Daily Beast: Melissa Carone, a witness in one of Rudy Giuliani’s sham election fraud hearings who went viral for her bizarre testimony, only recently came off probation for stalking her boyfriend’s ex-wife with sex videos.

Melissa Carone

Carone, a mother of two originally from downriver, told police she was working toward her degree in cybersecurity when she was charged. She received an information technology certificate from ITT Technological Institute in 2015.

According to police reports obtained by Deadline Detroit, Carone harassed the woman for two years, sending her several explicit videos of Carone and her new boyfriend having sex.

Investigators linked an email address used to send the videos back to Carone, who eventually admitted to sending them and saying she wanted to send the ex-wife “over the top.” She faced obscenity and computer crime charges that were later reduced to a misdemeanor disorderly conduct.

Carone finished serving one year of probation just before she was contracted by Dominion Voting Systems to do IT work at a Detroit ballot-counting center, where she claimed she witnessed rampant fraud. Her slurred speech and ridiculous accusations in Giuliani’s hearing were widely mocked, and a county judge called her testimony not credible.

From Deadline Detroit:

Two years before she’d become the breakout star of the clown show Rudy Giuliani brought to Lansing this week, Mellissa Carone was sending her then-boyfriend’s ex-wife graphic videos of the two of them having sex.

Police reports obtained by Deadline Detroit reveal obscenity and computer crime charges filed against the 33-year-old Grosse Pointe Woods mother stem from a harassment campaign she waged against a 42-year-old woman in 2018 and 2019. Earlier Friday, the Wayne County Prosecutor’s Office said Carone pleaded the initial charges down to disorderly conduct, a misdemeanor.

Her boyfriend’s ex-wife, Jessica, called Southgate police about Carone multiple times between November 2018 and September 2019, initially after receiving three videos from an unknown email address showing Carone and her ex having sex. Carone’s last name was then Wright.

Police traced the IP address from the emails to Carone, who initially denied sending them but revealed she was aware of their content. Eventually, she confessed to investigators, saying her goal was to send Jessica “over the top.” She admitted to also asking her boyfriend to cover her tracks by getting a new router and internet provider.


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  1. One of Giuliani’s witnesses in that room sitting next to “chow” Nikki Haley Wannabe:

    “Andrew Sitto, a 26-year-old college business student from West Bloomfield, Michigan, the son of Iraqi immigrants, said he’s active in politics because he lost two uncles in the war and a third to Islamic State militants. He described himself as a staunch Trump supporter, in part because of the president’s focus on Iraq.”

    Lol. This kid loses three uncles to the Israeli day laborers and then he turns around and supports the chief Israeli firster for reelection because he wants to destroy what’s left of the country that he left behind.

    And he has no reason to make up stuff.

    • Reading social media comments everyone is wondering if an affidavit is like being under oath. The short answer is no. But no worries they might not be under oath but they certainly are under Rudy’s payroll and I think that counts as such in this administration.
      You guys don’t realize how the world is laughing at the US, even in countries like India who’s population is so lodged in the derrière of Trump and Israel that they have to do a full colonoscopy to find the extent of the damage.

  2. It took a lot of prepping to get her even this far, and she still said “affidavid” quite clearly and confidently. Any prolonged negative affects on her life fall squarely on the shoulders of Rudy , Trump and Fox, as they knew full well what they were dealing with.
    She was immediately rejected, then when they had nothing else, they made her a “star” because as the comments show, men are pigs, and gee why not use it. She will generate donations, from the already captured and drooling mouth breathers. Shame on anyone involved.

  3. My first thought: “I love you, honey, but your eyes are too-close together.” Small-ears with a “talkin-pussy.”

    When Rudy moved his mayoral office from its recently renovated location in the financial district up to Midtown Manhattan one month prior to 9/11, that says it all.

    As folks on PEI used to say: “He’d fuck a rock pile if he thought there was a snake in it.”


  4. I highly recommend a crazy women! Just sleep with one eye open. And don’t expect a good experience when you bring her to meet your mom. Oh well, a one year affair.

  5. In the picture at the top, is it just my imagination. Or does she look like she’s getting ready to deep throat that mic.

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