The countdown begins for the end of the Trumpdumb Terror

These numbers were from NBC this morning, including its note of "estimated"


How many votes are expected to come in, per county

[ Editor’s Note: These numbers were from NBC this morning, including its note of “estimated”. At first glance they look high from the numbers I remember from some of the late press conferences yesterday, particularly in Georgia.

We will update as things become more clear today. I suspect the news orgs will be making prediction calls by late afternoon.

Counties are colored based on which party has the most votes there. Percentages represent the estimated portion of the vote that remains. Circles are sized based on the number of outstanding votes…Jim W. Dean ]

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CountyVotes remaining*
Clark County, Nev.112,923
Maricopa County, Ariz.104,819
Allegheny County, Pa.36,490
Philadelphia County, Pa.36,215
Wake County, N.C.35,622
Pinal County, Ariz.33,419
Mecklenburg County, N.C.29,643
Fulton County, Ga.27,358
Montgomery County, Pa.26,398
Pima County, Ariz.26,371
Forsyth County, N.C.24,530
Gwinnett County, Ga.21,724
Cobb County, Ga.20,664
Bucks County, Pa.20,265
Orange County, N.C.18,943
Delaware County, Pa.16,899
Chester County, Pa.16,350
Lancaster County, Pa.14,396
Cumberland County, N.C.13,700
Buncombe County, N.C.13,197
Washoe County, Nev.12,849
York County, Pa.12,249
New Hanover County, N.C.10,631
Westmoreland County, Pa.10,621
Berks County, Pa.10,435
Apache County, Ariz.9,652
Lehigh County, Pa.9,462
Electoral District 35, Alaska9,177
Northampton County, Pa.8,916
Electoral District 29, Alaska8,915
Electoral District 31, Alaska8,849
Electoral District 12, Alaska8,686
Electoral District 30, Alaska8,659
Electoral District 9, Alaska8,372
Electoral District 14, Alaska7,932
Electoral District 32, Alaska7,855
Luzerne County, Pa.7,848
Dauphin County, Pa.7,602
Electoral District 28, Alaska7,528
Yavapai County, Ariz.7,444
Cumberland County, Pa.7,337
Erie County, Pa.7,140
Chatham County, Ga.7,015
Electoral District 33, Alaska6,835
Electoral District 4, Alaska6,803
Forsyth County, Ga.6,802
Cochise County, Ariz.6,772
Electoral District 21, Alaska6,589
Electoral District 8, Alaska6,409
Washington County, Pa.6,178
Cabarrus County, N.C.6,126
Lackawanna County, Pa.5,999
Gaston County, N.C.5,989
Electoral District 11, Alaska5,954
Electoral District 6, Alaska5,861
Clayton County, Ga.5,846
Butler County, Pa.5,840
Johnston County, N.C.5,802
Electoral District 38, Alaska5,680
Navajo County, Ariz.5,643
Electoral District 37, Alaska5,594
Electoral District 18, Alaska5,557
Electoral District 10, Alaska5,510
Electoral District 34, Alaska5,490
Electoral District 16, Alaska5,482
Electoral District 39, Alaska5,481
Mohave County, Ariz.5,457
Electoral District 40, Alaska5,385
Iredell County, N.C.5,330
Electoral District 17, Alaska5,306
Electoral District 27, Alaska5,290
Electoral District 5, Alaska5,251
Electoral District 24, Alaska5,250
Electoral District 36, Alaska5,231
Electoral District 20, Alaska5,171
Electoral District 26, Alaska5,045
Wayne County, N.C.4,921
Beaver County, Pa.4,882
Brunswick County, N.C.4,694
Electoral District 22, Alaska4,635
Electoral District 25, Alaska4,474
Davidson County, N.C.4,462
Alamance County, N.C.4,458
