Should Joe Biden Face A Firing Squad?

Michael Shrimpton comments on the Pentagon's plans for military tribunals and firing squads. He also comments on the collapse of the British negotiating position in the Brexit talks and China's introduction of a new variant of Covid to Britain.


Merry Christmas one and all! Tiz the Season of Goodwill to all men of course, except for Democrats and the French. The big question facing the Intelligence Community and the Trump Administration this Christmas-tide is whether or not martial law should be declared and Joe Biden and Kamala Harris tried by military tribunals. Obviously military intervention will only come if the Pentagon are satisfied that it would be constitutional. Although the MI6 dossier seems finally to have made its way to the White House it’s too late now to use it in the civil courts, sadly. Her civilian institutions have failed America, including the Supreme Court. It’s now up to the military.

Nobody is seriously arguing that the Democrats did not steal the election. The evidence is now overwhelming. The idea that the election was free and fair is essentially confined to the New York Times, CNN, the BBC and other elements of the lunatic fringe.

I can’t see the Supreme Court intervening. My analysis remains that two of the male conservative/nominally conservative justices are being blackmailed over their sexuality. Essentially the Supremes have caved in and are timing the President out.

I also respectfully agree with Dick Morris’s analysis that the Supremes were spooked by Democrat threats to pack the court. It can now be seen that the failure to fix the size of the court at say nine members was a serious, possibly fatal, flaw in the US Constitution. This is the problem with written constitutions – you always leave something out.

I entirely agree with DNI, with respect, that there was foreign interference in November’s election, although I’m puzzled by the references to Iran and Russia. Iran wants Biden, who is anti-Israel with respect, and willing to permit Iran to hang on to her nuclear weapons. However she would have been quite content to let the Krauts and the Chinese make the running.

Russia had no motive at all to intervene on behalf of Biden, who works for their strategic competitor China, no offense intended. They also had precious little motive to intervene on behalf of President Trump, who has given them nothing. All the fraud was on behalf of Chinese Biden.

No, it’s China and Germany. There’s a Venezuelan connection, but only because Dominion voting machines were also used to swing the late Hugo Chavez’s election.

The Insurrection Act

It is a matter entirely for the President’s legal advisers and the Defense Department’s capable General Counsel, but there are clearly arguments in favor of using the Insurrection Act 1807, last used, ironically, by George ‘von’ Bush, that is to say Bush Senior, during the Los Angeles riots. Sidney Powell, a strong candidate for Attorney-General, seems to think that the act can be used, as does General Flynn. He of course is a strong candidate for Director of the CIA, to replace the failed Gina Haspell.

No one is calling for Joe Biden to be assassinated. Political assassinations can safely be left to the Germans – they’ve had plenty of practice after all. If he is to be shot, it should be by firing squad. Naturally he would only be shot in the nicest possible way, after a fair trial. The US Army have plenty of experience of conducting executions and can be trusted to do the job properly.

Who else is at risk of being convicted before a military tribunal? The trick on these occasions is not to make it look like a job lot. My old friend General Pinochet, who was an awfully nice chap, may have over-egged the pudding a little bit, with respect, when saving Chile from communism and German domination in 1973, although thankfully most of the people he had shot were liberals. I’m sure he’d be advising President Trump to declare martial law.

Kamala Harris is an obvious candidate for execution, no offense intended, as are House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (TIPWNOI) and the oleaginous Senator Schumer. It looks as though the plan is to execute the women by lethal injection, hence the trial run earlier this month.

Time is of the essence. Obviously it would make life a lot easier for Congress on January 6th if the Democratic Party candidates for President and Vice-President were ex-candidates, as it were. You can have dead Democrat voters, but you cannot elect a dead Democrat candidate.

On balance I think that it’s now too late, sadly, despite the Pentagon’s careful planning. The President has mostly treacherous advisers and it looks as though they have shot down the idea of martial law and military tribunals, however fair. Poor advisers like Jared Kushner, no offense intended, have hampered President Trump at every turn.

I have already warned about the consequences of having a Chinese asset in the White House. A President Biden would be a high-order threat to hemispheric security, no offense intended. Both the domestic and international consequences of his swearing-in would be likely to be severe. We are past the stage, sadly, where this crisis is going to be resolved peacefully.

The Anglo-European negotiations

They’re still talking! There is excited talk in the MSM of a last-minute deal, encouraged by leaks from the pro-EU, anti-British Cabinet Office. It seems as though Boris, under heavy pressure from the soft Remainer Michael Gove, has caved in on fishing rights.

It now looks as though it was Michael Gove who was the architect of the plan to throw our fishermen under the bus in the hope of obtaining concessions in other areas. He’s already thrown Northern Ireland under the bus, humiliating Boris Johnson in the process, by surrendering to Brussels over the sensible Internal Market Bill. (I understand that it’s Michael Gove, by the way, who’s holding up my Royal Pardons.)

