The Killing of ‘Ashli,’ Looks to us like She was no hero, not fucking hardly…watch her death and tell us what you think…

Responding to a tweet Monday by conservative author Melissa Tate saying, “Landing in DC. Here to do God’s work. Save the Republic,” Babbitt responded, “I will be there tomorrow! Gods speed!”

Heroes?  Is Rudy right?  Were all in the video below AntFa?

Editor’s note: I apologize but this is a hard fact…none of us are going to cry if MAGA nut cases that tried to blow up congress get themselves killed.  Their idiocy has contributed to 350,000 dead Americans and 4 years of tyranny and suffering, children in cages…and a rampage of murder around the world.

Four people died during the violent protest at the Capitol, according to Metro D.C. police. One woman was shot by police, and three others died as a result of medical emergencies. 

Dead from gunshots is Ashli Babbitt who charged armed officers in an attempt, as stated below, to “take out” Vice President Pence, minimally an “arrest” which would have required killing Secret Service officers in the process.


So far, more than 52 people have been arrested. Of those, 47 were related to curfew violations. 

Law enforcement officials said they also found two pipe bombs, one at the Republican National Committee and one at the Democratic National Committee. A molotov cocktail was also found not far from the Capitol. 

D.C. police officials also say two pipe bombs were recovered, one outside the Democratic National Committee and one outside the Republican National Committee. Police found a cooler from a vehicle that had a long gun and Molotov cocktail on Capitol grounds.

Supporters of President Trump stormed the U.S. Capitol in Washington, D.C., on Wednesday, forcing Congress to evacuate as lawmakers counted electoral votes to certify President-elect Joe Biden’s victory in the November election. The chaos erupted shortly after Mr. Trump gave a speech once again falsely claiming to have won a second term and vowing “we will never concede.”

The angry mob clashed with police, climbed walls and broke windows and doors at the Capitol Building. Some breached the Senate Chamber as police officers drew their guns. The nation’s capital is under curfew tonight as a result of the violence. Four people died at the Capitol, according to D.C. police.

Troops from Virginia, Maryland and Washington, D.C. National Guard were deployed to help quell the violence. Several hours after the initial breach, law enforcement announced the Capitol had been secured.

The Senate reconvened around 8 p.m. ET  and the House reconvened at 9 p.m. ET to continue the counting of electoral votes.


TERRORIST GEAR! Anyone who wears this hat is now saying they support Terrorism. They are NOT Americans. They are Terrorists!
They may have supported policies they thought would help our country which is something we all must respect. But a line has been crossed. This is now the gear of Terrorists!
If you choose to wear this hat, you are telling all of us that you are a TERRORIST! So think about this. Then burn your terrorist gear and be an American.  Instead, find another Candidate for office that supports your ideas and policies.  It’s an easy thing to do.  So do it.  Be an American!


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  1. Let me offer a slightly different take on all this. The real issue here is that US elections are “rigged to be rigged.” If Americans knew one percent of the truth about systemic election fraud (mostly by Republicans), false flag terror, political assassinations, CIA drug dealing, elite pedophilia and blackmail, etc. etc., they would burn all of DC to the ground. And I would be on the front lines and willing to risk taking a bullet to help do it.

  2. Anyone wearing a red hat starting today must be considered a complete moron capable of anything. That is as polite as I can say it. If you serve them, sell to them, wave to them, or in any way support them, you are “them”. And spare me the “unity” speech, try that with the judge.

  3. The orange apprentice was never planning to leave without putting a show and making a travesty out of USA’s system, and this is his sorrowful legacy, an average Hollywood blockbuster scene turned into a very ugly real.
    Beware Christian Zionists who you elect to support.

    • Yup, that is a first hand witness, telling you he broke into the capitol and had no negative interactions with police. Good ole boys. That is where the phrase comes from.
      btw,… good time for folks to go back and watch Gene Hackman in Mississippi Burning.
      And then lets see if a list of arrests shows up. The next week will be defining.

