November 12, 2020, a Dire Warning and Intel Drop

    COVID has left America smaller, a smaller economy and a more divided nation than at any time in our past. 


    by Gordon Duff, VT Senior Editor

    Ignore the gun photo.  It was handy.  First read this boring crap from USA Today:

    The fall surge is now killing Americans almost as quickly as the worst week of the summer surge. After that, deaths will be measurable only to last Spring’s surge, when for more than a week daily deaths averaged over 2,000.

    President Donald Trump and others had brushed aside the sharp rise in daily infections, saying improved treatments have lessened COVID-19’s deadly impact. And for awhile the average daily death total was well below 1,000.

    That was then, this is now. The sheer number of infections has driven hospitalizations to record levels. And in the last two days alone, more than 3,200 deaths have been reported.

    Some strange stuff is going on. We aren’t going to go into much of it but millions of Americans are now turning to the US military to protect them from a government entirely under the control of corrupt special interests. This is not going to turn out well.

    It is vital that a consensus is reached, not by government, but by the majority of Americans still capable of standing by their nation, as to how to keep us alive.

    1893 Americans died of COVID yesterday and 61,000 are hospitalized. These are numbers that tell us something very wrong is going on and that the last two weeks has been a disaster. It was either the election, that we have all gone crazy or someone is doing something to us.

    I tend to run to the latter. We are still masked up and “socially distanced” here, which brought our COVID rates to nothing in June.

    Trump has quit. I am not sure what he could be doing, so blaming him is a waste of time.

    Is it people not wearing masks?  Is it the schools?  We just closed all of ours again and Republicans did it here.

    Our hospitals are not totally full but, in early October, they were totally empty. Now they are mostly full, with an expected huge death spike in 10 days, and we don’t know why.

    I live in an area, other than restaurants and boat fixers, of chicken killers and high tech assembly. We have 8000 job openings here and NO takers, some of them almost real, no benefits mind you, not a working wage, and no takers. We even need more people to make ‘help wanted’ signs.

    Why is no one willing to come back to work or come here to work? (West Michigan)  This is an area where people normally flock to, other than it is freezing here 9 months of the year.

    We aren’t being told who is dying, where they are, what has brought about this massive surge and how we can keep ourselves safe. It is down to that.

    Political appointees are responsible for this, but then this is not a “politics” article.

    Back in October, we still had days we lost 200 people a day, sometimes more and the figures VT had worked out seemed wrong.  We projected, by the end of 2020 that 3.41 percent of all positive tests would die from COVID, a real figure 30 times higher than politically reported.

    That figure, as of today, stands at 3.59 percent and is flat.  Considering most show almost no symptoms at all, COVID is far more deadly that most thought.

    Work your way though the whole thing here.  I will keep politics to a minimum.

    Some choose to deny, out of fear and weakness, that COVID is a monstrosity. Politicians have pushed this, as has Russia and Israel. It could only be done to destroy us. The current surge is real, and I am locking down. I hate this, every aspect of it. I feel like I am in prison.

    Some of us are breezing through this disease, and I am very glad this is true. My 4 year old grandson has gotten through in days, much better as well. That the vast majority of us don’t get that sick is good.

    The number, however, of those who get very sick, yes based on being overweight, diabetes, heart disease, asthma, or unnamed ethnic markers, very suspicious, is growing exponentially.

    We have now cut over one year off our national life expectancy.  Those who die are losing 8 years, which means we are still mostly losing older people.

    What does this mean?  In the last month, in my town, 8 people in their 60s died, white, affluent people who are hard for authorities to ignore. Ignoring poor or black or Hispanic people or Navajo Indians is easy.

    First time COVID hit, massive casualties in a few areas only, reefer trucks for the dead, entire Jewish neighborhoods surrounded by National Guard, it was crazy. Then, by June, state governors cut it to nothing.

    I held a “thank god it’s almost over” party in June. We had no active cases where I live.

    Today we have 841 out of 8000 people, we have 64 ICU beds, 44 are full.

    I live in a county that is 97.9 percent white. We are losing 60 year olds now.

    I am surrounded by overfunded hospitals and basic “rural/affluent” community services. We are in trouble here, yet our local news is hiding this, no reports, not unless you go to the County website.

    As many of you as possible need to start listening to Joe Biden, even if you hate his guts.

    There is a very serious problem going on and I am very much one of all of you, sick of a missing year, sick of it all. We are all a bit crazy as well, stress isn’t supposed to go on this long with this many people, except maybe during a world war. Few alive can comment on this anymore.

    Trump has quit and reliable reports have him out of whack.  Right now, the GOP, who controls the Senate and may well later on also, has failed to rein him in and govern. Under Trump, party enforcers castrated the GOP after McCain’s death. It became useless.

    Over the past couple of days, TV shows have restored some reality to America and they have hit hard. Those shows are two episodes of the Good Doctor, the trifecta by Dick Wolf, Chicago Med, Fire and Police and two released episodes of SWAT.

