December 18, 2020: A Warning to Americans, an Intel Drop


    …from the Senior Editor

    VT personnel give private intelligence briefings that include information that most often can only be hinted at in publication.  Today we put as much accurate data in front of the public as possible but fearing that it may well be too late.

    a briefing, one of many, seldom if ever photographed

    We have overwhelming evidence of a Russian attempt to destroy the US using Donald Trump and those around him, particularly those who are vocally calling for military intervention or congressional rebellion.


    In March 2016, we stumbled over one of what we know to be many efforts to penetrate the the US for what we believed was the purpose of espionage.  Toward this end, Russia made a 180 degree switch from supporting activism and civil rights in the US to aligning with right wing extremists, Christian “nationalists” and groups like Oath Keepers, the NRA and the varying police cults, militias and the GOP.

    We believe that many GOP political leaders who switched from hating Donald Trump to supporting him are working for Russia and that their views and statements are reflected daily in the writings in Russia Today and Sputnik News.

    Behind this, we identified Ukraine as being used to recruit and control Americans working for Russia.

    Remind you, VT has been long accused of being pro-Russian for allowing South Front to publish its videos and for featuring uncensored news from Syria and the Middle East.  The DOJ has been in nearly constant contact with VT over these issues now.

    That said, we wonder how they miss the real threat?  Is it accidental?

    Back in 2016, we were approached to organize a veterans organization of both Russian and American former military.  The approach came from Russia, we are told from a former 3 star general.  To head that organization, Russia sought to have two people, Gordon Duff and General Michael Flynn.

    Secret discussions with a high ranking source included frightening information on Michael Flynn related to a visit he made to Russia in 2015 to a gala sponsored by RT.  Because of this information, we chose to pass on this opportunity, believing it may well have been a way of exploiting us to provide cover for something extremely nefarious and dangerous to the United States.

    We have extremely strong reasons to believe that this approach was one of many, that included/includes attempts to penetrate our cyber security community, possibly through Israeli partner companies that are deeply penetrated by KGB/FSB types.

    Similarly, in Ukraine, we believe that efforts there, help in the 2016 election, investigations of Hunter Biden, arms deals with extremists, in actuality were cover for espionage operations by Russia against the United States.

    We were interviewed for many many hours by Mueller investigators that ended up sharing their conclusions which totally support the hypotheses here, something we are not going to delve into for reasons of national security.

    We have very strong reasons to believe that the 30 oligarchs from Russia who relocated to Israel during Trump’s 4 years have been taking advantage of the powerful Israel lobby along with AIPAC and the ADL and other groups, working in concert with Turkish and Saudi intelligence, and partnered with Trump insiders to destroy the US.

    This “magic 30” represents the financiers behind Trump and act as his controllers.  They are more powerful than any world government. than-30-russian-tycoons-to-move-to-israel/

    This is only a taste of the vast amount of intelligence we have.

    Other questions are simply “why?”  Why destroy the US, militarily, financially?  Was COVID a part of this, whether the virus is manmade or not, it was certainly enabled by Trump who we now know pushed a secret program of herd immunity which destroyed the economy and has thus far killed 310,000 Americans with another 100,000 dying as we speak.

    Herd immunity has been pushed through the Russian press and those who have fought against it have been been threatened or even removed from government by Trump and his handlers.

    We believe “herd immunity,” which has destroyed Sweden, was secretly pushed on America, as we can now prove, by Russian agents backing Trump.

    It goes further, so much further. Worst of all is the recent hack, staged only short weeks after America’s cyber security chief was fired by Trump.

    The Russian hack targeted our nuclear security agencies, putting our nuclear arsenal at risk.  We now know Trump covered for the hack and is failing to respond. The hack went on for 9 months, according to the Daily Mail who reported today that Russia fully accessed our nuclear stockpile.

    Making it all possible were the hedge fund managers who placed foreign intelligence officers in key positions, often as CTO/CEO of every cyber security company in the US.

    This is easily verified.  From the DM, the extent of what is known thus far, but we will never know how far it really went.

