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VT: Biden is talking about healing, many of us are.  As any of us drive around the country, we still see the stain of Trumpism, the signs and flags, particularly on businesses that none of us will be using.

I look on a Trump sign as a gift.  It is exactly like the sex criminal registry map, in fact I suspect they deeply override one another.  Any Trumper is QAnon, a bigot, a dangerous idiot, someone who approves of child rape, someone who calls themselves religious yet basks in deadly sins with every breath and movement.

There is no taking them back, no fixing them.  You can’t fix a psychopath.  “No, I don’t believe he called veterans suckers and losers.”

“No, I don’t believe he anally raped that boy he paid $16 million dollars to.”

“No, I don’t believe he said the things he said, did the things he did and is who he is.”

For real people, it isn’t good enough.  Move the fuck on.  No, you aren’t hired, no, you aren’t invited, no we won’t be lending you money.

First of all, VT knows how many GOP votes were fabricated on machines for Trump, it was millions. This isn’t like 2016, this is a real landslide, a 4% point vote lead, soon to be 6 million votes and a significant victory, 306 to 232 in electors, something thought impossible for a democrat.

We watched Russia interfere in this election, not just interfere but brag about it daily on Russia Today and Sputnik News.  We watched the entirety of the fake alternative media take backhanders from Trump’s boys.  Best part, we had spied the same folks years ago as fake.  How?

No visible source of income.  No background that supports moral courage and activism.  Fake whistleblowers, former pencil pushing “spies” and failed bloggers.  Sadder still, one or two major radio hosts who went from being enemies of Alex Jones to being sad little asshole copies of the clown prince of everything sad and dirty.

How do I describe a Trump voter?  If your teenage daughter was unconscious after being attacked, a Trump voter passing by would steal her phone and then rip off her underwear for a ‘pussy grab’ and ‘quickie.’

This is who they are, white trash, failed golfers and locker room snickerers and the inferior.  From Huffington Post:

No, I Will Not Be ‘Reaching Out’ To Trump Voters, Now Or Ever. Here’s Why.

“Some fences cannot be mended.”
Two pro-Trump hats sit on top of a car dashboard in Nyack, New York, on Nov. 1.

Two pro-Trump hats sit on top of a car dashboard in Nyack, New York, on Nov. 1.

Once Trump actually became president, he called white supremacists “very fine people,” locked children in cages and systematically sought to dismantle the Affordable Care Act, disregarding the millions of Americans who would be left without access to health care if he were successful.

Over the past four years, I’ve lived in fear as Trumpism has taken over the country. In counties where Trump held campaign rallies, hate crimes increased a shocking 226%, showing that this rhetoric has real consequences for marginalized groups. Nearly everyone in America who is not a natural-born white, Christian heterosexual male in relatively good health has been targeted by the policies of the Trump administration.

As a Jew, an atheist, a woman and the mother of a disabled child, I have watched as my communities have been threatened repeatedly. The day the 2020 election was called with Joe Biden projected to be our next president, I danced in the streets at Black Lives Matter Plaza along with thousands of others who finally felt like this long nightmare was coming to an end.


But almost immediately, we began to hear calls to reach out to Trump supporters to mend fences. Pop star Katy Perry encouraged fans to follow her lead and tell family members who voted for Trump that they are “here for them.” Political scientist Ian Bremmer encouraged Biden voters to reach out to Trump supporters to show empathy.

Former Sen. Rick Santorum, who compared same-sex marriage to bestiailty while holding office, urged Biden supporters to give Trump and his voters “space” to work through their feelings. These suggestions enraged me.

These calls for unity come from a place of privilege, and they’re coming from mostly straight, white, cisgender people who are financially secure. They may not have liked some of Trump’s policies, but they were not actively harmed by them. They likely never feared for their safety or well-being in Trump’s America.

Gestures toward reconciliation are also premature, given that Trump has yet to concede the election and still has about two months left in office to inflict even more damage.

Before any attempt at “unity” can be made, there needs to be a reckoning, an acknowledgment that so many of Trump’s actions have been unconscionable and do not align with societal ideals that claim to value all life.

Building bridges with people who share Trump’s views sends a clear message that you are willing to keep the peace at the expense of the dignity and well-being of those with less power and privilege.  read more

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  1. “failed golfers”? Where did that come from? Yeah, let’s just round every Trump supporter and put them in camps. That will fix the country. Sorry, this is an oversimplified oped that falls woefully short. It makes it sound as if a revolution was just won, instead of an election. From “The Nation” (Why Are We Above International Law?, 26 March 2019) “In 1943, the leaders of the Allied powers—England, France, the United States, and the Soviet Union—met in Tehran, Iran. One subject on the table: how, once the war was won, the Allies would deal with Nazi war criminals. Soviet dictator Joseph Stalin is said to have proposed simply lining up and executing 50,000 Nazis. American President Franklin Delano Roosevelt reportedly tried to break the resulting tension by jokingly suggesting that 49,000 might be sufficient”.

    • Edward,
      You don’t get it. Many of us (note that I am hiding behind an imaginary group) deeply suspect that those among us that the media protects, that trump leads, aren’t human at all. It isn’t mental illness or stupidity though all trump supporters visibly suffer from both. This is an utter failure in qualifying as a mammal.

  2. Nicely and accurately written. Discrimination and hate crimes have gone through the roof in some places.
    Rick Santorum, I’m going to give a little space to an imbecile who idolizes Steve Bannon and Rudy Jewlying to work through his feelings of worthlessness and being a menace to the society.
    How about a hundred years ?

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