My analysis is that Gove has a hold on Boris, whose resignation is now expected in the New Year. If a deal is done it will be on European terms. There’s no way that it could be in the British interest, although the two GO2-controlled cartels who control the distribution of narcotics in the United Kingdom, will be relieved. Most of the heroin and cocaine coming into this country comes via truck from the EU. Barely one in ten trucks is checked. (This makes a bit of a nonsense of the argument this week from a group of crazed chief constables, if that is not a tautology with respect, about a deal being essential to the fight against crime, not that the police are currently waging one.)

The good news is that once the terms of any deal are revealed it’s likely to torn apart in the House of Commons by the patriotic European Research Group. Boris is now a lame duck and surrendering to Brussels would only make his position worse. Humiliated by his bitter enemy Michael Gove Boris would go down in history as a second Neville Chamberlain were a deal to go through.

Another piece of good news is that a deal wouldn’t be worth the paper it’s printed on. That’s because of Article 50 of the Vienna Convention on the Law of Treaties, combined with the EU’s nasty habit of spraying money around in order to secure agreements. I’m not thinking so much of any ‘free trade’ treaty, as last year’s Withdrawal Agreement, on which any new deal would be predicated. Take down the Withdrawal Agreement and you take down any free trade with it.

If no deal is done, or a dirty deal is done and then shot down in the Commons or the Lords, which need not involve outright rejection (a bill could simply be talked out beyond the 31st December deadline), or vetoed by the French,  then there’s bound to be conflict in the fishing grounds. The EU has nothing but contempt for British sovereignty.

HMS Duke of York – victor over the Scharnhorst in the Battle of the North Cape

Hostile European states like France and Spain would encourage piracy by their fishermen, which it will up to the Royal Navy to stop. If the main bodies of the French or Spanish fleets emerge from their bases to challenge the Royal Navy there would be a naval battle. This would be likely to go much the same way as the Battle of North Cape 77 years ago on Boxing Day (Saturday), when our community partners in the battlecruiser KMS Scharnhorst got their feet wet. It’s a well-known fact that Johnny European doesn’t like getting his feet wet.

Put another way, once the talking ends the shooting begins. Far too few Europeans have died so far in the Brexit process, if all y’all want my humble opinion. What goes around comes around. Johnny European is due for a comeuppance. How fitting it would be for it to come at sea, at the hands of our brave Jack Tars.

The new Covid variant

As predicted the Chinese have been trying to engineer their Covid-19 bio-weapon to get around the new viruses developed through the brilliance of Western science. The new variant, which I call the Brazilian variant, since it first appeared in or about April in Brazil, has been introduced to Britain. It looks as though it came in via France, since the initial outbreaks were in Kent, near the Channel Tunnel and Dover, and Portsmouth, also a ferry port.

Since the Fifth French Republic is essentially Vichyist, it is reasonable to suppose that Paris agreed with Peking to allow Chinese carriers, by which I don’t mean their version of UPS, to take the new strain to Britain. The French of course have been bullying us to agree to the EU’s outrageous demands on fisheries. Prime Minister Johnson thinks that the French are our “friends” – precisely the same mistake Chamberlain made when dealing with our community partner Adolf Hitler. (In fairness to Hitler he was probably more pro-British than Macron.)

Infecting Britain with the Brazilian strain is an Act of War by the People’s Republic of China. Moreover it’s an Act of War involving a Weapon of Mass Destruction, justifying strategic thermonuclear retaliation under the Laws of War. Since China is herself armed with nukes I am not suggesting that we should unleash our Trident missiles on China. We should however declare and wage conventional war, first telling the public the truth about the origins of Covid-19 in Wuhan. Porton Down know and presumably have briefed in the Cabinet Secretary, who presumably has briefed in the PM.

I am only calling for a short war with China of course, which would make up for our gross strategic blunder in not entering the Chinese Civil War on the side of the nice Nationalists after the Communists shelled the sloop HMS Amethyst in 1949. She had been proceeding up the Yangtse on her lawful occasions when she was brutally shelled by a Communist battery without provocation. We have not forgotten the good men the commies murdered that day, who have still to be avenged. It’s time to remind Johnny Communist who won the Opium Wars! We in the West have been doing the dying this year. Now it’s the turn of Communist China’s neo-imperialist running dogs.

This week’s movie review: White Christmas (1954, dir. Michael Curtiz)

This famous Christmas movie is almost as popular in Britain as it is in the States. It gets an airing every Christmas and this year is no exception. If anything there’s even more of a market this year for sentimental schmaltz, after 12 months of brutal, non-stop biological warfare from China.

Three criticisms are usually made of White Christmas:

(1)    It’s schmaltz.

(2)    It’s too American, and

(3)    Its dated.

The first criticism misses the point. Of course it’s schmaltz. That’s the whole idea of it! How can you make a schmaltzy movie without schmaltz? It would be like cooking roast turkey and not adding cranberry sauce, or having a war with China without dead Chinamen.

The second criticism is just silly. White Christmas was made in America, with an all-American cast, set in Vermont and New York and aimed at a primarily American audience. How could it be too American? It’s part of the movie’s charm.