    VT has its own ideas about COVID. We know a version was created in 2017 at University of North Carolina.  Based on “means, motive and opportunity,” the US Army, at the Wuhan Military Games in October 2019, could have and we believe did bring COVID 19 to Wuhan.

    The proof for the second is circumstantial only. For creation, it is rock solid, published papers that intimate that vaccine research was part of the study. We are concerned about this aspect, and who or what may have brought this pandemic about.

    We don’t remotely consider it is accidental.

    Something is going on with our economy that virtually nobody understands but our ability to solve our own problems and defend our country, largely from shadow enemies outside and a massive 5th column domestically.

    Our new shrunken economy won’t be able to support not just our military. We are going to be forced to turn into regional fiefdoms. We are borrowing our way into a false reality, and we won’t be able to control the eventual inflation and interest rates that should come from this.

    Eventually, this will end up bleeding the United States totally dry, although we are already too far along this process. We can no longer survive with our sick tax system, our massive military and our gluttonous lifestyle.

    COVID has left America smaller, a smaller economy and a more divided nation than at any time in our past. I blame the internet, empowering the evil, rallying the bigoted and foolish.

    No accident here. The entirety of Silicon Valley is Mossad controlled, and the Mossad is simply hired to run our tech lives.  They work for bad people who hate us, but if they didn’t screw us, someone else would. We have a wealth of domestic traitors as well.

    Here is what I am asking:

    Be much more careful for the next few months over COVID even if you are a low risk person. Wait out this vaccine thing.

    I need to travel, it is not avoidable, and nobody will take us until and unless we can prove we are vaccinated. I want a vaccination, and I want a biometric passport of some kind stating which vaccine, when and where vaccinated so I can prove, with 90 or 92 percent accuracy, that I am safe.

    I also want to be safe, I am a diabetic over 70. I, as with Trump, don’t believe a simple disease can kill me. This means I also may have mental problems as well.  Do you also?

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    1. “…entire Jewish neighborhoods surrounded by National Guard…” – GD

      To keep potentially infected persons out or in?

      “stress isn’t supposed to go on this long with this many people, except maybe during a world war.” – GD

      Or for people without large inherited assets working crappy jobs (because there is nothing better out there for people who lack the right connections) in an economy with no social safety net.

      “We can no longer survive with our sick tax system…” – GD

      Why shouldn’t people making $60-$100K per year pay 30% to 40% of their income in federal, state, and local taxes, while those making (not earning) $100,000,000+ per year pay 5% or less? Seems fair, no?

    2. Australia has fared better than the US with the covid crisis. The state of Victoria and NSW were hardest hit. Only now is VIC starting to relax restrictions and lifted lockdowns. QLD is about to ease restrictions further again next week. NT has no movement restrictions been one of only 2 states that gad covid under control within weels of its appearence in australia. Might be something to do with the climate, been sparsely populated and their love of beer LOL. Anyways Australia can join the list of countries that have had low deaths, low infection rates per capita and quick recovery. Our economy is doing very well despite the hit. Things are looking up here down under.

    3. Bright side of coronavirus pandemic is China beat it.

      So did Vietnam, New Zealand

      What mostly nobody in USA feels like they should “have to” do:

      Lockdowns (forced)

      Massive testing

      Quarantines for those tested positive (forced)

      Massive contact tracing and many more quarantines (forced)

      China, Vetnam, New Zealand have internet, but they don’t use it for lies, propaganda and political agendas, (so much) rather to inform, warn, locate, pinpoint where corona virus (100%USA bioweapon) has popped up and measures taken to eradicate. (Lockdowns, contact tracing, quarantines)

      I blame Trump. He is one who gave OK to attack Wuhan. (Only a diversion for upcoming Iran attack)

      This not “so bad” as China beat it, it was meant to wreck economy not kill billions.

      Trump ordered attack on Iran government with Arab-specific KILLER Bioweapon. (trace sarin?)

      Retaliation for the two Iranian ballistic missle attacks (obvious)

      Super top secret not to be discussed or mentioned,
      (except by a konehead on a “anti sementic pro Kremlin” website in comments section!)

      This bioweapon went rogue world-wide, exactly is what we are dealing with now.

    4. Well Gordon after reading this I had to listen again to Dvorak New World Symphony to remind me of what a wonderful country we have and in particular to remember the 4 nearly idyllic years I spent at Michigan State University. Michigan was truly a great state for a college student in the late 50s and early 60s.
      I do believe you and commenters are correct. We are under attack by some entity. Everyone be much more careful. I want to go on reading you all for a long time.

    5. The Jewish director of the movie ‘Edward Scissorhands’ uses an actual real suburban street to convey the reality of American existance. Something artificial ,dead, disconnected from any Love,Truth and nature. A lifeless , cold, parody of a disfunctional human bio-robot in a lifeless dead community. I have never fully watched this movie as it makes me feel ill and conveys the absolute depth of Evil and Anti-Creation death America has sunk into. In ‘Escape from New York’ snake pliscan is a veteran of two wars on Russian soil. So the Jewish Russian mafia on Wailing Wall Street and in Hollywood and Washington have Americans under total control and those who can hold a gun are sent to war against Russia[who has no debt to Russian mafia] and holds to its core hope for Humanity. Americans must pay for worshipping the Devil. Their can be no escape now.

