The GOP is the Propaganda Party


Cymothoa exigua is a terrifying creature.

The parasite enters a fish through its gills, attaches to its tongue, consumes the tongue, and then becomes a sort of new tongue. For the rest of the fish’s life, it swims around with the “tongue-eating louse,” as the isopod is known, operating its mouth.

The video below is wonderful…

At first, seeing a photo of it made me recoil. Then, I realized it seemed oddly familiar: It reminds me of the relationship between what’s loosely defined as “conservative media” and the GOP.

For a long time, most influential right-leaning media figures were content to swim alongside the GOP, flowing along in the same general direction. Until Donald Trump came along. Then they saw an opportunity to burrow deep inside the GOP and wield real power.

It worked. So well that the GOP, as an institution, no longer controls its tongue and its craven media parasites are the only thing keeping it alive.

Ask yourself, “Who are the actual leaders of the GOP?” Who truly influences Republican voters?

It’s not whoever the Republican National Committee will nominate as its next chairman. It’s not Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell or House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, for God’s sake. It’s the Fox News primetime lineup, the large galaxy of radio and digital outlets clamoring to place their personalities and stories on Fox News, and their vast array of fringy lower-tier knockoffs.

All day, every day, these talkers, writers, producers, and editors set the party agenda. They act as the Republican party’s “war room.” They give favored politicians airtime to solicit donations from their viewers. They go negative on their political enemies. Their stars even headline campaign events to rev up the base and get out the vote.

The ones who are good at it get paid far more by the likes of the Murdoch and the Mercer families to carry out the political agenda than any mere senator or congressman. These talkers, not the elected officials stuck grubbing around shaking hands and campaigning in the streets, are the party’s real leaders.  read more…

The GOP Is a Propaganda Party



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  1. An appalling phenomenon, though metaphorically it does have its parallel in our society to the extent that zionism closely mimics the tung parasite through insidious take over of the places of power in the US and diabolically through their owned MSM acts as the mouthpiece of the land of free & home of brave to deceptively divert what belongs to the big fish.

  2. The parasite on the tongue of the people, is the triumvirate. It climbed in there a long time ago. All we need is a cursory exam using the right tools. No expense was spared in making sure those tools were swept from every corner of the earth, and from the minds of people.

  3. The majority of Trump’s base is Christian Zionist. If you believe Pastor John Hagee, there are 50 million of them, all supporting Israel and all voting for Trump. Theirs is a faith-based belief system where the Earth was created exactly 6024 years ago because they’ve counted up the “begats” in the Scofield Reference Bible going right back to Adam. Trump is their ticket to the Rapture and they will never ever believe otherwise no matter what evidence is presented to them. They are Trump’s true believers and always will be.

    • That is correct, a country that allows massive pious fraud to the tune of hundreds of billions, should not be surprised at all by Trump. In fact, Trump is a very small potato compared to the true masters of deception and tax payer subsidized state funded fraud.
      If people actually knew the truth, regarding religions, the fury we see from trumpers would be pointed directly at it. I am not frightened at all by trumpers, but I do know some who should be. The amount of money that will have to be spent to keep their loyalty and prevent exposure of themselves, will be big enough to finally crack the outer wall.

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