The third is equally silly. It’s 66 years old. Of course it’s dated! How could it be made in 1954 and not be dated? White Christmas is also timeless, however, which is why it still be shown on our screens in 2120.

Merry Christmas to all my readers and a Prosperous New Year. (You can forget peaceful.) This will be my last column for the year, but I’ll be back in the New Year, God willing, unless the Jerries finally get me!

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  1. You said, “I can’t see the Supreme Court intervening.” Well, they were presented with a Trump campaign case against PA, on Dec 21, and asking for case to be expedited. So far, they have said nothing, but they yet could.

  2. All the nay sayers, should remember that it was Mr Shrimpton, who, back in the day, claimed that Madeleine Mccane was kidnapped by a GERMAN DVD PAEDO GANG.

    Now, we see in the news, that they have arrested and charged a german paedo.

    Im just saying, had he been ANYTHING but German, Mr Shrimpton would look somewhat ill informed. And so, you must assume that he is very WELL informed, if he is able to succesfully tell you the nationality of the culprit, years and years before the cops get him.

  3. A bit of a Freudian slip old boy. Under the sub heading, ‘The new Covid variant’, you refer to ‘ The new viruses developed through the brilliance of Western science’.
    In context you must have meant to refer to vaccines!
    Granted if, like the rest of us, you follow some of your co-contributors to VT, then you might have followed, Fort Detrick closure, Wisconsin, Manitoba, Charles Lieberman, and a lot of Gates funding to individuals and organizations. If so then you were not so far off referring to the Western brilliance on VIRUSES. Alas, from the rest of the article I don’t think that is so.
    Late post, missed it on the 23rd.

  4. Even though today is Christmas Day, I have been thinking about the most blatantly fraudulent election I have ever seen, Nov 2020. And it made me think of the fraud expert, Frank Abagnale, who continues to warn people that identity theft and fraud are 4000 times easier now than when he started his career, because of computers and social media. He uses a couple of different facial recognition software, and tells people NOT to put full frontal photos of themselves on social media. So why doesn’t someone ask him if the election was fraudulent or not? And if so, how? That reminds me – nobody here has mentioned the worst fraud of the election, which is the 2 Joe Bidens. I watched fake Joe do the 2nd debate, and it was so easy to spot about a dozen points of real difference between his and the real Joe’s faces. And then there are bodily mannerisms. The media and the pols all know about the fake, yet there is silence. Democrats as well as Republicans should be outraged by the use of a double DURING an election, the essence of fraud, especially if you really care about the real Joe. Since they got away with it so far, why would they not dump real Joe even before the Inauguration, or shortly after? Someone is planning to do him in. Anyone who cares, should speak up now.

  5. This week’s movie review of White Christmas… I have not seen it yet, but my husband and I just got done seeing Holiday Inn for the 1st time, an Irving Berlin musical about all the major federal holidays of that time. It’s not schmaltzy, imo. This movie is the one that launched both of the songs, “White Christmas” and “Happy Holiday”. Both unexpectedly became famous, with “White Christmas” later winning the Oscar for Best Song. Filming took place between November 18, 1941 and January 30, 1942. The attack on Pearl Harbor changed the movie a bit, as they added film footage of American military strength for the July 4th holiday. “White Christmas” the song became famous BECAUSE of the war. The movie came out in August, and by Oct, the song was #1 and stayed there for 11 weeks. It seems that troops stationed in snow-free countries (and in snow-free states) were longing to be home by Xmas, snow and all. Serendipity. “White Christmas” is still #1 in Christmas and holiday songs, confirmed the other day by a Top 100 countdown on the radio. It has earned its place.

  6. Well, it’s Christmas eve. I will do some of the usual Xmas things this year, even if seeing family is only on a Zoom call tomorrow. We will watch a couple of different versions of a Christmas Carol. But in deference to the political situation, I also plan to watch Dr. Strangelove tomorrow or the weekend. I recorded it the other day. I have never seen the movie, except for a small bit where Peter Sellers is on the phone. Very funny!

  7. Messrs Duff and Dean: With all due respect, I understand that you permit this gallows-bird to use the VT platform as life insurance. But how can one recommend VT to other veterans when such garbage contaminates its otherwise very informative pages?

  8. Who knew that we had gone over the cliff into being a military dictatorship in 2020? Here we were all thinking that crazy Trump would be escorted from the White House, feet first if necessary, on January 20th and transported to Rikers Island where he would stand trial for money laundering and tax evasion in the Southern District of New York. Now we know that instead he’ll be declared president for life!

    I’m hoping Gordon will weigh in on the upcoming military tribunals and firing squads. Maybe there’s some secret intel that he could share with us so us Democrats can make for Canada.

  9. In the immortal words of Captain Edward Smith, as his ship foundered, following the dastardly DVD attack, “Be British!”

  10. I knew food shortages is gripping the UK but I didn’t know that the supply of pharma drugs are affected as well.

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