      • real life version of Edward Scissors, “A Man Named Pearl”. it’s a documentary of a beautiful person who was a self taught topiary artist and fixed up a whole town.
        Very inspiring. I think dude was a vet too.

    6. Some sources about the creation and diffusion of the virus that are not in favor now with VT pointed out that the big batches created for weaponization contain other pathogens our paperclip scientists added to the mix used by the military labs since the 1950’s for 10,000 gallon batches like the pre WWI German Equine Encephalitis (Lazy Horse Disease) to slow down an enemy’s supply trains and is now taking a toll on our supply chains.

      On the Right, we emphasize the high false positive of the COVID tests being used. But, I suspect that the tests’ inaccuracies are so great that they have no relationship to the presence of the contagious illness. And, that this will review a problem with the claimed 90% effectiveness of the proposed vaccines.

    7. We are much closer to minority report than most people know. Even those nasty little spider robot thingies. This aspect, in our current condition, is to me, a necessary evil, that will provide a catalyst which can potentially be used to improve the overall human condition.
      I say this, because in order to implement it, it will be necessary to return to natural time. And the biorhythms of that favor the species. The 20 proteinogenic amino acids are the same energies of the 20 days. The product, of natural time is blocked currently. We are disabled from fully forming. The oldest science and the most complete area of study, and the least known are the 20 days.

    8. If we mentally survive this year and Covid abomination, the physical part should be light and easy.
      The Covid situation is put up like this: you can either act selfish or selfish. If you go about your ordinary life, work, go out, hang out, throw parties and socialize – you are selfish. Then, what you should do as the exact opposite, and as proposed by most if not all around you, is to act naturally selfish, lock down, cut communication to minimum, only see your closest family or friends, god forbid anyone else, and take care only of your personal own – you are selfish.
      Doesn’t have to be a genius that between ‘two types of selfish’ there can be no positive mental outcome.
      We wear masks all day, but so many masks have fallen this year.
      Pray for all of you and godspeed. Don’t divide vaccine by nationality, and get yours as quickly as possible, even test phase if needed.

    9. Yes, and even further than that, there was a consensus and remains a consensus regarding this , in cultures across the entire world. And even further than that, information and remedies were widely dispensed, all of which could easily be verified using the scientific method.
      The choice was never, (what should we do?), it was always , “who is going to stop this madness?”,.. All natural processes have been subverted at every turn, physically and psychologically and spiritually. We are actually overrun by the zombies depicted in the minds of artists for many decades now. We didn’t need Trump to prove it. He is the latest in the long line of I told you so’s. His callous disregard, and selfish impetuous nature, is emblematic of the entire colonization process and the purposeful malicious destruction of wisdom. Let them worship the dead man on a post, and we will manifest that. Who wants to go first ?

    10. Of course we are insane. It is a very long story to get to the part where the obvious best candidate for the Presidential Medal of Freedom , is “Puddles Pity Party” and perhaps his best number is “Mad World”. Humanity has been deemed insane by every wise person for many hundreds of years. Our current plight was predicted thousands of years ago. The trajectory away from wisdom and toward foolish materialism removed our chance to have wise materialism. So, the oceans and the land and the animals are all way worse off than us at the moment, and it is coming for us, by our own hand and decisions. The movement toward fiefdoms is actually very correct and unavoidable at this point. It is the obvious product and was easily predicted. The insanity train, does not listen and does not stop.

      • One of the measures, is the very idea of separateness. A primordial causation. The last choice made, prior to our current condition, that can be classified as free will. To reverse this, will take many many generations in the best conditions. There is much to do.

    11. Yes, Gordon, I’m in the same boat.
      Remembering the “Stagflation” that the Banks did to Our Carter years to kill our “War on Enegy” makes watching this event worse.

    12. Excellent, Gordon. I’m older than you are and still teaching in a high school that had been opening up to onsite instruction but now has had to pull back to online teaching again, which is of doing nothing for the SPED kiddos I work with who need someone right there to keep them on task. Most working class parents are out working so these kids sit there and do nothing. Educational outcomes will plummet.

      The fact that COVID-19 is a bioweapon first deployed in China, then Iran, and now the USA, makes me wonder if designer versions of this virus are continually being deployed right up to the present day. If that’s the case, coming up with a vaccine for it is a lost cause. The fiends in North Carolina will just go back to the lab and come up with a better one. This has to be part of the grand plan to cull the human herd not to develop so-called herd immunity. As Kissinger said back in 2015, “Our primary response to the Third World should be population reduction.” That Trump has been telling his base to not wear masks and spread the virus around must also be part of the grand plan.

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