Trump Engineered Vaccine Shortage to Push up Deaths, Kill Biden Economy

Vaccines and open restaurants and schools now many months away as Trump sends America's vaccines to Israel


While Trump contested the election, foreign buyers have taken all available doses of vaccines Americans were supposed to be receiving…including massive deliveries to Israel for Jews only…vaccines taken from American first responders.

Israel got theirs today, Britain a few days ago…while Americans are now being told “maybe July,” which will extend deaths and lockdowns month after month after month…

Politico: The United States could be heading for a vaccine cliff this spring, with shortages forcing hundreds of millions of Americans to wait for shots amid intense global competition for limited doses.

The Trump administration has bought 100 million doses each of vaccines from Pfizer and Moderna, but the U.S. is unlikely to get additional doses anytime soon because of strong international demand. And both vaccines require two doses per person, effectively halving the already scarce supply.

Trump administration officials insisted Tuesday that most American adults can be vaccinated by May. But despite President Donald Trump’s attempt to compel vaccine sales to the U.S. by executive order, most Americans’ best hope of getting a shot by spring or early summer may rest on vaccines that have not yet been proven to work — such as the doses being developed by Johnson & Johnson and AstraZeneca.

“We’re clearly not going to get there” with the Moderna and Pfizer shots, said Peter Hotez, a virologist and dean of the National School of Tropical Medicine at the Baylor College of Medicine who is working on a vaccine candidate with partners in India. “We’re going to need four or five different vaccines.”

The United States has reserved roughly 800 million doses from six manufacturers — including 100 million each from Pfizer and Moderna — but it’s not yet clear whether all of their vaccines will prove safe and effective enough to use. And the two frontrunners have inked deals with multiple countries that are stretching thin their early supplies.

The Trump administration is not alone in assuming that all of its big vaccine bets will pay off. Several other countries’ estimates “are based on a best-case scenario,” said Krishna Udayakumar, founding Director of the Duke Global Health Innovation Center, whose team has tracked global vaccine purchases.

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  1. Covid19 is a good example of harsh realities colliding with purveyors of ‘alternative realities’ on both sides of the atlantic and despite the obvious outcome they still don’t give up!

    The biggest bs right now surrounds the trumpeting of vaccines being rolled out throughout the f(UK)*

    There are only 800k doses but are they to be dispensed to 400k persons (you need two jabs) in batches of 975 because of supply chain issues keeping it at minus 75 and no known dates for further consignments which when they happen early next year will be colliding with the Brexit cross channel nuclear detonation.

    Washington Post report
    As first Pfizer vaccine doses arrive in U.K.
    Straits Times report
    pfizer starts shipping vaccine to uk from belgium

    So when are the next shipments due, the oxbridge classes writing in the f(UK) media are sleeping on the job obv? Is it 800k doses of two jabs or only 400 treatments of two jabs? Which locations can handle 975 jabs at a time of a vaccine at minus 75 degrees and not cock it up? There is bound to be wasteage.

    Covid19 + Brexit = slo mo train wreck and most citizens er subjects of the crown lol here in the f(UK) have as much chance of getting a jab as we have of getting manure out of a kids rockin horse!

  2. As an aside, congress is at an impasse on a $900 billion covid relief bill. This is less then half of what Nancy Pelosi turned down before the elections. FFS, can we please be rid of this tired, braindead, effing douchebag as speaker of the house! They’ve had one relief bill in eight months with a means-tested $1200 direct stimulus payment to people. Her goddamned husband got $millions in relief from the Cares Act for his hotel business. This is disgusting; playing politics with so many Americans in food lines, and yes, she’s a f**king democrat!

  3. The republicans have put party ahead of country in these perilous days, because of Trump. It is unforgivable. I just want him to go away.

  4. None of this is surprising as we’ve known for months that COVID-19 is a bioweapon that was first deployed against China, then Italy, then France, then Iran and Spain and then in the US as a “fund raiser.” Gordon reported this back in June. John Hankey reported that “Trump and his inner circle were vaccinated in November 2019, only days after the virus was deployed against China.” That’s why his having come down with it and recovering before the election was totally fake. Trumpsters need to know that they’ve been had, told it was all a hoax and to run around without masks and have COVID-19 parties. You have become super-spreaders to make this plandemic as deadly as possible.

  5. I’m not a veteran and I never was against one. Bad liver… I give to DAV but not Disabled Vets. DAV does more with the money! My dad was a cook in the Navy. I’m wondering how you guys and gals react to some of the things Trump does. I feel he kind of disrespects the service at times.

    Glad to be a member,

  6. It has been abundantly clear that a malevolent force has hijacked and is controlling the the US. It appears that this faction or factions have been essentially sabotaging and wrecking the country. The bumbling incompetence of the WH clown car are veneer for more hyper-competent maniacal forces that are forwarding their dark agenda with AI precision – through to Jan 20th and beyond.

    The current administration’s handling of the vaccines is just a continuing example of their perfidy.

    Although not perfect, I am quite pleased that Biden and his team are coming in. They need to act with dispatch and with utter ruthlessness if there is any real chance of changing the country’s trajectory from an ignominious dark fate.

    • The “malevolent force” you refer to are the real perps of 9/11. They are still in place and will do anything to keep Trump in power.

    • I agree but I think covid is a much bigger deal. I think certain faction or factions did not fully back Trump and that’s why he lost. But some faction behind him fully intended him to win and left nothing to chance but they were foiled. Hence, the intense anger and rage generated post election since they were out snookered.

      Whomever or whatever group(s) in the shadows who is orchestrating this Trump project, needs to be dealt with – otherwise the next phases they have planned will look like a tea party in comparison to what’s going on now.

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