1448 Americans died of COVID 19 yesterday and Donald Trump is doing nothing, has done nothing.  His legacy is secure, right there with Jeffrey Dahmer.

(CNN) President Donald Trump’s efforts to deny the outcome of the 2020 election cannot change an undeniable reality: Joe Biden won decisively, and his lead nationally and in key states has grown over time as more votes have been counted.

President-elect Biden is likely to end up over 5 million votes ahead of Trump in the popular vote when all the counting is done. He’ll get about or above 80 million votes — by far the most of any presidential candidate in history.

In the electoral college, Biden looks to be on his way to earning 306 electoral votes. That’s about 57% of all the electoral votes available and will be good enough for a 74 electoral vote margin over the sitting President.

And let’s be clear, the chance of a recount overturning the results in 2020 is basically nothing. Fairvote has looked at statewide recounts since 2000. The average shift in votes has been a mere 430 votes and 0.02 points. The largest shift in votes was a little less than 2,600 and 0.11 points.

All of Biden’s advantages are considerably larger than that right now. In other words, Trump would need multiple recounts to see movement in votes than simply hasn’t happened in the last 20 years.

The bottom line is Biden won this election and it’s not particularly close.

Most challengers to incumbent presidents don’t win, let alone come in with as clear a victory. Over the last century, just four other challengers beat incumbent presidents. The only three with a bigger win in the electoral college than Biden is forecasted to get were Franklin Roosevelt in 1932, Ronald Reagan in 1980 and Bill Clinton in 1992.  read more

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  1. I am having much difficulty with VT articles lately, and this article seems really ‘off’ in many ways. Having tracked election fraud for the last several election periods, it has appeared to me that both parties have engaged in election and voter fraud, but this election seems to tilt in the direction of the Dems as far as the heaviest election fraud is concerned.

    To my view from having tried to see the election results clearly (a difficult job at best), the Dems didn’t like the idea of a simple 49-51% election results, so they decided to overwhelm the election counts. Without a concession from Trump, Biden’s assumption and declaration that he won the election is very immature, but perhaps that’s how he does everything – IDK.

    Let’s wait until the counting had been settled upon before wee ejaculate about who won and who lost. And no, I don’t expect that Biden will ever concede, even if he loses by massive amounts of votes. And, BTW, why is Biden violating the Logan Act? Does he and his gang think they are above the law? Really?

    And no, I don’t want a repeat of Russia in 1917 to happen here in the USA. Tell the Dems and communists (is there a difference?) they lost and they can now go home, wherever that is. Leave our country in peace, and leave us the hell alone.

    • At the state level, not one of the states is reporting anything like systemic voter fraud. That is the simple reality, Juan. The states will proceed to count every legal vote and every state legislature will certify the results. Where are you coming up with this nonsense?

  2. The most humiliating aspect of this election for Trump, is a large percentage of democrats did not even like Joe Biden and during the primaries, he was barely winning.
    The votes were not necessarily an endorsement of one person over another, it was a clear condemnation of Trump. It was a hold your nose vote, similar to when David Duke ran against Edwin Edwards for La gov. while Edwards was under indictment.
    The Republicans who voted for Biden, did so out of embarrassment, knowing they had to, to preserve any shred of dignity their party may have left. Lincoln and FDR were both around 52 when they took office. 75 is not exactly the peak years of production for a human being.

  3. Trump’s base has always lived in a faith-based alternative reality that claims he’s God’s chosen one who will ultimately transform the USA into some kind of Christian Zionist theocracy. In their minds, of course he won the election. It is God’s will that he remain in power by whatever means possible, even by attacking Iran and bringing on WWIII. This is a death cult, folks. We are teetering on the brink of disaster the longer this craziness goes on. The time to remove this monster from office is now, not on January 20.

  4. Hey Nexus, the answer is easy. Joe ans Jill Biden have a VP salary, multi-book deal with Flatiron Books valued at $8 million per Publishers Weekly, dozens of major speaking fees, good steady income from the University of Pennsylvania’s Penn Biden Center for Diplomacy and Global Engagement, and a chunk in real estate portfolio.
    You know how we know this ? It’s very easy, he has released his tax returns every year. Plus he hasn’t had six chapter 11 bankruptcies.

    Hey Krrrap have you ever noticed how people who don’t know the difference between your and you’re, lose and loose, there and their, or to and too, expect us to believe they’ve suddenly become experts on economics, world history, immigration law, climate science, journalism, international treaties, and the constitution ?

  5. These VT articles are so left sided is is disgusting. What happened to the media being unbiased? All they do is push a one sided view. Americans deserve to hear both sides and decide for themselves. You would think a news website called veterans today would know that the electoral college elects the president not the popular vote. There are problems with both sides. All you are doing is closing your eyes and screaming your the one that is right.

    • Pay us to be “unbiased” like Fox or OAN or the Washington Times or Townhall or Breitbart of Infowars or CLG or SOTN or Counterpunch or any of other right wing platforms and we will think about it

      Are we supposed to be unbiased over a pedophile pig fucker sucking the US dry with his family of degenerate spawn?

      Not so much.

    • Yea, newsflash, your candidate, is a whimpering con man with a low melting point.
      A spoiled child, a shell of a man, and he has no respect from any military person that is sane.
      He wouldn’t last 5 minutes in regular army basic training, and he is not fit to lead a latrine detail in a civil war reenactment camp. His children are also vapid and shallow, undeserving of being involved. No public service from any of them. They think of you, as a mark and would take your last dime in a heart beat. A dog would have won against him.
      If that is not crystal clear obvious to you, your discernment is malfunctioning.

    • Krrrap – I agree. The VT audience is pretty mature. VT should provide us with facts and evidence, and let us be the judge for our own opinions. We don’t need to be spoon fed as parents do to their children.

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