The Fat Lady Still Hasn’t Sung!

Michael Shrimpton pours cold water on the idea that Joe Biden won the 2020 Presidential election and comments on the ousting of poor Dominic Cummings, a great campaigner.


Editor’s note: My good friend Michael doesn’t know it but Trump ate the fat lady.

The Fat Lady Still Hasn’t Sung!

by Michael Shrimpton

It’s been a frustrating week, trying to get a message through to the President that the evidence he needs is sitting in a dossier in London but the Fat Lady hasn’t sung yet!

I haven’t altered my prediction – I think that the President will win by a landslide in the Electoral College, with over 300 votes. The recount in Georgia is a joke but faces being overturned in the courts. If it goes to the House the President should win. Like the theory in the 1970s that the great pianist Liberace was heterosexual the idea that Biden won in 2020 will come to be seen as strange.


Those nice people the Mossad are not denying that MI6, who are also nice, is sitting on a dossier handed to them in Paris. Mossad has excellent sources in Paris and I wouldn’t be in the least bit surprised to discover that they have their own copy.

Given that the vote-rigging was organized in Frankfurt, Germany, and the Germans have been arranging for Islamic clients to go around chopping people’s heads off in France it shouldn’t come as a surprise that Paris might have shopped Jerry in return. There are definite signs of tension between Paris and Berlin.

Canadian photographer Yousuf Karsh’s famous image of a defiant Winston Churchill.

The last British statesman with a grasp of intelligence matters was the late, great Sir Winston Churchill. The absence of anyone in Westminster with more than a basic understanding of intelligence is causing all sorts of difficulties. Back-channelling is an art and there are certain rules. One of them is that you never ask for a peek at the raw data. If an intelligence agency thinks you should see it they’ll show you, but even if you got a look-see you wouldn’t be handed the raw intel.

The MSM isn’t much better at intelligence than Westminster. The last British journalist with a sound grasp of intelligence matters was my old friend Chapman Pincher, but sadly Chappers passed on to the great intelligence HQ in the sky in 2014.

So far as I know the President has still been left in the dark over the MI6 dossier. Bibi Netanyahu is aware but for political reasons seems to have decided to leave the President swinging in the wind.

Dominion Voting Systems

The message about DVS’s role has however hit home, so much so that DHS, who report to the CIA, who of course rigged the election, had to trot out a nonsense statement about November 3rd election being the most secure in history. I suppose next they’ll be saying that Jeffrey Epstein was the best-protected federal prisoner in US history!

DVS has deep links to Spain. Its systems were hacked from servers based in Frankfurt, Germany under the control of the Correa/COREA Group, implicating German intelligence in the vote fraud, arguably an Act of War.

I have seen reporting suggesting that an ex-Delta Force team reporting to the Pentagon took control of the servers, although I’ve not been able to confirm that. The firing of Mark Esper appears to be linked in, however.

The House

Assuming that the votes in key swing states are overturned by either the state courts or the Supreme Court but that neither the President nor Joe Biden obtains the necessary majority in the Electoral College then the issue goes to the House. However, it would not be decided by a simple majority. Article II, Section 1, Clause 3 of the US Constitution is quite clear – each state’s Congressmen vote as a block. With block voting, the President should prevail.

As I predicted last week betting organizations are reluctant to pay out for a Biden victory. One in the UK is reported to have taken $600 million on the election. If Joe were to win, since it would have been obtained by fraud, no winnings need to be paid out. Any legal challenge would be heard in the UK in respect of betting organizations based here, raising the intriguing possibility of a clash between the British and American courts.

Dominic Cummings

Dominic Cummings

Sadly, this week saw the firing of Dominic Cummings, although he may be back as Chief of Staff for the new PM. He seems to have been forced out by a ‘monstrous regiment of women’, led by Boris Johnson’s fiancée, Carrie Symonds, and the new Press Secretary, Allegra Stratton.

Stratton is a screaming moderate, no offense intended, indeed she may even be a Remainer. Reports that Dominic’s departure foreshadowed a British collapse in the Brexit trade talks appear to have been exaggerated. Sir David Frost, our able chief negotiator, has not been fired. Moreover, the new Cabinet Secretary appears to be sound. At any rate, he hasn’t been bumped off or offered a peerage.

Britain has not caved in over either fishing or the Northern Ireland Protocol. The outgoing Remainer Director-General of the CBI, Dame Caroline Fairbairn, is so desperate at the breakdown of the Anglo-European talks that she has resorted to making moral arguments. Sadly, given its long record of deceit over the European issue, the CBI has no moral authority left.

Tariffs will be great for British manufacturers.  In an extraordinary interview on the BBC’s Andrew Marr Show this morning Andrew, a nice chap but a Remainer, with respect, challenged George ‘Useless’ Eustice over a report by the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders warning that 10% tariffs on vehicle imports would cost jobs. So it would, but in Germany. Vehicles represent the greatest single sector of Anglo-European trade, with a massive imbalance in favor of the EU.