    • Suspected Russian hackers also got into nation’s nuclear stockpile networks
    • Energy Department and the National Nuclear Security Administration breached
    • Targets include Los Alamos National Laboratory, which conducts the government’s most sensitive and advanced nuclear research
    • Evidence of the attack was also found in the networks of the Office of Secure Transportation which is responsible for moving nuclear materials
    • Another breach might have probed how to disrupt the national power grid
    • Officials warn the hack is on an unprecedented scale and poses ‘grave’ threat
    • Trojan horse in SolarWinds network software was used in sophisticated attack
    • Sources say another, unnamed, major tech vendor was used as attack vector
    • Russia denies involvement but experts say campaign bears Kremlin hallmarks
    • Scale is astonishing with most Fortune 500 companies likely breached
    • Biden promises to punish the hackers as soon as he enters office  

    The Russian hack is something far worse than 9/11 and was timed very carefully to coincide with the flurry of fakery after the election.

    We believe that the post-election controversy, the “Stop the Steal” wasn’t simply a fund raiser for Trump to fight rape charges and New York fraud.  We believe it was timed to allow the Russians a last chance to take down America at a time when the nation would be crippled by a fake civil war orchestrated by media organizations partnering with Trump who are under the control of foreign intelligence agencies.

    We mean Fox News, of course, owned by Rupert Murdock who has a long history with the Mossad but we also believe that a real investigation will show ties to Russia as well and we strongly advocate that this be looked into.

    We are also looking at InfoWars, Epoch Times, OANN and many more, of former “activist” platforms as well.

    There was always a common stream for all free speech activism and that was pushing a two-state solution in Israel and backing UN resolutions condemning that nation’s apartheid policies.

    Lo and behold, 2020 comes, Trump backs Israeli apartheid totally and those who had, in the past, built their names on backing the Palestinian cause now back Trump 100%.

    We believe a Russian backed operation pays most of them, there is no other possible answer.  You make your own list here but VT has one and it is very long, very inclusive and very well documented.

    Why take down the US?  Maybe Benjamin Netanyahu stated it best as told by murdered VT editor, Thomas Mattingly, the man who first reported Russiagate in March 2016.  This is an excerpted, read it all, link supplied below:

    Bibi and Fink’s Bar (1990)

    In 1990, after returning to Israel and after being Israel’s UN ambassador in New York, and before the First Gulf War, Bibi Netanyahu was in Jerusalem at Fink’s Bar – dining and drinking with high level U.S. Embassy staff and others.

    Bibi and his loyalist group at a Fink’s Bar private table in Jerusalem had just stolen five (5) NSA-developed KG-84A cryptographic devices in Golan Heights (with help from Canadians serving with the United Nations Truce Supervision Organization), giving Bibi, his loyalists and others real-time access to all U.S. State Department, U.S. Navy and NATO communications.

    This is what Bibi Netanyahu said while sitting at the head of that private table in Fink’s Bar (transcribed from a secretly recorded audio of Netanyahu at that meeting – words that few Americans, Israelis or others have seen or heard until today):

    “If we get caught, they will just replace us with persons of the same cloth. So, it does not matter what you do.  America is a golden calf; and we will suck it dry, chop it up, and sell it off piece by piece until there is nothing left but the world’s biggest welfare state that we will create and control. Why? Because it is the will of God, and America is big enough to take the hit; so, we can do it again and again and again. This is what we do to countries that we hate. We destroy them very slowly and make them suffer for refusing to be our slaves.” [Confirmed by an “attendee” during a debriefing.]


    Bibi Netanyahu Is a Russian Spy

    During Bibi’s pre-1988 time in the U.S. as Israel’s UN ambassador, Bibi was also Israeli spy Jonathan Pollard’s “handler” for others in Israel, as per VT staff who worked closely with President GHW Bush and his National Security Council. Then and afterwards, Bibi was also a spy for USSR and Russia, as per VT sources. Thanks to Bibi, U.S. intel stolen by Pollard also went to Russia. That’s what U.S. intel has not yet said (i.e., TS+).

