FFWN: MSM Claims Are Disputed!


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By Kevin Barrett, VT Editor

The mainstream media (MSM) oligarchs say their version of reality is the only one. All other claims are “disputed by the experts” (the oligarchs and their hired propagandists).

Here at False Flag Weekly News we systematically dispute MSM claims—and find that a great many of them are false or dubious. For example, the MSM says COVID evolved naturally in animals and just happened to jump to humans, and that anyone claiming it looks like a bioweapon is a “conspiracy theorist.” Yet the evidence strongly supports the bioweapon interpretation. There is absolutely no evidence that COVID’s spike protein, an elaborately sculpted key perfectly tailored to unlock the human cell and get inside, could possibly have evolved in animals. Nor is there any evidence that it did so. COVID clearly “evolved” in human cells. And the only way that could have happened is by “accelerated evolution” in human cell cultures in a lab.

Yet the go-to “not a bioweapon” statements don’t even bother to try to refute this, the most plausible hypothesis. Instead, they refute a ridiculous straw man argument (COVID would have been made in an easily-detectable way). OF COURSE it wouldn’t have! OF COURSE it was made undetectably through accelerated evolution in countless generations of human cell cultures! How stupid do these propagandists think we are?

And who exactly are these propagandists, anyway? Skilled liars and conspirators, it turns out, and perhaps war criminals: The Cuban government blames the lead author of the Lancet disinfo article for murdering hundreds of Cuban children in a US biowar attack.

The MSM is also lying about almost every other important issue: Zionism, the Forever Wars, election fraud, censorship, the Great Reset, vaccines, and of course  “Jeffrey Epstein didn’t kill himself.”

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  1. Understanding that COVID-19 is a bioweapon and not some virus that evolved naturally makes it clearly a deliberate attack, first on China and then on the USA. The US knew about it back in the second week of November when they warned Israel about it but they didn’t warn us about it until the spring when Congress pulled off the biggest heist in US history to bail out the banksters and the big corpse.

    My question is, why would one think that this was just a one-shot deployment? Isn’t it possible or even likely that those who deployed it to begin with are deploying new and improved versions of it right up to the present day and that its resurgence all around the country is part of their diabolical plan?

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