Keep Trump? Clown value alone? Even a rabid dog can be funny…


VT: Biden is heading for 82 million votes and a 5 percentage point plurality. Trump now stands with 46 percent of the vote compared to 51 for Biden. As Trump slid under 47% and Biden moves up toward 52%, the crying is only going to get louder and louder.

Were we to assume that all Republicans aren’t totally nuts, then the crazy stuff going on has to have turned millions of moderates who voted for Trump out of lie based fear away from his as well.

If the election were held again, Trump would really lose by the 14 points predicted instead of only 5, which is huge anyway.

Exit polling showed 56% Biden, 43% Trump, 13% difference, right on the polling predictions.

Then again, why were recounts blocked in rural Wisconsin, rural Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Texas and Ohio? These are states that have a long tradition of GOP voter fraud where millions of fake votes actually could have been staged.

Also note that there were ZERO (“0”) Democratic poll watchers allowed in upstate Michigan where Trump rolled up what votes he did get. There were none, for instance, in Ottawa County where Betsy Devos lives and where the streets were lined with Biden signs yet Trump won a very strong plurality. When I mean “none,” I mean I personally checked.



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  1. Far from Trump being funny, he is now the most dangerous man on the planet. The USA Patriot Act has been in place for almost two decades. All Trump has to do is to declare a “national emergency” and more than 100 special provisions become available to him. He can declare martial law, suspend the Constitution, and assume near-dictatorial powers. In many ways the USA Patriot Act is similar to the German Enabling Act of 1933. What will be his Reichstag fire? Most likely it will be a false-flag attack on a US asset in the Middle East blamed on Iran. I’m sure his Likudnik pals and the Israelis are working it. May Heaven help the crew of the USS Nimitz which is currently in the Persian Gulf.

    • The biggest misconception about Trump right now, is that people imagine, if he barks an order, that somehow everyone sets about following it.
      I don’t shink show. In fact, they hide, delay answering, make excuses, or even start yelling back at him. It is full pout stage on the floor at the candy isle, shaking head and scrunched eyebrows.

    • I’m sure the military is not about to jump into another hopeless war for Israel just because Trump gives the word. After 9/11 they won’t be so gullible… I hope.

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