Richard Cook: ‘Trump Declares Victory’


by Richard Cook  for VT

On election night, November 3, 2020, President Donald Trump declared “victory” against Democrat Joe Biden in the 2020 presidential election, even though he trailed in the electoral vote and most states had not finished counting their ballots.

Trump demanded that counting of all outstanding ballots cease and threatened to take his case to the Supreme Court if the counting continued.

Trump’s declaration was not unanticipated. Commentators had been warning for weeks that he might attempt electoral subversion if he found himself trailing in the Election Day count. This expectation became a certainty as Trump continued to plummet in the pre-election polls.

As of 4:40 pm Wednesday, November 4, election results declared by CNN showed Biden with 264 (of the 270 electoral votes needed to win and Trump with 213. Ballots are still being counted in many states. Biden has been declared the winner in Wisconsin and is leading in the swing state of Nevada, with hundreds of thousands of absentee ballots still being counted in Pennsylvania, North Carolina, and Georgia, all of which have yet to be declared in favor of either candidate. Commentators agree that a Biden win is increasingly likely.

In addition, the U.S. Postal Service is sitting on hundreds of thousands more ballots that are not postmarked or delivered, held as a result of actions ordered by Trump henchman Louis DeJoy, appointed Postmaster General by Trump in May. Multiple “cost-cutting” actions by DeJoy have evidently resulted in this disaster. Federal Judge Emmet Sullivan of the U.S. District Court of the District of Columbia has ordered the USPS to locate and deliver all ballots by today, including those that may put election results in Texas and Florida back into play.

Meanwhile Trump is ordering his army of lawyers to prepare across-the-board challenges to unfavorable election results, including a Wisconsin recount, that could tie up the election outcome for weeks or even months.

This is a full-blown constitutional crisis. But to assess its meaning, it is essential for us to understand who Donald Trump is and what he represents.

I want to keep this article short and to the point. In order to do so, I have to compress a vast amount of background and references into a small space. Readers who wish to do their own research to verify what I am saying are urged to do so.

From a historical standpoint, the nations of the West are at a late stage of a process of dissolution and subversion that has been ongoing for centuries. By the 18th century, this process had begun to congeal in a focused attack on traditional Western spirituality by occult forces disguised publicly as the rule of “reason.”

Its outward form was called the “Enlightenment.” Politically, it became an attack on traditional institutions of church, state, and guild-based economy in the name of “liberty, equality, and fraternity,” which gradually congealed as a call for communist revolution enforced by terror. This call was fed by subhuman energies unleashed by its dupes, largely drawn from the legal profession, as well as authors like Karl Marx.

The first major outbreak manifested as the French Revolution. A phase of the revolution saw the arising of Napoleon Bonaparte as a creature of the dumbed-down masses and their hatred of all higher social classes. “Bonapartism” remains to this day one of the vehicles of communist terror. Hitler, who began his career as a communist street fighter, was an example of 20th century Bonapartism. Today we have Donald Trump.

In the late 18th century, the proto-communist subversion infiltrated and captured Freemasonry. But it also began to merge with the phenomenon known as Zionism, which became the signature ideology of the Russian and East European Jews descended from the Mongol-Turkish Khazars of southern Russia.

Large numbers of these Jews migrated to the US in the late 19th-early 20th centuries. Others who remained in Russia took over the Zionist movement in Western Europe, as well as the communist revolutionary apparatus that produced the Bolshevik Revolution of 1917.

In this same year the Zionists got the British government to issue the Balfour Declaration promising them Palestine as a Jewish “homeland.” The most important and powerful opponents of the Zionists were the Sephardic Jews of Western Europe and the U.S. who had already assimilated as peaceful citizens of those areas.

But gradually the Khazars took over leadership of world Jewry through their unfounded claim that Zionism was a movement all Jews had to rally behind. “Antisemitism” was actually a phenomenon invented by the Zionists to justify their claim that fulfillment of the destiny of all Jews was to be the Palestinian nation, misnamed Israel, paid for, of course, by the citizens of the West who had “oppressed” them.

The Khazars helped foment World Wars I&II as “cover” for the illegal seizure of Palestine by their own terrorist forces who drove the Arabs in the region into exile. By manipulating the American political process through threats and money they gained recognition of the state of Israel by President Harry Truman in 1948.

By this time, the communist empire, now controlling the Soviet Union, its European satellites, and China, stood in opposition to the democratic west as a subversive force vast in its dimensions and ambitions. Of course the communists had been armed and facilitated by Western politicians, including Roosevelt and Churchill, who turned over half of Europe to the Soviet Union at Yalta and stabbed the Chinese nationalists in the back, allowing the communists to take over the most populous nation on earth.