    In 1984, during the Iran/Iraq War, Israel bombed Iraq’s nuclear facilities at Osirak – supposedly to protect Israel from a nuclear attack by Iraq. However, during the war, if Saddam had a nuclear weapon, Iraq’s first target would have been Iran – not Israel. So, Israel may have protected Iran (for which some Iranians are begrudgingly grateful).

    During the Iran/Iraq War (1980-88), some/many Israelis, Americans and others were saying, ‘Let the Muslims kill each other.’ But before, during and after the war, Bibi’s loyalists needed a strong Saddam in Iraq as a continuing enemy of Iran, which was and is Israel’s most powerful economic and geopolitical rival in the Mideast. So, Bibi and his ‘visionary’ loyalists did not want Saddam to be removed during the 1991 First Gulf War.

    President George H.W. Bush learned of the Israeli espionage and theft of NSA KG-84A encryption devices during the First Gulf War, noting that America would be defenseless against Russia in a nuclear war.

    As Bibi and his Israeli/Russian/U.S. loyalists wished, the U.S. then pulled out of Iraq earlier than planned — leaving Saddam in place (1991+).

    During the First Gulf War (+/-96 hours), an implicit/explicit risk was this: Had Saddam been removed, with subsequent U.S. occupation of Iraq, the occupation would be a foundation for orchestrating geopolitical confrontations that would escalate into WW3 (nuclear+) – with careful ‘guidance’ in Washington and Moscow to ensure the result.

    Above is the little-known history of why the U.S. did not remove Saddam during the First Gulf War. The above events influenced all subsequent history in the Mideast. President Donald J. Trump, former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn and Trump’s continuing military and foreign policy advisers may or may not know this history.

    The above vulnerabilities, combined with spying by Hansen and Pollard (both working for Israel+) and by others more successfully protected by AIPAC, made 9/11 possible – by ensuring that America’s enemies had daily access to decryption keys and intel. You and a few others now know the source of the U.S. nuke weapon launch codes openly conveyed to White House switchboard operators on September 11, 2001.

    By 2001, one of the above espionage suspects would assume a U.S. cabinet post; one would become the president’s chief counter-terrorism advisor; and another would be special envoy to Afghanistan during the initial stages of the US-Afghan War. Their close cohorts continue to control the New York field office of the FBI until this very day (including 2016 U.S. elections); and others continue to control the National Security Agency and Department of Homeland Security. We call them “the usual suspects.”


    Bibi ‘Trumps’ America!

    Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin (“Bibi”) Netanyahu will visit President Donald J. Trump and the White House on February 15 (today). Trump’s son-in-law and special advisor Jared Kushner has played and will play a role in Trump’s relations with Bibi and Israel – as will Trump’s Chief Strategist Steve Bannon, who has an office near Bibi in Israel.

    In VT’s recent Intel Drop, VT authors disparaged Bannon and Kushner as follows:

    We are going to take things on with a rough attempt at stating their importance, the biggest disaster is Steve Bannon and Jared Kushner; Kushner is a pig-skinned little toad with an Israeli passport who served in the IDF. He is one of the most unremarkable people on earth, the talent and intellect Uber missed his pickup spot. He is the primary advisor to the President of the United States in areas of national security, behind him is Benjamin Netanyahu and anyone who doesn’t know that Netanyahu both despises the United States and is utterly insane is not paying attention.

     “Then we have Steve Bannon, a failed blogger and a real Jew hater who sees himself as the ultimate American tough guy; no military experience, a potty mouth and a long history of screaming at people in line at Starbucks. Like Kushner, Bannon has spent his life as a toad and ass kisser.”

    On Trump’s National Security Council, Bannon displaced Trump’s Joint Chiefs of Staff Chair and Trump’s Director of National Intelligence, who are now “optional.” Bannon and Kushner were two of a small number involved in decision-making processes on Trump’s failed Yemen raid (which killed one or more U.S. special forces soldiers and an indeterminate number of Yemeni women and children) – with questionable results, at best.

    A slightly more sane National Security Adviser to Trump (retired Marine Corps General Michael Flynn) will no longer be present as Trump’s counter-insanity adviser.

