were acting alone, but it seems that they were working with the Agency, although there is also reporting that the two teams tripped over each other.)

Jacking up Biden’s poll numbers would allow the Agency to plant stories in anti-Trump newspapers such as the New York Times and Washington Post, which are always looking for fake news to report, no offense intended, to the effect that the Republicans had ‘stolen’ the election. Accusing your opponent of what you yourself are trying to do is straight out of the Abwehr’s playbook. Since the CIA is controlled from Frankfurt by an arm of the DVD mimicking German methods is what we would expect.

Gina Haspel, the nice CIA Director

I am not suggesting, by the way, that the Director of the CIA, Gina Haspel, is involved in the coup plotting. Unless the Director is a German agent, which Gina is not, he or she would never be in the loop on a coup. The planning center is almost certainly in Frankfurt, Germany, and the key planners are almost certainly having sausage for lunch, not burgers. Americans are involved at the sharp end, of course, in particular a former, director, B, but they are only carrying out orders from the sausage-eaters.

Thankfully the President has been made aware. (You didn’t really think that he relies for his intelligence on the DNI, did you?) Usual procedure when a former CIA Director gets himself or herself involved in plotting a coup is for him or her to be found floating face down in a river on a hunting trip. If you wanted to do something a little more sophisticated, such as induced cancer, I’m sure that DSTL Porton Down could be prevailed upon to lend a vial of something nasty – just don’t drink it on the plane home. (My advice would be to stick to Jack Daniels.)

Induced cancer is how we dealt with the traitor Sir Jeremy Heywood, of course. He was successfully terminated in 2018 and died horribly, although sadly not horribly enough. (He was given pain relief towards the end and nobody thought to substitute placebos.) As well as involving himself in regicide, Heywood supported British membership of the EU, in other words he was a man who richly deserved to die, no offense intended.

Staying with Gina Haspel at the moment, she is a capable intelligence officer, with respect, who did good work at Detention Site Green in the Kingdom of Thailand, an off-books facility where a number of very serious Bad Guys were successfully interrogated, sadly not including B. I’m well aware of course that Gina has been the subject of hysterical conspiracy theories in the MSM about ‘torturing’ suspects. There was no torture at Site Green, just the odd spot of water-boarding, which would not have been necessary of course had the terrorists under interrogation assisted the officers and answered the questions being put to them truthfully.

The CIA are hopeless at torture. They’re far too nice, which is why whenever we needed someone tortured in the War on Terror we sent them around to the Egyptians. They’re much better at it, partly because they’ve had a lot of practice of course. The Germans are also good at torture, indeed it’s almost a national sport in Germany, but since al-Qaeda was a German-sponsored terrorist organisation there wasn’t much point in sending suspects to Hunland! They’d only have been offered beer and sausages.

History is against Joe Biden

The Democrats must already be regretting selecting Joe Biden as their candidate, and compounding their error by adding a socialist to the ticket. Joe isn’t a socialist of course – you need principles for that, and he hasn’t got any, no offense intended. He’s a centrist machine politician in the tradition of Tony Blair, Bill Clinton and Franz von Papen.

It’s not just Joe’s increasing senility. Senators normally do badly in presidential elections. The great John F. Kennedy was the exception which proves the rule, but he only won courtesy of Mayor Daley’s corrupt machine in Chicago. Ronald Reagan, Bill Clinton and George W. Bush were state governors, not swamp creatures from the Hill. (Bill Clinton came from the Arkansas swamps, but at least he wasn’t from Washington!)

Vice-Presidents do even worse. The traditional route for a Vice-President to reach the top job is to assassinate the President. That’s how Teddy Roosevelt and LBJ got into the Oval Office. It doesn’t always work, of course. Bush Senior, known affectionately in the Intelligence Community as ‘der Obergruppenführer’, failed in his attempt to assassinate President Reagan, wounding him only, along with the Press Secretary. (‘Honey, our guy only winged the President, but at least we crippled the Press Secretary.’)

There is no other modern example of a Vice-President getting elected as President. The second person on a ticket is usually chosen for his inability to spell, or because he’s a dodgy Greek businessman, no offense intended, on whom the candidate has enough dirt to keep him in line.

A dodgy Greek businessman, no offense intended.

More than 50 million Americans have voted already, according to the US Election Project, by which I think they mean 40 million Americans and 10 million Guatemalans. The Democrats, very obviously, are indulging in wholesale election fraud, but I don’t think it will be enough to stop the President winning by a landslide.