  4. Btw, if this woman was a security trained AF veteran , she definitely should have well known better than to try to jump through that window with guns pointed at her while they were yelling for her to get back. AF has many places that are shoot on site places. Even flight line workers know this, let alone security.
    This speaks not only to the subtle hypnotic state Trumpers are in, but also of AF training and placement during the recruitment and evaluation process. Unbelievable, until it isn’t. Of course her entire “high level security” label could be embellished,.. which happens a lot.

  5. As cult members and total devotees to the orange buffoon they had injected disinfectant into their bloodstreams. They wanted to have the full MAGA experience, and to feel closer to a “Lying pos” these idiots had injected “Lysol.” **

    ** I’m not crying. I agree with Jim and Gordon.

  6. I watched this unfold on TV and on the internet and it is so obvious the protestors where allowed if not set up to breach that building. I happened to be in DC during a George Floyd protest at the House of Congress building and the street was full of protestors. There was a police presence and that was enough to deter the crowd from all storming the building. A few got in but they were promptly ‘dealt’ with and escorted to a police car. This really looked set up today. There was no police intervention initially at the Capital.
    I saw this behavior in SLC, The heavily armed oath keepers surrounded the city county building in Cottonwood Heights they were very connected and friendly with the police. They were protecting them.
    I guess it was all fun and games ’till they actually had to protect the Senate. This doesn’t add up.

    • It seemed like it, but what we really watched was the same thing we have been seeing for years. Trumpers are treated very differently than other protestors and white privilege was on full display today, just like the Michigan capitol.
      If those protestors had been a few shades darker, the guard units would have been there since morning. And the charges will also reflect a stark difference in how they are treated.
      White christians have preferential treatment by police, and the cops should have noticed they left their blue line flags home today.

    • There was literally a guy in a pepe the frog outfit, who broke into the building, and was escorted out nicely, without arrest. That is what we saw.

  7. Beware the false flag! Who stands to gain from this violence? And who does the media immediately blame?

  8. Well, I predicted all of this nonsense to tRump family and friends as they still do not comprehend what has simply went down in America.

    What do we do with out dear tRump supporting friends and family? Many of whom are heavily armed?

    My friends are old and weak who support tRump and this nonsense however, its best to ignore the BS and let the show play out.

    Perhaps a SSDI disability retirement and a federally subsidized housing unit perhaps?

    Wait, that is what the tRumpers are already on. LOL

    Looking at the pictures of our dear tRumpster warriors compared to our dear Green Beret whom are thin and trim and competent.

    Scraped the bottom of the barrel our dear contractors did?

    Lots of focking laughs with this sh&t show….

  9. What goes with QAnon poisoning and MAGA madness is likely suicidal depression…particularly now during the Trump flu

    • I think also depression grabbed to Pence’s chief of staff Marc Short hours ago when was banned from White House by Trump…

  10. That is SAD! R.I.P. You are a REAL PATRIOT! Who killed Her? That MUST be investigated and the MURDERER must be identified! The, ‘Land of the Free’ has morphed into e Rotten Banana Republic because of the unheard of manipulations, cheatings that have taken place in this, Election(?), that turned out to be fabricated outcome in States, Cities under the Control of Democ-RATS!

    • She died as the result of an overdose of Q-anon poisoning….OAN and Newsmax rubbish are likely in her system too. Real patriots abide by the law….still sad though, that she ate all that up, for the likes of Trump and his dubious group of family/mob connections….You think they care about this country?

    • Look at it this way…you have 3 capitol police pointing guns at her, screaming at her to get back….she puts on a large backpack…FOR NO REASON…and tries to climb through a very small broken window…with a large backpack for no reason…in a building where they have been finding IED explosives planted by people carrying large backpacks for no reason…

    • Trumpers learned today, that certain places, upon being infiltrated, do not hesitate to shoot and ask questions later. And not many questions. That room, is shoot upon entry. but, the infiltrators, do not even know how elections work, they certainly had no security knowledge.

    • Newt, she wasn’t paid. it is actually dangerous to think that. These people are convinced that what they are doing is correct, and they are a fully recruited and radicalized bunch of traitors.
      It should not be excused with insinuations that they didn’t want to be there.
      A real bunch of assholes.

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