    Given the truth of the above claims about Bibi, Bannon and Kushner, VT’s “Intel Drop” may have sardonically engaged in significant understatement. Too harsh by half?


    After 9/11, Netanyahu told Israeli media outlets that the events of 9/11 had helped Israel to get U.S. President George W. Bush, the U.S. military and others to ‘wake up to what Israelis face every day.’ As usual, mainstream media ignored Bibi’s 9/11 cheerleading.

    As per firsthand knowledge and investigations by VT authors, staff and sources, Bibi and Bibi’s Israeli/U.S./other loyalists were involved in the planning and execution of 9/11. Bibi’s Israeli intel boys and girls were also present in New York and New Jersey on 9/11/01 – openly filming and celebrating 9/11 events. Bibi now returns to celebrate…

    9/11 was intended to lead to the U.S. bombing, invasion and occupation of Iraq, Syria and Iran — and the takeovers of several other countries, as per U.S. General and NATO commander Wesley Clark (retired).

    Bibi, U.S. and others installed Morsi as Egyptian president to order the Egyptian military to join the invasion of Syria to oust Bashar al-Assad. Not! When the Egyptian people and military ousted Morsi, then Russia, China & Mideast nations rushed to fill the void.

    Such conflicts were designed to escalate into a nuclear World War 3 with Russia and others – in which the U.S. would lose. This is what Trump, others and we confront today – with Flynn no longer present and Netanyahu in town to persuade Trump & Co.

    During the presidency of George W. Bush, I was involved in activities related to Iran. See my VT article, “Beavis & Butt-head ‘Do’ Iran – and World War 3.”



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    1. The evidence doesn’t matter anymore. It is only the accusation that matters, as well as the identity of the accuser and the accused. The presumption of innocence was replaced by the presumption of guilt.
      In the West as a whole, Russia is not in vogue. Not because Russia is bad, but because she becomes too good!

      • ” The presumption of innocence was replaced by the presumption of guilt.” This is a good line, pregnant with meaning. We may never know who did it…really, but of course someone must be blamed, as then a lot of careers survive. And of course the little country in the MidEast never even seems to make the suspect list, which is a bad mark against the investigators.

    2. Russia-Putin-Bibi,
      In my opinion,
      If Putin is a crypto Christian in Jews clothing, it would not surprise me one bit… The Bolshevik Revolution, home of the Marxist Jewish led insurrection of the so-called Christian czar… the whole family annihilated by the haters of Christianity??? All of a sudden, Putin revives the Orthodoxy’s resurrection of the Christian faith and is sometimes going to church on Sunday??? Tell me what it says in the Talmud about Christians, that congregational Jews… can lie right through their teeth and have no moral compunction whatsoever about such lies against non-Jews? They can direct the imaginations of any gullible suckers that would believe, as a premise, to propagate a false image of some contrived democracy, to believe free enterprise is now not, the socialist state of the past Marxist communist killers of at least 30 million Christians and Russian pro Czarist patriots….? Holocaust? Not a mention by the Nazi Israeli factions of the SS and Mossad Sanhedrin judiciary that controls all of Israel’s Rabbinic order, save a few!

      Bibi can walk in and out of the Kremlin anytime he pleases… Folks, the insurrection of the constitution of the United States of America. is well at hand. As well, the misdirection of the mainstream media, which is owned and operated by Ashkenazi affiliates… Would you please tell me that Trump is not a crypto Jew, a red headed Humpty Trumpty on the wall who has now fell off to meet those who can put him together again…???

    3. Contract v Covenant

      Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks:

      “Biblical Israel had a society long before it had a state… And there is only one nation known to me that had the same dual founding as biblical Israel, and that is the United States of America which has its social covenant in the Declaration of Independence in 1776 and its social contract in the Constitution in 1787…
      But what makes the Hebrew Bible unique… and makes it completely different from Hobbes and Locke and Jean-Jacques Rousseau is that this wasn’t the first founding moment of Israel as a nation, as a political entity. That took place at Mount Sinai when the people made with God not a contract but a covenant. And those two things are often confused, but actually they’re quite different.
      Covenant is central to the Mayflower Compact of 1620. It is central to the speech of John Winthrop aboard the Arbela in 1630. It is presupposed in the most famous line of the Declaration of Independence… “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal and endowed by their Creator with certain inalienable rights.”
      They are self-evident only to people who have internalized the Hebrew Bible”.
      Jewish Policy Centre article, July 16th 2019.
      ‘Israel a security asset for the United States’.

