Televangelism in America, the Humor of Death through ‘Seed Faith’ (video/must watch)



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  1. Loved it – one needs something to lighten up with these days with all the pandemicmania going on, to say nothing of your election machinations.
    Joking apart, there is something very wrong that allows the RICH to get away with these scams that the legislature dies not appear to be interested in curbing.
    I was a child of The Manse in the UK, ( Baptist ), and the folk were as poor as the proverbial Church mice.

  2. Short checklist:
    1) history of forced conversion and territorial expansion
    2) icon indicates torture
    3) accumulate money , and land , and infiltrate government
    4) maintains perception that worshippers and soldiers are analogous
    No book necessary. No fancy words, just basic observation. Primordial components of a military psyop.

  3. Way past time we changed the paradigm. Religion is all made up and we all know it. Because of fear and intimidation, most of us just follow along like the sheep you are.
    Members of the flock. Got it?
    Imagine if you will all of humanity disappearing from the face of the earth. Religion, God, Satan, Allah, all of them disappear too. It’s all made up. And period it is.

  4. They Should Never Use Jesus Christ To Be An Accomplice To Their Crimes.
    This Is What Jesus Said Concerning Greed And Gold Worship:
    Then He said to them, “Beware, and be on your guard against every form of greed; for not even when one has an abundance does his life consist of his possessions.” Ephesians 5:3

  5. Well, it is the parent making fun of the child for emulating them. The modern christian movement is a direct offspring of the catholic model, and they cannot disown it.
    I believe the latest, is more money came from Peters Pence to pay for the first major motion picture depicting adult gay men having sex, than went to the destitute and impoverished asylum seekers, even after a visit from a delegation with the NYS comptroller last year. A most bizarre pairing. And don’t worry about Mahoney, his multi-million dollar house is in fine condition, while the victims of his diocese look for food in the dumpsters of skid row.

  6. When look those TV preachers jets and his luxury life I think, damn, when I was young I chose the wrong job… 🙂

  7. That douchebag paula white speaks in that same language as the other douchebags. Wants 1 months pay for special blessings to keep you from getting the virus. Sounds like a deal to me. I’m off to my checkbook.

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