Trump’s 60 Minutes meltdown worse than thought, much worse as military ponders removal

On Friday, Trump told a crowd in Georgia that he “might have to leave the country” if he loses the election to Biden


Watch Trump go Crazy in front of CBS 60 Minutes

VT: Edited versions of the 60 Minutes interview are out there, snippets but not this part, not the real context for Trump running away.  Leslie Stahl simply eats him for breakfast, she is calm, she is polite but she is also competent and a good, decent American.

There are serious enough doubts about Trump’s ability to rein himself in and his utter lack of competent staff that the US military is prepared to step in, even before the election if more deterioration occurs.

The military has lost its trust in congress, they have failed to act as required.  Go back and watch the entire segment above from 60 Minutes.

Did Melania vote for Biden?

Raw Story: Despite the outbreak and spread of the coronavirus at the White House, Donald Trump still insists that “it’s going to disappear.” To make matters worse, he proclaims, “We have a cure.” We have lost 220,000 Americans to a deadly pandemic.

And what does he say? “I’m immune. So the president is in very good shape to fight the battles.” He continues to promulgate lies and misinformation about the pandemic.

At his rally in Florida in front of 7,000 supporters, Trump announced, “I feel so powerful. I’ll walk into that audience, I’ll walk in there, kiss everyone in that audience. I’ll kiss the guys and the beautiful women, just give you a big fat kiss.” This is hypomanic hypersexuality from our president.

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Last Thursday evening at his town hall on NBC, Trump admitted that he had retweeted a QAnon conspiracy theory that the killing of Osama bin Laden was fake and had been staged by Barack Obama and Joe Biden. A bizarre conspiracy theory gone awry.

On Friday, Trump told a crowd in Georgia that he “might have to leave the country” if he loses the election to Biden. That sounds like a semi-confession of his corruption.

At a campaign rally in Wisconsin on Saturday, he asserted that the National Guard’s physical altercations with protesters were “beautiful.” Trump’s glorification of violence.

At his rally in Michigan on the same day, he criticized Gov. Gretchen Whitmer — recently the subject of a kidnapping plot busted by the FBI — and the crowd chanted, “Lock her up.” His response: “Lock them all up.” Trump’s vindictiveness toward political foes.  Read more:

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  1. Ronny reminds me of Gipper. That’s who shifted the US and its everything including its media so much to the right that since then the trajectory of going to the right every year even during the years of Clinton and Obama, has never slowed down to the point that Reagan would be considered a lefty and appearing on MSNBC if he was alive today.
    The problem is not the news. The problem is the intelligence of the reader:

  2. I think Milley has been pretty clear and correct. It’s not that complicated for military. The only thing that can come between the congress and military is the safety of the people. Even that, is most certainly contained in a very large book of contingencies and protocols in the event congress does not exercise powers to rein in a CIC actively endangering the people.
    Just my opinion, but, clearly the CIC cannot act in that capacity if he is endangering the people, but other things like deploying rogue unmarked agents on streets making illegal arrests or detainments, and acting in a subversive manner toward military command while exercising the powers of the CIC (the square in DC) , added to the virus behavior, ought to be sufficient to withdraw, command and control and higher level briefings. As for the election, there should be a plan A and plan B, with plan A being non-direct intervention, and plan B , being emergency intervention with extreme limitations. At no time, is the military going to assert physical controls, as they are not necessary anyway.

    • The only scenario I see any possible military involvement, is a clear loss, refusal to step down, accompanied by rogue militants surrounding the WH and taking out the SS. Something akin to a DC Waco. That is a bit of a stretch, he simply does not have that ability, and most of the talk of military involvement serves a political purpose, not a realistic scenario. Civil war also, a dumb thought , as no separate faction even controls one town, let alone a state. Martial Law also very dumb, as it is logistically impossible to any large degree. This is Donald Trump, and his minions using unrealistic fantasies to rile up a bunch of goons.

  3. Trump is right now the most dangerous man on the planet, and his Christian Zionist base is a death cult that would like nothing better than for him to start the apocalyptic transformative war with Iran and Russia that would undoubtedly be the end of the USA as we know it, and the beginning of some kind of pseudo-Christian theocracy. May Heaven save us from the wrath of the Christian Zionists.

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