Catawba County, N.C.4,355
Electoral District 13, Alaska4,280
Monroe County, Pa.4,231
Franklin County, Pa.4,198
Electoral District 7, Alaska4,157
Electoral District 3, Alaska4,066
Centre County, Pa.4,043
Electoral District 2, Alaska3,974
Yuma County, Ariz.3,881
Randolph County, N.C.3,831
Rowan County, N.C.3,829
Coconino County, Ariz.3,795
Electoral District 23, Alaska3,756
DeKalb County, Ga.3,711
Lebanon County, Pa.3,699
Cambria County, Pa.3,698
Schuylkill County, Pa.3,659
Henderson County, N.C.3,567
Electoral District 15, Alaska3,541
Electoral District 1, Alaska3,381
Blair County, Pa.3,304
Fayette County, Pa.3,152
Lycoming County, Pa.3,075
Moore County, N.C.3,041
Harnett County, N.C.3,039
Mercer County, Pa.2,969
Adams County, Pa.2,933
Guilford County, N.C.2,840
Electoral District 19, Alaska2,826
Craven County, N.C.2,772
Nash County, N.C.2,724
Lincoln County, N.C.2,624
Chatham County, N.C.2,543
Elko County, Nev.2,440
Lawrence County, Pa.2,380
Robeson County, N.C.2,336
Burke County, N.C.2,325
Caldwell County, N.C.2,234
Carteret County, N.C.2,230
Northumberland County, Pa.2,182
Crawford County, Pa.2,162
Armstrong County, Pa.2,146
Wilson County, N.C.2,129
Somerset County, Pa.2,109
Clearfield County, Pa.2,059
Floyd County, Ga.2,027
Franklin County, N.C.1,952
Surry County, N.C.1,910
Haywood County, N.C.1,909
Beaufort County, N.C.1,906
Carson City County, Nev.1,892
Wilkes County, N.C.1,852
Rutherford County, N.C.1,793
Durham County, N.C.1,790
Stanly County, N.C.1,770
Douglas County, Nev.1,765
Carbon County, Pa.1,738
Pike County, Pa.1,694
Pasquotank County, N.C.1,651
Granville County, N.C.1,648
Columbia County, Pa.1,609
Bradford County, Pa.1,579
Lyon County, Nev.1,547
Lee County, N.C.1,518
Sampson County, N.C.1,492
Lenoir County, N.C.1,483
Santa Cruz County, Ariz.1,469
Cherokee County, Ga.1,461
Gila County, Ariz.1,456
Nye County, Nev.1,433
Columbus County, N.C.1,381
Venango County, Pa.1,379
Stokes County, N.C.1,343
Edgecombe County, N.C.1,334
Davie County, N.C.1,319
Union County, N.C.1,308
Perry County, Pa.1,262
Henry County, Ga.1,240
Huntingdon County, Pa.1,200
Jefferson County, Pa.1,198
Laurens County, Ga.1,194
Duplin County, N.C.1,185
Hoke County, N.C.1,152
Susquehanna County, Pa.1,122
Mifflin County, Pa.1,122
Tioga County, Pa.1,109
Vance County, N.C.1,103
Macon County, N.C.1,084
Warren County, Pa.1,074
Transylvania County, N.C.1,066
Churchill County, Nev.1,058
Union County, Pa.1,057
Yadkin County, N.C.1,042
Chowan County, N.C.1,017
Clarion County, Pa.1,011
McKean County, Pa.1,010
Snyder County, Pa.997
Greene County, Pa.921
Hall County, Ga.913
Clinton County, Pa.910
Bladen County, N.C.895
Elk County, Pa.880
Richmond County, Ga.875
Pitt County, N.C.871
Paulding County, Ga.861
Cherokee County, N.C.860
Ashe County, N.C.826
Columbia County, Ga.813
Muscogee County, Ga.812
Graham County, Ariz.789
Coweta County, Ga.776
Wyoming County, Pa.775
Scotland County, N.C.770
Houston County, Ga.756
Bibb County, Ga.713
Onslow County, N.C.708
Fayette County, Ga.698
Douglas County, Ga.694
Madison County, N.C.684
Humboldt County, Nev.654
Polk County, N.C.645
Anson County, N.C.589
Carroll County, Ga.550
Newton County, Ga.548
Mitchell County, N.C.521
Clarke County, Ga.517
Montour County, Pa.516
Cleveland County, N.C.516
Walton County, Ga.513
Bartow County, Ga.510