Jaguars would be more expensive in Europe, but so what? They hardly buy any. We on the other hand buy huge numbers of Mercedes-Benz’s and BMW’s, despite their inferiority to the British product. The few sales Jaguar loses in Europe would be more than made up by import substitution sales in the UK.

The CBI’s latest statement, as one would expect, seems more concerned with job losses in Europe than in Britain. The CBI, the direct successor of the notorious Federation of British Industry (the other FBI), which promoted arms sales to Nazi Germany, has long favored the European over the British interest.

As predicted in this column Boris is on the way out. Lord Lister, the PM’s acting Chief of Staff, is reported to be contemplating retirement, and rightly so, with respect. He’s done enough damage. Rishi Sunak, the Chancellor, is reported to be preparing a leadership bid, indeed he seems to have been pushing Allegra Stratton’s appointment. That would make sense since he has a good network in the City and will have been briefed on certain euro-sterling transfers around the time of the Withdrawal Agreement.

Sunak allegedly wants Boris out of Number 10 by Christmas, but that’s not going to happen. He may well resign before Christmas, but in the usual way he would stay on as a caretaker PM whilst the Tory Party chose a new leader, which would take months.

Sunak, a raving left-wing lunatic, no offense intended, so lacking in intelligence that he actually believes in global warming (I mean actually believes in it, as opposed to just pretending to go along with it, like Joe Biden), would be bound to be opposed by a candidate from the God-fearing, Imperial Romantic Right Wing of the Tory Party. As it happens that’s my wing.

Priti Patel

The sensible and intelligent Home Secretary, Priti Patel MP, is being increasingly talked about. She would appeal to ‘Red Wall’ voters with her sound views on capital punishment, border defense, and defense. Rishi, no offense intended, wants to keep on encouraging murders by having soft sentences.

Dominic Cummings would make an excellent Chief of Staff for Priti Patel. (Naturally, I shall be sending him a copy of this column as a courtesy.) If Priti becomes our next Prime Minister she would need a sound Lord Chancellor, with equally sensible views on capital punishment, who understood that under the Vienna Convention on International Treaties the Withdrawal Agreement is not actually binding on the UK. Where she would find such a man or woman, however, I have no idea. Sensible lawyers don’t grow on trees.

British serial killer Peter Sutcliffe, a.k.a. ‘The Yorkshire Ripper,’ in police custody, 1983

Peter ‘von’ Sutcliffe

Speaking of capital punishment, grieving relatives of some of the Yorkshire Ripper’s victims have been calling for it this week, prompted by the Ripper’s departure. An operative of the covert German GO2 intelligence agency, Peter ‘von’ Sutcliffe snuffed it this week of Covid. He started his long, murderous career in 1975 when he brutally murdered poor Wilma McCann as part of GO2’s campaign to apply pressure to the UK over the planned withdrawal from the EEC.

Sutcliffe was then ordered to remain quiet but was reactivated in 1977, as part of GO2’s campaign to spoil our Beloved Queen’s Silver Jubilee. He was then ordered to accelerate his murder campaign over fears that the anti-EEC, pro-British Leader of the Opposition, my old friend Margaret Thatcher, would win the forthcoming General Election. (As it happens Margaret was fighting another old friend, that nice man Jim Callaghan.)

Sutcliffe was ordered to step up his murder campaign after Margaret’s election. He was an obvious suspect and was arrested no fewer than nine times, but West Yorkshire Police were ordered by the Cabinet Office to release him, at any rate until he was caught pretty much red-handed. What they should have done was arrest the Cabinet Secretary.

Promised a cushy existence in Broadmoor mental hospital, easily achieved after he was told how to fake symptoms of paranoid schizophrenia by his handlers at GO2, who in turn got a medical briefing from one of the DVD’s tame psychiatrists, Sutcliffe readily put his hands up. He should have been hanged of course, albeit nicely.

By the way, I am not joining in the condemnation of Richard McCann, Wilma’s son, who expressed condolences to Peter Sutcliffe’s brother, Carl. Since Carl, who was innocent, had reached out to him Richard was only reciprocating as a gesture of common humanity. We all have black sheep in the family – just look at the Bidens.

The rozzers, sorry West Yorkshire Police, scarcely distinguished themselves by drawing a distinction between the Ripper’s ‘innocent’ and ‘non-innocent’ victims, that is to say, sex workers. All of the Ripper’s victims were innocent, murdered on German orders as part of their quasi-war against Her Majesty.

Geoffrey Palmer OBE (1927-2020)

Geoffrey Palmer OBE (1927-2020)

This fine old comedy actor, who memorably played Admiral Roebuck in Tomorrow Never Dies, sadly passed on November 5th. He was a wonderful performer, scarcely of the silver screen in a long and distinguished career.

He had a lived-in face and a distinctive, lugubrious voice. Sadly I only encountered him once, on a Tube train at Baker St, but being the shy and retiring sort of chap that I am I left him alone. He was much-loved and will be sorely missed.

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