      • Wellameena, it’s well known that the Ashkenazim are not related ethnically to the indigenous inhabitants of Palestine. Rather, they’re a mostly Turkic people who lived in what is now southern Russia and Ukraine between 650 and 850 AD when they converted to Judaism. They’ve no claim whatsoever to Palestine except in their religious imaginings. Also, the present state of Israel is certainly not a “security asset” of the USA. In fact, Israel nuked us on 9/11 and got away with it. Looks like they might do it again to keep Trump in power.

    4. Trumpsters are bitter. Those who haven’t already left the building are still claiming that the Dems somehow “stole” the election, despite having over 50 Republican lawsuits thrown out of court by both liberal and conservative judges. That all of them are in on this grand conspiracy is a bridge too far for anyone even remotely connected to objective reality. Sorry, Trumpsters, the Dems have finally figured out how to win elections, main-in voting. That allowed many Dems in our big cities to vote, many for the first time, as Republican vote suppression techniques had historically disenfranchised them since forever. That’s what the Trumpsters are really pissed about, they thought they had stolen the election fair and square, but this time it didn’t work. Like Linsey Graham said, “We have to do something about mail-in voting or we will never win another election in the USA.”

      • RE: Mail in voting…two things. That black churches had been getting old folks to the polls by having them go to the church where shuttles would drive them over to vote all day, while holding events at the church to entertain people and kids. With mail in voting, that made increasing the assisted living and nursing home votes, similarly where churches would help people apply for the ballot, and then fill it our correctly when they got it. Once you have done thing once for them, then it is easier the next time, less labor, which can then be moved into new voter registration. I found a GA kid, still 17, who worked with a peer team out of his well off parents enclosed back porch overlooking the pool and hot tub, who had registred 65K new 18 year olds since November 3rd, 23K of whom were in GA. These young people now understand organization and execution, and teamed up with the old people mail in voters will not be a permanent force in politics, the next big test of which will be 2022, which they wil begin working on after the GA runoff.

      • I can only say, more power to them, Jim. Mail-in voting sure made the difference in Atlanta, Detroit, Milwaukee, Phoenix… all cities where there had been active Republican voter suppression going on since forever. It’s why Trump only wanted recounts in the big cities, and why over Republican 50 lawsuits were thrown out by both liberal and conservative judges. But, he’s like a cornered rat right now so anything can happen and probably will.

    5. “Lo and behold, 2020 comes, Trump backs Israeli apartheid totally and those who had, in the past, built their names on backing the Palestinian cause now back Trump 100%.

      We believe a Russian backed operation pays most of them, there is no other possible answer.”

      One other possibility?

      I think many of the more intelligent followers of alternative media have only begrudgingly backed Trump because of their fear of the rise of a fascist military/medical world dictatorship; with the UN, WHO, Gates, Democrats, Big Pharma, Big tech and countless corporate co-conspirators with China sadly lumped in as the scapegoat. The 4th industrial tech revolution has certainly scared the living **** out of me. I can only guess that this threat has in many folks eyes largely outweighed Israel’s danger. VT making many posts too, about Israel having become a floundering mess.

      More than one group of bad guys is more than most readers can face.

      The “magic 30” are not well known and there’s no credible looking good guy in sight. Putin is the last shining hope for many even if the odds seem slim.

    6. It’s no secret that VT absolutely hates Trump. And hate is an emotion that can cloud ones objectivity. It can also cause a person to make false or misleading accusations about the target even though it may damage their credibility. It’s caused me personally to vow never to vote Democrat again. Or to watch CNN, MSNBC, or other media outlets that engage in 24/7 anti Trump propaganda. Is it worth sacrificing ones integrity to destroy someone you hate?

