The Vaccine: Trump Meltdown-Blackmail may stop vaccine distribution, Cost more lives


Pfizer refused to work with Trump because of demands that safety procedures be dropped …and GOP donors be cut in

[ Editor’s Note: VT has been wondering why Trump has kept such a low profile, which is out of character, especially in the middle of a big fight. The only credible reason we see is after the TV networks cut him off when he began his rant about the stolen election, he went into a meltdown.

We think the White House staff is trying to get him back into shape so he can go in front of the cameras again. But they will cut him off again if he were to try to rally his base with cries of a stolen election, a violation of FCC rules (inflammatory fake news) and one that major media is in total agreement on.

Before the current meltdown, we had his earlier meltdown, when Pfizer announced its testing was completed just after the election. Trump went berserk over that, thinking the company had held back on the announcement.

And maybe Pfizer did, knowing that he was going to take all the credit for THEIR vaccine which they self funded. Talk is going on now that part of Trump’s holding up the transition for president elect Biden is to punish Pfizer and Biden by preventing all the distribution, logistics and training that needs to be done to get the first doses to the frontline Covid workers. Backup support for hospital readiness should be in motion now.

A two month delay is going to result in a much higher death rate in February, which the Trumpers can claim is on Biden’s watch.

The other political drone hovering over us on blocking the certification of the election is that if Trump does not get saved by the Supreme Court declaring a fraudulent election, then Republican legislatures could trigger their nuclear option, which would be to not send their electors to DC to finalize the new Biden administration.

If that were to happen, we would then enter into the constitutional Twilight Zone, and that could be one hell of a rough rideJim W. Dean ]

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VT: Coordination for distribution of Pfizer’s new vaccine should be underway as the nations biggest single response to crisis in her history.  Nothing has happened.  Trump is “blackballing” Pfizer and their vaccine.

Biden isn’t getting briefings, nor is Pfizer, nor are the states and cities in what should be the biggest and most complicated effort since the Manhattan Project.  Instead, it has hit not just “back burner,” it is being sabotaged in a Hitleresque move to punish the American people for betraying the Trump family.

Almost nobody has seen Trump in days, not in hitting distance.  In fact, the childish mayhem isn’t his at all, not even the Trump family’s.  They are all positioning to avoid prosecution or cutting the best deals they can.  They may even turn on each other.

The real problem is the vaccine issue.  Trump’s biggest personal issue, what he sees as a betrayal, is Pfizer.  They didn’t take government money and decided to withhold their vaccine announcement until after the election.

Trump had nothing whatsoever to do with Pfizer’s vaccine.  However…

There can be no distribution without Trump ordering his COVID response team to coordinate with not only Pfizer but state and local governments, many that aren’t talking to Trump at all.

Trump has cut many of them off entirely, certainly Pennsylvania, New York, California, Wisconsin, Michigan, Arizona, Nevada, Washington, Oregon and a dozen or so more including Virginia and Georgia.

Thus, 200 million Americans may well have to wait until well into 2021, until Biden takes over, to have an opportunity to be vaccinatedCredit…BioNTech


…by Rebecca Robbins and 

For months, scientists and public health experts have been saying the most crucial part of defusing the Covid-19 pandemic will be developing a safe and effective vaccine. So it was cause for celebration this week when Pfizer announced that an early analysis showed its vaccine candidate was more than 90 percent effective.

If Pfizer receives authorization for its vaccine from the Food and Drug Administration in the coming weeks, as expected, the company in theory could vaccinate millions of Americans by the end of the year, taking advantage of months of planning and decades of experience.

“I am very confident. I live and breathe this,” Tanya Alcorn, a Pfizer executive overseeing the supply chain for the vaccine, said in an interview on Wednesday. “We have developed a system that does not waste any precious vaccine.”

But Pfizer — like other manufacturers that may soon be authorized to roll out their vaccines — does not fully control its own destiny. The effort will hinge on collaboration among a network of companies, federal and state agencies, and on-the-ground health workers in the midst of a pandemic that is spreading faster than ever through the United States.