The atrocity in France

Commiserations with France over the brutal decapitation of courageous teacher Samuel Paty, whose only ‘crime’ was to show his students cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad in an effort to get them to think. Maybe the showing of the cartoons should be made mandatory in French schools.

I respectfully congratulate Jean-François Ricard on his competent investigation into this murderous conspiracy. He’s had no fewer than seven people arrested and rightly so, including the driver. How many times have I said that terrorists do not normally drive themselves to the scene of their crimes, and that if they do they usually crash?

Clearly the killer, Abdullakh Anzoroz, a Chechen ‘refugee’, who was very properly shot by police, did not act alone. This shameful incident yet again demonstrates the cost to Western nations of adhering to the obsolete 1951 Geneva Convention on Asylum. It also shows how right the Russians have been to crack down on the Islamist rebellion in Chechnya.

Anzorov’s family should never have been granted asylum and should have been deported back to Russia. Sadly President Macron won’t be taking any effective steps to stop this nonsense. France is in the EU and is locked into the Geneva Convention, regardless of the human cost. He’s also weak and easily bullied by France’s vocal Muslim minority.

The Anglo-European negotiations

The on-off UK/EU negotiations are back on again! The Evil Empire bullied their way back into the talks this week, but the EU have made no significant concessions. Caving in to German pressure, the French have moved a bit on fisheries, but they still want predatory French fishing boats to raid UK waters.

The resumed negotiations are a complete waste of time. Oddly enough the EU, which has a nasty habit of buying up the negotiators and signatories of Member States and, in this case, ex-Member States, don’t seem to be spraying money around. I’m not hearing reports of large transfers out of their master slush-fund in Geneva.

The EU of course need to be mindful of Article 50 of the Vienna Convention on International Treaty Law. Any treaty obtained by corruption of a signatory is voidable, that is to say on the intelligence available to me the UK is not bound by the Withdrawal Agreement, which makes a nonsense of the opposition by life peers in the House of Lords to over-riding it.

The Lords’ with respect shameful amendment highlights the urgent need for abolishing life peerages and restoring the rights of the hereditary peers. The life peers, by and large, have been a failure. Most of them of course are superannuated party hacks, the sort of people who in the 1930s wanted to appease our community partners Adolf Hitler and Benito Mussolini and in the 1970s, 80s and 90s supported EU membership in a desperate bid to reverse the result of World War II.

Obama’s mum

Some people seem to have been confused by my position on Obama’s mother, although with great respect the confusion cannot have been induced by anything said by me. I have never subscribed to the theory that Ann Dunham was Barack ‘von’ Obama’s mother. It’s perfectly clear that she wasn’t.

Almost by definition I have never suggested that Ann Dunham travelled from Honolulu to Mombasa in 1961. I’m quite sure that she didn’t. In any event ‘von’ Obama was born in 1960, not 1961. His mother was a woman of Arab descent, who was a mistress of Barack Obama Snr.

Lewis Hamilton

Congratulations to Lewis Hamilton on beating the late Michael Schumacher’s record of 91 Formula 1 wins today. Given Germany’s shameful record of assassinating non-German Formula 1 World Champions and sabotaging the cars of opponents of German drivers generally this is a significant achievement. Lewis drove superbly today.

Spencer Davis

This week has seen the sad passing of the great Welsh rock and roll artist Spencer Davis, who formed the Spencer Davis Group in the early 60s. I still enjoy their music! Keep on running, Spencer. You were a real talent.


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  1. Well spotted JS! Apologies to Nelson ‘von’ Rockefeller! Spiro is now in his proper place.

    Tommy, with respect it’s you who’s living in another dimension if you think the Israelis were responsible for 9/11!

    • Isn’t it common knowledge on VT that Israel did 9/11 in cooperation with traitorous American neocons? Correct me if I’m wrong, Gordon.

  2. Michael, with respect, you must be living in some alternate reality when it comes to last Thursday’s debate, maybe in some other dimension that you travel in and out of on a regular basis. String Theory, flawed as it is, suggests that there are at least eleven dimensions. I’m inclined to think that most folks think what they want to think despite the evidence at hand. It’s kind of like how 9/11 was blamed on the Arabs rather than the Israelis. Just saying…

  3. Nice photo of Nelson Rockefeller! He was the 1st choice of Spiro Agnew, the dodgy Greek businessman. When Rockefeller withdrew, Spiro transferred to Richard Nixon.

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