      • The only one hating anything or anyone is Trump. He’s a criminal in need of removal and you’ve had too much of his coolaid.

      • If justified criticism is regarded as “hate” , then what you have is immaturity as the fertilizer for tyranny. This is a church objective also, as they wish to be viewed as an equivalent to a race or a gender, so any criticism of them is regarded as hate.
        Good luck with that.

      • I would suggest you consider that our main concern about Trump at VT is that he is a very serious national security risk. and we would be happy to be witnesses at the trial. Until that day happens, we will keep the spotlight on him. After all, its not like we are out on a limb all by ourselves, and Trump’s entire life is one of a fine upstanding American citizen.

    7. Does the US government have operational control over it’s own computer systems? What about Fortune 500 companies and banks? Have the hackers essentially just sucked all the data on these systems? Can this massive hack be fixed? If not what, what are the implications? If it can be fixed, what would be the road map for doing that depending on when that could be achieved?

      • Good point, ..the timing of the hack does coincide with big tech facing break ups here, and I usually say Ellison is the bear riding the dragon, and he and Musk and others are all moving to Texas. Which is then announcing secession ???? I dunno, is Oracle too big also ?

    8. Surely Biden will come handy against all the Russian/Israeli espionage. Well at least we are off sinophobia for a while. But GOP will still remain literally a terrorist party, much like they like to brand Hezbollah or Hamas for. Republican party officials should be banned from entering more than half of the world countries, asset stripped and incarcerated, including the president, something Spain once attempted with Bibi.

    9. We are seeing a massive disparity between people and their governments. Lack of basic knowledge of position or situational awareness cannot be overstated. This is clearly observable in the US, Britain, Canada, Australia, and Russia. From the micro, it is easily observable that many in Canada, have no idea the Queen is the head of their state, Australia also, and they will vehemently deny this is true. The Russian immigrant with residency in Israel, working in the US, will overwhelmingly support any evangelical cause without much question. Others who have long had their own agendas, are also jumping in, and the US is swarmed with foreign influence, and the cure is quite simple, if we recognize, corporations have become more powerful than the, By The People, who are supposed to be the Government of the US. There is much to do. As with any struggle, supply chains should be established to prevent our reliance on others. Those who are confused, should focus on basic situational awareness.

      • I’m so glad you asked. The answer is when I see a reduction of involvement in US protest movements by British and Australian saboteurs. Of late, I can simply post a suggestion that Canada or Australia should declare independence, and the onslaught begins, full of denial. You should consider it a favor to be urged to independence, since you like our position so much.
        “In 1975 , the governor general John Kerr, sacked the Prime Minister Whitlam”
        It is a blatant false equivalence to consider a country founded on expulsion of Monarchy, the same as one who embraces it. And it makes no sense to consider monarchy independence. The US has enough problems at the moment. It sure would help if you guys declared independence. I didn’t go looking, Aussies came here.

    10. Jeeeeeesus Christ!!!
      I hope the hunt for the Russians doesn’t start here?
      Mr. Duff and Mr. Dean, can I not pack my bags and stay here with you?

      • In the last hundred years there was at least 3 chances to make a better world for all, 1918-1945-1991 and those three times always was the same people, britons and zionists, who sabotaged that opportunity. After WWII, I dont think russians they wanted confront the West, but yes a peacefull cooperation and coexistence, but again, they had face britons wishes of wipe they out and the cold war the outcome. This happens again in 1990/91 but with US as figurehead of britons and zionists to plunder Russia for 10 years almost, instead to do a peacefull cooperation and coexistence. I believe that we cannot blamed to you and russians to be angry with the West…

    11. Gordon, when you say “Russia” is behind all of this espionage and intrigue, don’t you really mean Israel, the nation that nuked us on 9/11? Just because many of those oligarchs are ethnic Russians isn’t what defines them so much as their connection to Likud and the Kosher Nostra. I’m sure Putin has to do the little dance in obeisance to Zionism just like Biden will have to. It isn’t even close, however, to the full on love-fest that Trump and his family have had with them. If we are going to be nuked again by anyone, it won’t be the Russians. It will be the same shitty little nation that did it the last time.

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