The Korean War and the wars in Indochina from 1955 to 1974, fought largely by the U.S. and their allies against Soviet-Chinese proxies, kept the world in flames while Israel consolidated its hold on Palestine in a series of wars against its Arab neighbors. When Israel acquired nuclear weapons in the 1960s, there was no going back for a state founded in terror and ruled by a fanatic clique of Asiatic Khazars.

In the 1970s, a new influx of hundreds of thousands of Khazars from Russia were allowed by the U.S. to enter and settle, largely in New York City. The pretense was “antisemitism” in the Soviet Union.

This was the origin of the so-called Russian Mafia. Many of these also would hold Israeli passports, as anyone claiming Jewish background could obtain Israeli citizenship. This policy was an attempt by Israel to shore up its lagging population, as world Jewry never was willing to abandon their comfortable homes in the U.S., Britain, France, and other nations, to become denizens of the terrorist state living almost solely off the aid they could extort from Western governments.

By now it has been well-documented how the failing fortunes of Donald Trump, a bankrupt New York City hotel and casino magnate, were bailed out by Russian Mafia money laundered from the remnants of the Soviet empire that collapsed in the late 1980s and early 1990s. Another creature of Russian Mafia money and power was Russian strongman Vladimir Putin.

While it has not been proven conclusively that Donald Trump himself is a direct agent of Putin’s security apparatus, neither has it been disproven. At the very least, Trump is one of those “useful idiots” who has served to advance the ambitions of the communist/Zionist front for much of the history of the modern world.

Due to the phenomenon of Bonapartism mentioned earlier, Trump even succeeded in becoming president of the United States in 2016. He did this through the venerable tactic of playing on the fears that white voters hold toward former African-American slaves. Latino immigrants were thrown in for good measure.

This was the “race card” that allowed President Richard Nixon to create a reliable base for the Republican Party through his “Southern strategy” of 1968 and has provided the main support for Republicans ever since. Even the Republican/evangelical crusade against abortion might be traced to white vindictiveness toward teenage black girls in the urban ghettoes who can’t afford to have babies yet still want to enjoy sex.

A mere glance at the electoral map shows how Napoleon Trump rides these trends. This is the real voter “fraud” in play in the 2020 election. Of course the communist/Zionists are delighted at these developments, just as they were over the 9/11 terror attacks which they perpetrated in 2001 followed by the endless “War on Terrorism.”

Let’s be clear, though, that many American Jews are not sucked into this, because few American Jews are communist/Zionists. Most, in fact, not only want to live in peace, but also are sympathetic to the blacks who continue to be scapegoated and oppressed by a white supremacist culture.

With Trump at the helm, the communist/Zionist subversives believe, the march toward World War III, which will be the cover for the final Middle East consolidation of Greater Israel, will be able to move ahead smartly, first through war against Iran, then against China. Of course, the U.S. will be destroyed as well, but who cares? Its purpose in furthering world takeover will have been fulfilled. Jerusalem will then rule the world.

Meanwhile, in 2020 the communist/Zionist directorate sows confusion, fear, and discord by bombarding the American electorate with false flags and provocations, including Covid-19, Q-anon, threatening robocalls, “Trump trains,” militia-instigated arson, Murdoch/Fox-Hunter Biden, etc.

But not everyone is swallowing it. Not only are African-Americans, supported by many American Jews, the backbone of the Democratic Party, their long-suffering spiritual faith teaches us all that “this too shall pass.”

This is what is really going on with the 2020 election.

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  1. And you wrap it up well by adding, we will ‘long suffer’ while this too shall pass. Learn to enjoy the suffer or readdress your spirit and faith.

  2. It all makes sense, and thank you for putting it into perspective for I have been struggling to piece them together on my own for some time now, specially how Putin came to blend into the big picture.

    • I would recommend a couple of particular sources, both little known, for additional insight.
      One is a book by Douglas Reed, an eminent British journalist of the WWII era entitled “The Controversy of Zion.”
      The other is books by Italian writer Julius Evola, particularly the chapter in “Men Among the Ruins” on occult war.
      Note that the forces of subversion pretty strongly condemn these two sources, which is all the more reason they should be examined carefully. The concepts of both offer a lot of insight into where we stand in the present electoral crisis.

  3. “My men would not do what I ask them to do for a million gold pieces. But they gladly do it for this medal.” –Napoleon, upon founding the Legion d’Honneur.

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