NEO: Biden will be America at her best (published by Russian govt.)

The American people have, to the extent allowed, drained their own swamp.


Biden will be America at her best


  1. “… Pakistan, Syria, Iran certainly, Yemen, nation after nation waking up to uncertainty as to how to deal with a United States no longer controlled by criminals.”

    Sorry, wasn’t Biden, as part of the Obama administration, integral to backing the proxy wars and false flags against Syria and Yemen? Iran’s allies? Was that not being “controlled by criminals”? Did Obama and Biden not want this and they will inexplicably put up a real fight now?

    • I’m not so sure, Seneca. What was unique about Obama/Biden targeting Syria and, through Yemen, Iran? Those were countries on General Wesley Clark’s list of “seven countries in five years” (Iraq, Libya, Syria, Sudan, Somalia, Lebanon, Iran) that the Pentagon was “going to take out,” and this was from the Bush administration.

      Trump has continued policies warmongering against those countries, of course, but where is this narrative that Biden will change his ways and fix everything coming from? That magical thinking is eerily similar to claiming Trump is going to do the same thing.

    • Sorry, Sen, but that’s why I asked “where is this narrative… coming from.” I did not mean to say it was coming from you.

      And yes, I know that “the deep state routinely attempts to intimidate US elected officials.” Trump supporters tout the same excuse for him. I call it an excuse because: Shouldn’t a US president also know this? To know what one signed up for yet sell out the people anyway is not a good look.

      As for “the younger more educated generation,” when Americans showed we were too smart by protesting, deserting, and fragging corrupt officers over the Vietnam War, didn’t our education standards decline? I agree that there are currently some educational advantages older generations did not have such as the Internet, yet what good are they if Huxleyan or “Idiocracy” methods keep us from making the right use of them?

    • Consider yourself, Sen: Do you know what high-level people sign up for in the Bankster Empire? Because if you are not an ivy league lawyer, a senator, a billionaire, or some other high-level person yourself, yet you know, why wouldn’t Obama or Trump? Yes, some of them act like they did not know, but isn’t acting also a key component of the “blood sport”? It is possible they truly did not know, but if they reached that high level in spite of their cluelessness or incompetence, what does that say about them?

      Speaking of 1963, the Gulf of Tonkin Incident, which was used to justify greater American involvement in the Vietnam War, happened in 1964. However, the War Resisters League was organizing anti-war protests in the US at least as early as… yeah… 1963. Again: Too many Americans questioning the Empire and its warmongering prompted the decline in education.

      You are correct, Sen, that Huxleyan policies are not recent, and there are people in all generations who stood for better, the younger one included. I’m not sure more young voters is something to write home about since most voted for the red or blue Deep Stater, but it will be interesting to see which voters will make positive policy choices regardless of what the Deep Staters say. This is especially true since the Empire’s real power is not from voting; it’s from violence.

  2. The problem with the term Climate Change lies in the fact that nature can change climate faster than anything we are capable of. I don’t believe canard or hoax accurately describes the occurrence. As of late humans and there emissions are driving much of the climate changes. If mother nature wants to have a say things could change either way in a hurry. That may explain why Pagens had so many Gods.

    • Actually recent advances in the understanding of how the Sun interacts with the Earth points to the Sun as the dominant driver of climate change and the cycles of glacial and non glacial periods. Sadly for puny humans we can only mitigate the effects. Perhaps this is not something that our leaders want the general population to understand.

  3. Pollution is a separate story. You haven’t seen the jungles of Caspian sea to see what it has become in less than 50 years, or maybe you have …
    Also I do know the meaning and the origin of the French word you used for hoax. It’s not a hoax.

  4. Balance of truth and lies heavily weighed down by lies, expected and necessary when a country is at war.

    The old wars of bombs missles occasional nukes and ground troops and police to mop up stragglers has given way to advanced biological warfare, as it is much more effective, blameless, and efficient than the old style of war.

    The lie this biological warfare does not even exist, and so is blameless, and is created from natural forces, (or perhaps it’s immediate victim, China) is the perfect lie and perfect war to wage and has been waged by the USA against China (China won) and then Iran (the USA lost with rest of world it’s collateral damage)
    This war still on going can get worse decided by which way wind blows.
    Perhaps Biden recognizes what really has happened, will do something about it to stop it.
    I doubt it, but maybe – we can hope.

    Putin I think knows full well what happened….someone in the card game is cheating obviously, but to call him on it means a six gun bloodbath.

  5. I suspect that you haven’t been going long enough at the hilltops and mountain peaks to notice the change. I have. For over sixty years. It’s real and it’s sad that not everyone can see it.

  6. The refusal of election results by Trump will start the American Spring. The rooster came back to roost.

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