Intel Drop: The Trump/Pompeo/Flynn doctrine, handing Africa and the Middle East to Russia and friends…

  • Trump’s ‘herd immunity’ plan has weakened America purposefully, militarily, economically and destroyed social cohesion, such as it was

  • America’s military has never been as weak as it is today since 1975

  • Contesting the election has destroyed America’s prestige around the world, all part of a “screw America for profit” scheme that will turn the next century over to America’s enemies and their Trump allies….

VT: Trump, Pompeo and Flynn have been building a coalition in the Middle East, a new NATO of sorts. Who belongs? The UAE, Saudi Arabia and Bahrain for sure, Israel as well but heading it all is Russia and Turkey.

Now do you understand why America has lost 300,000 to COVID?

Who are they aligned against? Is it Iran? Our sources say no, the new NATO is more like the old Eastern Bloc, not aimed at Iran but rather aimed at the United States, to push the US out of the Persian Gulf, the Black Sea, the Gulf of Aden, the Eastern Mediterranean and, above all, the Black Sea.

Trump has been disabling US interests in the Middle East, aligning the Trump/Kushner fortunes with their longtime trusted partners, the Russian-Ukrainian-Turkish-Israeli oligarchs and the princes of the Gulf States and Saudi Arabia. Behind it all is the hammer of Russia and her new more powerful military with fully deployed hypersonic Zircon missiles making America’s naval power a thing of the past.

On land, the US faces removal from Turkey, Iraq, Syria, the UAE, Bahrain and Qatar while Russia, Turkey and Israel will co-guarantee not a hedge against Iran but rather one against the United States.

If you didn’t notice the US being destroyed for the last 4 years, you must have been drunk or high…

In late 2016, General Michael Flynn accepted $600,000 to work for the government of Turkey (allegedly) while also working as national security advisor to President Elect/President Donald Trump.  From Politico:

Prosecutors convinced jurors that Rafiekian knew he was acting on behalf of Turkey during the summer and fall of 2016, when the Flynn Intel Group accepted a $600,000 contract to shape the opinion of U.S. leaders and the American public to encourage the extradition to Turkey of a longtime Turkish dissident cleric who has lived in Pennsylvania for two decades, Fethullah Gulen.

Now that Flynn has been pardoned, he is back advising Trump and calling for the military to seize control of the US government.  Is he also still working for Russia and Turkey as well?

Well, this missive from Turkey makes a very strong case for “yes”….

Advisor to Turkish Sultan Erdogan , Mesut Hakki Casin , said that his country would ” teach all the Americans how to swim in Aegean waters “. This is not ‘code ‘ , this is an open threat .

Casin , a member of The Turkish Presidential Board for Security and Foreign Policy – also threatened  the closure of all U.S . bases in Turkey , and the closure of  ‘THE STRAITS , Dardanelles and Bosphorus ‘ , to prevent U.S. Navy access to The Black Sea .

Such threats are in response to Turkey , losing , good friend Trump , who for 4 years has been teaching Erdogan how to swim under the American national interest and play with the bath toys and illusions of a Greater Turkey .

Such pandering to the insatiable , the ungrateful has diminished the status of The United States in the eyes of many longtime allies .

It will be interesting to see how the new administration of Biden will react to  ‘threats of harm to Americans !’


Perhaps the current swimming instructor , con-man-der , Commander in Chief , is weighed down by ‘the lead ‘ of commercial interests , and the confusion of  ‘Turkey Thanksgiving Pardons’. In any other Administration , Mesut Hakki Casin , would not only be  ‘shitting himself ‘, but the diplomatic ,polite ,  Washington  phone call demanding his resignation would all ready have happened .

In fact , the reality of the consequences of such treats to ‘Americans ‘would have prevented notions of hubris and arrogance . The Lame Duck , has embolden , Turkey Muck .

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  1. If somehow we can avoid catastrophic nuclear war with Iran and Russia in the next few weeks, I can only hope that Biden will pick up where Obama left off with Netanyahu. He’s really the puppet master here as Likud/Kosher Nostra continues to dominate US politics and foreign affairs.

    Obama called Bibi a chicken-shit for not making a real deal with the Palestinians. Trump has become Bibi the Organ-grinder’s monkey who now faces prison time for his many crimes. He has the survival instincts of a cornered rat and is looking for anything that would provide that “national emergency” he needs to stay in office indefinitely. Again, may Heaven help the crew of the USS Nimitz.

  2. And what the USA has forgot in our Black sea? 😁. The whole Black Sea is a huge trap for aggressors.

    • The US Navy is only in the Black Sea as a provocation. When the proverbial excrement hits the device for moving air, all of those ships will become sitting ducks, expendable. Most likely, the next war with Russia will be nuclear and whole cities will be expendable, you and me included, Andy.

    • Tommy, i have a bunker near my house. And my city has military airbase and a global radar for EU, Africa and ME. If i don’t croak, i’ll move to Siberia. That place will survive during the stone age 😁.

    • Russians certainly know about catastrophic existential warfare having engaged in it numerous times. The old joke goes, a Russian and an American go into a bar. The American is going on about how he has lost everything, his job, his house, even his wife. It seems to him like the world is coming to an end. The Russian replied, “You poor man, is this your first time?”

  3. Hopefully, we are witnessing the destruction of the Republican Party, and if they disrupt the the congressional recording of the electoral vote on January 6, “healing” be damned; round up the ring leaders right there on the House floor, and have them detained pending charges of sedition against the US.

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