Now: Terrorist Car Bombing in Nashville, 3 injured (New videos/photos/latest)

With groups like the "Oathies" threatening attacks...we are waiting for someone to take credit...

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Update: 5:04PM EST. The RV with the bomb issued a 15 minute warning for its detonation, showing that the bombers did not want maximum casualties or they would have timed the event for Christmas eve or later today, when more of the local people would be on the street.

An RV might not have attracted undo attention with local folks thinking it was a traveling guest visiting a local resident. A lot of these people will be out of their homes for a while, and those with an unstable building may not be able to move back, a tough blow in the middle of the winter in the worst of the pandemic.

Thank God the RV was not parked near one of the big hospitalsJim W. Dean ]


VT: Working blind, we can only suspect that a splinter group of one of the larger organizations that might be somewhat like the Proud Boys or Oath Keepers might take credit.

Then again…always layers and deceptions…meaning it could be anyone.

VT: The explosion happened at 6:20AM on Christmas Day in Nashville’s business district.  It is already deemed an act of terrorism by local authorities.  The car now seems to be an RV.

This was a powerful bomb.

The target may have been the AT&T building.  The initial report was “shots fired in the area.”




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  1. I’m just wandering whether the extremely well informed and technically able gents at VT are not excluding very important information on this incident that appears to be obviously an attempt to wipe the dominium system of all evidence of election fraud? This is a very important event similar to 911.

  2. The bizarre aspect is the extraordinary lengths the perp went to notify. It’s as if they pondered the question, “How can I do this and have people say something nice about me every time they discuss it ?” The year a virus didn’t affect children as they usually do, and a bomber cleared out the innocent people which they never do. The extra time at the end of the countdown, is particularly interesting, if the perp was well aware of the Actual time it would take perhaps an indication of studious observation and experience with the public. The level of caution, and the timing, indicates intelligent application of prior evacuation/emergency experience, or someone who studies it.

  3. Target: AT&T building.

    Connection: Cerberus Co, Dominion Voting Systems.

    Purpose: to make a fake terroristic act with real blow. To clean the territory and get legal quick access for federals into that building for investigation. Without any search warrant.

  4. Nashville Bombing was an attempt to bring down a main telecommunications interconnect. “The Grid” Many telecommunication services affected.
    So it seems the Nashville bombing was directed towards the main NashIX interconnect. An interconnect is where many different ISP’s and backbone fiber services interconnect and merge. The building was the ATT building where their main interconnect is also located. There is a hazardous warning sign outside of the building, which is likely where the interconnects back up generators are stored. The generators likely are powered from propane. It seems they were trying to hit the propane generators fuel storage, which was likely right behind the wall that the RV was parked near.

  5. Meanwhile, Trump is too busy playing golf at his club the second straight day, with Lindsey Graham, and couldn’t give two shits about the Covid relief bill flown down to Florida and sitting on his desk, or a domestic terror bombing in an American city on Christmas! Total disgrace and disgusting POS!

  6. This is undoubtedly a political terrorist act. The connection with the presidential race is obvious. The explosion was pretty strong. It pulled out trees and pedestrian paving stones. But the time of the explosion and the location were chosen to minimize the number of casualties.

  7. Yeah sure! Terrorist attack in Nashville, in the buisness sector on Xmas at 6:20 where it’s garanteed to not have a soul over there! I’m sure it’s not a stupid attempt to accuse Iran of another bogus attempt to justify hitting it before Trumpet leaves office with cuffs!!!

  8. I think they’re overreacting. It was an RV that exploded and its very cold right now. I live in Lebanon, just outside of Nashville.

    This part of town is where the homeless live. God bless the homeless. But it was a gas explosion and it was an RV.

    Propane tanks? Meth lab?

    I know it was a huge explosion which a propane tank alone would not cause but combine it with a few other conditions?

    FBI should know this. I just don’t think its terrorism.

    • The vehicle was broadcasting a warning that it was going to explode, with a countdown. It wasn’t an accident, and it wasn’t caused by homeless people.

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