Fake Snowden? Fake Greenwald? Was it all a Limited Hangout?

Today Glenn Greenwald resigned from the overfunded publication, The Intercept, because they refused to publish a Tucker Carlson type hit piece on Biden. Oh, to be a fly on the wall when Greenwald got dressed down...something we had been waiting for since we pegged him as a pure phony long ago.


VT: At the outset, VT picked out Snowden and Assange as ‘limited hangouts.’  Both were in love with Israel and their blockbuster leaks were always chickenfeed filled with bits of fabricated material that only served the interests of the Mossad.

It was Greenwald that began peddling the hoaxes about Biden the rapist, comparing him as “worse than Trump.”  We knew then something was very wrong.  Greenwald has been one of Trump’s biggest apologists, next to Sean Hannity.

Greenwald’s “one man crusade” has been to use his position to put a fake “left wing” brand on right wing and Israeli or Russian based hoax attacks on Biden.

For a decade or more, we have watched a stream of Google promoted and often extremely highly paid fake journalists delve into 9/11 or Israeli crimes, hogging the limelight with gutless “wallpaper,” the definition of “limited hangout.”


It was easy tracing Assange’s handlers and VT pegged Glenn Greenwald as the handler for Snowden and predicted that Greenwald would, on cue, use his bully pulpit, paid for by Ebay founder Pierre Omidyar.

In 2015, Greenwald earned $518,000 at The Intercept.

VT had found much that was worthwhile at The Intercept until 2019 when much of the material began to look like Russian spam attacking Democrats, much like the fall of Sputnik News and Russia Today.  It was clear that something had happened at The Intercept, and we saw it as the Mossad activating Greenwald as a deep cover agent (our take).

When things got so bad for Trump that nobody could save him, Greenwald ended up on Tucker Carlson, something unimaginable for someone of Greenwald’s reputation.

What VT knew was this, that Omidyar got suckered, bought a carefully packaged scam and spent millions building what the Mossad would use, when needed, to keep a Kosher Nostra capo in the White House.

Then it happened, Omidyar appeared to “get it.”  We think he recognized that he had been “had” and that his pockets had been picked to fund a fake media platform that was intended to interfere in US politics on behalf of organized crime.

Now Greenwald is gone because someone wouldn’t let him publish an article deemed fake by every reputable journalist.

VT has the same issues, known journalists submitting “written by others” hit pieces on the Biden family and then crying about the money they are losing when their material is rejected.

It appears Pierre Omidyar didn’t want to become the new Robert Maxwell after all.

Guardian: Co-founder of news site accuses editors of seeking to censor article critical of Joe Biden

The investigative journalist Glenn Greenwald has resigned abruptly from the Intercept, the news website he co-founded, and accused the organization of seeking to censor him over a planned article critical of the Democratic nominee, Joe Biden.

Greenwald, who was a vital part of the Guardian US team that broke the Edward Snowden whistleblower story in 2013, released a statement online that blasted the editors of the Intercept as being in hock to Biden and the Democratic party.

“The Intercept’s editors, in violation of my contractual right of editorial freedom, censored an article I wrote this week, refusing to publish it unless I remove all sections critical of Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden, the candidate vehemently supported by all New-York-based Intercept editors involved in this effort at suppression,” he wrote in a lengthy resignation post.

Greenwald is a vocal critic of the US media and American politics, with an abrasive style that has won him many admirers as well as a legion of critics. Recently, he has been especially critical of media coverage of the Russian attempt to interfere with the 2016 US election and has been criticized by some leftwing commentators for appearing on rightwing Fox News host Tucker Carlson’s show.

He co-founded the Intercept in 2014 with investment from the tech billionaire Pierre Omidyar. The website rapidly established itself as a scrappy online news organization that could punch above its weight on some issues, especially cybersecurity, politics and tech and corruption in Brazil, where Greenwald lives.


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  1. Both parties appear to be in favor of massive monopolies in media while controlling the censorship through pressure. This gives them an arms length, but actual control.
    The next big rotten egg heading our way, is anti-religious sentiment being labeled hate speech.
    That one is the reserve. If we are to preserve free speech, we must not allow monopolies in our communications. It really is that simple. We have to be able to publish cartoons of Mohammed. What muslims do not realize, is when they say we can’t, it makes it a sure thing we will.

  2. And we had Tucker Carlson set himself on fire over the Biden ‘explosive documents’ stolen during shipment by UPS with lots of detail about an open but empty package being found. Then they showed up a day later. So far we have seen no explanation from Mr. Carlson. The really fun part for me is wondering how Greenwald is going to live without his half million a year from Mr. Ebay…when he was just fed material by his handlers.

  3. My thoughts on the overuse of the word censorship. If a newspaper refuses to publish a story by one of its authors, that is editing, not censorship. If youtube takes down your video, that is editing. If the local rag does not print your editorial, that is editing. If my comment is erased, that is editing. If facebook takes down your video, that is editing.
    The issue is monopoly, and no private entity should be so large, that they dominate any form of media. Likewise, any foreign based publication should be required to state their country of origin, in a preface to commentary of US political elections. Censorship is when government disallows publications from publishing this or that. Observe France, who is at this time, avoiding the temptation to censor, and is willing to stand firm. As for RT, at least it is right out front who they are.

    • We have had more then a few people come to VT to post their material on VT to take advantage or our credibility. Sometimes they are hiding their true stripes until they feel confident and then start submitting material with a whif of fakness to it. Others like like Shrimpon are right out in the open, but have standing. He went to jail for trying to stop a terror attack on the London Olympics, a real one that was never publicly admitted to. We are not afraid of publishing material that we do not editorially agree with from somebody whi has skin in the game. We let the readers sort it out and they use the comments for that, as we intended for them to be used.

  4. Adrian Gordon just told you that after Pizzagate has been debunked years ago, there are people who still believe to this day. You give way too much credit to people who have the attention span of a bird.

  5. Adrian: Because any information, no matter how false, that is made public, is accepted. Current reporting has it as false and is limited. This is how it has to be done. Look what happened with Pizzagate? It was a bizarre falsehood but accepted, to this day, by tens of millions who voted for Trump and now are dying at his hands.

  6. The litmus test for me that determines whether or not a news source is a “limited hangout” operation is 9/11 truth. If they don’t take apart the official narrative of that horrible attack piece by piece and show how it would be not only physically impossible for it to have happened like that, but also point the finger at the who the real perps are rather than the Arabs… Well, no site but VT that I know of measures up to that.

  7. I’m glad you brought this up. He was a soft hasbara writer from the getgo, and he’s playing the victim to cover his dirty tracks. And yes Omidyar covered his back, he’s smart.
    This is not the time to be nitpicking on Biden unless you are a Likudnik Trumpstein.

    On a separate note something that went under the radar was Pelosi’s pummeling of Wolf Blitzer. That went quite in the mainstream right away. Only junkies like Mark Levine et al got some mileage out of it by cleaning after Blitzer and trashing Pelosi.

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