America: A Nation Beyond Repair?

A Bold Question But Is It? Only Time Will Tell.


America has surely been no stranger to dark days but prevailing through those dark days together has truly been a sign of what makes America a nation to be looked at as a beacon of hope. A place where hard-working kind people reside. Where our differences make us stronger and our ability to tolerate those differences and move forward together with the idea that though we may not always agree with our neighbors, roommates or even spouses. That one thing holds true. We will not devolve ourselves into undecent morally repugnant animals. We are better than that and those that have come before us. We forever strive to be better and to continue to evolve and push forward. Onto the next challenge and the next dream.

Sadly after the events of yesterday, many may be asking the question. Is our nation beyond repair? Is this who we are? Is a civil war imminent or can we come back together and stop the nonsense? Get back to the realization that though things are not perfect and for many, they aren’t even functioning at all. We still live today in one of the best times of human history. Life is easier than it has ever been and it will continue to get better if we can just get it together and stop this fighting each other mentality and get back to the work that makes us a great nation.

So I say NO NO NO AND AGAIN NO! America is NOT Beyond Repair! We can and will face the task at hand and move forward. President Trump is soon to be the past. If you voted for him. LET HIM GO! He was president for four years and in four years’ time, you will have another chance to elect a representative that you feel fits your lifestyle. But for now, take your loss and MOVE FORWARD. To continue this bickering, protesting, complaining over a result you don’t agree with will only have a negative effect on your own nation, city, and neighborhoods. It does no good and if it does no good then what’s the point?



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  1. We need pragmatic and honest self evaluation, complete with a list of outside or foreign agendas that seek to control or disturb us.
    I looked the other day at questions new immigrants face on the test when they become citizens. One in particular struck me as being very misunderstood by many people.
    { 10. What is freedom of religion?
    You can practice any religion, or not practice a religion } The freedom to not practice a religion must mean we are not forced to subsidize in any way with public tax dollars any religion. When we do,.. we endorse it and give it political power over people, and no law should be made regarding any religion, including tax exemption. What we just witnessed is one potential threat to ourselves, due to this favoritism. And the incoming admin, is not willing to give up that power, they are delightfully grasping it with both hands.

  2. Before anything what you need repair is voting system, no more electronic machines and not postal vote, only allow physical printed ballots that you can see, touch and count after one by one, filled by a voter alive with a valid I.D. on his hand in the elections day

  3. ……..and could it be the occult is now losing its power? Its grip over our precious Souls?

    From the heart of Washington DC, it looks to me like we are seeing the first signs of a Zombie Apocalypse.

    And I am quite serious.

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