White Pine County, Nev.101 – 500
Avery County, N.C.101 – 500
Rockingham County, N.C.101 – 500
Pamlico County, N.C.101 – 500
Potter County, Pa.101 – 500
Lowndes County, Ga.101 – 500
Rockdale County, Ga.101 – 500
Glynn County, Ga.101 – 500
Indiana County, Pa.101 – 500
Fulton County, Pa.101 – 500
Perquimans County, N.C.101 – 500
Barrow County, Ga.101 – 500
Jackson County, Ga.101 – 500
Whitfield County, Ga.101 – 500
Swain County, N.C.101 – 500
Dougherty County, Ga.101 – 500
La Paz County, Ariz.101 – 500
Pender County, N.C.101 – 500
Lander County, Nev.101 – 500
Lincoln County, Nev.101 – 500
Catoosa County, Ga.101 – 500
Washington County, N.C.101 – 500
Watauga County, N.C.101 – 500
Effingham County, Ga.101 – 500
Gates County, N.C.101 – 500
Camden County, N.C.101 – 500
Spalding County, Ga.101 – 500
Bulloch County, Ga.101 – 500
Troup County, Ga.101 – 500
Storey County, Nev.101 – 500
Walker County, Ga.101 – 500
Mineral County, Nev.101 – 500
Jones County, N.C.101 – 500
Wayne County, Pa.101 – 500
Bedford County, Pa.101 – 500
Halifax County, N.C.101 – 500
Oconee County, Ga.101 – 500
Dare County, N.C.101 – 500
Gordon County, Ga.101 – 500
Camden County, Ga.101 – 500
McDowell County, N.C.101 – 500
Pershing County, Nev.101 – 500
Thomas County, Ga.101 – 500
Person County, N.C.101 – 500
Bryan County, Ga.101 – 500
Liberty County, Ga.101 – 500
Jackson County, N.C.101 – 500
Richmond County, N.C.101 – 500
Habersham County, Ga.101 – 500
Alexander County, N.C.101 – 500
Taylor County, Ga.101 – 500
Harris County, Ga.101 – 500
Greenlee County, Ariz.101 – 500
Sullivan County, Pa.101 – 500
Baldwin County, Ga.101 – 500
Polk County, Ga.101 – 500
Pickens County, Ga.101 – 500
Lee County, Ga.101 – 500
Gilmer County, Ga.101 – 500
Tift County, Ga.101 – 500
Colquitt County, Ga.101 – 500
Dawson County, Ga.101 – 500
Currituck County, N.C.101 – 500
Monroe County, Ga.101 – 500
Union County, Ga.101 – 500
Lumpkin County, Ga.101 – 500
Murray County, Ga.101 – 500
Coffee County, Ga.101 – 500
Jones County, Ga.101 – 500
Fannin County, Ga.101 – 500
White County, Ga.101 – 500
Madison County, Ga.101 – 500
Ware County, Ga.101 – 500
Haralson County, Ga.101 – 500
Upson County, Ga.101 – 500
Montgomery County, N.C.101 – 500
Wayne County, Ga.101 – 500
Hart County, Ga.101 – 500
Peach County, Ga.101 – 500
Martin County, N.C.101 – 500
Sumter County, Ga.101 – 500
Juniata County, Pa.101 – 500
Caswell County, N.C.101 – 500
Stephens County, Ga.101 – 500
Putnam County, Ga.101 – 500
Butts County, Ga.101 – 500
Morgan County, Ga.101 – 500
Decatur County, Ga.101 – 500
Yancey County, N.C.101 – 500
Greene County, Ga.101 – 500
Toombs County, Ga.101 – 500
Meriwether County, Ga.101 – 500
Franklin County, Ga.101 – 500
Pike County, Ga.101 – 500
Grady County, Ga.101 – 500
Burke County, Ga.101 – 500
Hertford County, N.C.101 – 500
McDuffie County, Ga.101 – 500
Warren County, N.C.101 – 500
Northampton County, N.C.101 – 500
Chattooga County, Ga.101 – 500
Bertie County, N.C.51 – 100
Rabun County, Ga.51 – 100
Emanuel County, Ga.51 – 100
Washington County, Ga.51 – 100
Tyrrell County, N.C.51 – 100
Worth County, Ga.51 – 100
Elbert County, Ga.51 – 100
Pierce County, Ga.51 – 100
Lamar County, Ga.51 – 100
Mitchell County, Ga.51 – 100
Banks County, Ga.51 – 100
Greene County, N.C.51 – 100
Appling County, Ga.51 – 100