Before Pfizer can begin shipping its vaccine, federal and state governments must tell it where to send how many doses. McKesson, a major medical supplier, will have to provide hospitals and other distribution sites with the syringes, needles and other supplies necessary to administer the vaccine.

Employees at those locations will need to be trained to store and administer the vaccine. They will also have to ensure that, four weeks after people get the vaccine, they return for a second dose. And millions of Americans must be persuaded to get the shots in the first place.
Credit…Bebeto Matthews/Associated Press 

“We have a lot of confusion at the state and the local health departments level, and a lot of concern about the nitty-gritty of deployment,” said Dr. Saad B. Omer, the director of the Yale Institute for Global Health. “Which places, where to vaccinate, how to get the vaccine there, how to identify people in various risk groups, how to document, how to call back people for the second dose.”

Pfizer is making the vaccine at facilities in Kalamazoo, Mich., and Puurs, Belgium. The doses distributed in the United States will mostly come from Kalamazoo.
About 12.5 million Americans could be vaccinated this year, according to estimates from BioNTech’s chief executive, Dr. Ugur Sahin, and Pfizer.
Credit…Fabian Bimmer/Reuters

Then there is the thorny question of who will receive vaccines first. That will be up to state governments.

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  1. When has any pharmaceutical company EVER had humanities best interest in mind when concocting their potions? Haven’t cured shit since Polio. These are the people who created Covid and now you’re going to trust their required multiple vaccines. Fuck that.

  2. Is VT ignoring the big stock sale (at least) two of their executives did when they announced their vaccine? I think the big cheese managed to sell a few million dollars in shares about 5 cents below the top that day. The poor idiots buying into the stock when the vaccine got announced were left holding the bag.

    But I get it, Pfizer is our great savior and deserves it all. Zionist trash. They’re everywhere. The last place I ever thought I’d see infiltrated.

    • Pfizer is simply the first major Western country to finish its testing with very good results, and which are not being disputed. Official distributions approval is still in progress. So this was an A,B,C news story Paul. No infiltration was required. Our source was Dr. Fauci whom we consider a valid source, and he is welcome to ‘infiltrate us’ with this comments to review. This is not a comment board for cheap shots. Our readers are more savvy. Thanks for reading VT. We let you ‘infiltrate’, also.

  3. From Trump on this… Nothing! Trumpsters, beware, you are being used. He’s into letting the virus run its course for so-called herd immunity. Problem is, this is a bioweapon. It’s just like what the USA did in the 19th Century, giving smallpox infested blankets to the Plains Indians. It’s meant to kill you! He’s convinced you to run around without masks and have COVID-19 parties. You, along with the elderly and the already infirm are this bioweapon’s primary targets. What don’t you get about this?

    • At best, dereliction of duty, but more aptly, treason. This is right up there with the likes of Benedict Arnold, or Francis Wilkinson Pickens

    • I would like to think that this is just about Trump. We have to keep in mind that this is a bioweapon. It was designed to kill as many human beings as possible. Trump is just an unwitting pawn is this grand plan. He was charged to convince his followers to run around without masks and have COVID-19 parties. He’s been very successful at that. The virus will continue to kill the elderly, the already infirm, and those to stupid to live. Sadly, the real Powers That Be are smiling…

    • …or, he really was vaccinated last November, he and his family members did profiteer on PPE needed in the fight against COVID, and his secret creditors profited on the massive US Treasury and Federal Reserve funding in response to the pandemic.

    • Of course they profited. Trump knew about COVID-19 back in November. He warned Israel about it then according to the Jerusalem Post. Yes, most likely he was vaccinated then, too. Most likely he also warned his Likudnik bankster pals about it as well. They could look forward to trillions and trillions of free money coming their way in the Spring, which there was. Sadly, there are new and improved strains of this bioweapon deployed in the USA right up to this very day. Hence, no vaccination is going to work.

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