Tattnall County, Ga.51 – 100
Oglethorpe County, Ga.51 – 100
Dodge County, Ga.51 – 100
Crisp County, Ga.51 – 100
Towns County, Ga.51 – 100
Brantley County, Ga.51 – 100
Berrien County, Ga.51 – 100
Jasper County, Ga.51 – 100
Jefferson County, Ga.51 – 100
Dade County, Ga.51 – 100
Brooks County, Ga.51 – 100
Cook County, Ga.51 – 100
Clay County, N.C.51 – 100
McIntosh County, Ga.51 – 100
Ben Hill County, Ga.51 – 100
Crawford County, Ga.51 – 100
Alleghany County, N.C.51 – 100
Jeff Davis County, Ga.51 – 100
Bleckley County, Ga.51 – 100
Long County, Ga.51 – 100
Heard County, Ga.51 – 100
Early County, Ga.51 – 100
Esmeralda County, Nev.51 – 100
Wilkes County, Ga.51 – 100
Wilkinson County, Ga.50 or fewer
Lincoln County, Ga.50 or fewer
Graham County, N.C.50 or fewer
Charlton County, Ga.50 or fewer
Twiggs County, Ga.50 or fewer
Candler County, Ga.50 or fewer
Terrell County, Ga.50 or fewer
Telfair County, Ga.50 or fewer
Evans County, Ga.50 or fewer
Irwin County, Ga.50 or fewer
Hancock County, Ga.50 or fewer
Dooly County, Ga.50 or fewer
Johnson County, Ga.50 or fewer
Pulaski County, Ga.50 or fewer
Montgomery County, Ga.50 or fewer
Seminole County, Ga.50 or fewer
Marion County, Ga.50 or fewer
Lanier County, Ga.50 or fewer
Talbot County, Ga.50 or fewer
Jenkins County, Ga.50 or fewer
Wilcox County, Ga.50 or fewer
Atkinson County, Ga.50 or fewer
Treutlen County, Ga.50 or fewer
Randolph County, Ga.50 or fewer
Clinch County, Ga.50 or fewer
Miller County, Ga.50 or fewer
Warren County, Ga.50 or fewer
Forest County, Pa.50 or fewer
Hyde County, N.C.50 or fewer
Cameron County, Pa.50 or fewer
Wheeler County, Ga.50 or fewer
Schley County, Ga.50 or fewer
Calhoun County, Ga.50 or fewer
Stewart County, Ga.50 or fewer
Chattahoochee County, Ga.50 or fewer
Baker County, Ga.50 or fewer
Echols County, Ga.50 or fewer
Clay County, Ga.50 or fewer
Webster County, Ga.50 or fewer
Quitman County, Ga.50 or fewer
Eureka County, Nev.50 or fewer
Taliaferro County, Ga.50 or fewer
Bacon County, Ga.50 or fewer
Glascock County, Ga.50 or fewer
Macon County, Ga.50 or fewer
Screven County, Ga.50 or fewer
Turner County, Ga.50 or fewer

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  1. It’s like a version of the last days in the bunker in 1945. Pass the popcorn! I want to see Trump’s ass forcibly evicted from White House grounds on January 20, as the crowning piece of this most ignominious of presidential administrations.

    • That will not happen, sadly. The real perps of 9/11 will find some way to keep him in power indefinitely. Israel attacked us on 9/11, they will do it again if needed. The Likudniks and Christian Zionists who surround Trump will be in on it. May Heaven help us all.

    • While I agree with your sentiment, Tommy, I think Adelson and all the other rats are smart enough to realize it’s time to exit the sinking ship. Trump has precipitously turned from an asset into a liability.

    • “Further, the process of transformation, even if it brings revolutionary change, is likely to be a long one, absent some catastrophic and catalyzing event – like a new Pearl Harbor.” – Project for the New American Century

      Same goes for the Christian Zionist plan to involve the USA in a war with Iran and Russia. Armageddon, here we come…

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