This could all have been prevented: How mental health experts were silenced (locked in the White House..NOW….with the nuke ‘football’

Terrified of Trump and of the "Goldwater rule," the media silenced mental health experts who saw the danger


Salon: There is an unambiguous reason why mental health experts have not been seen or heard or read in the national media during the past four years. The mainstream media has intentionally blocked these experts from speaking out about Donald Trump’s mental pathology and its dangerous impact on the public’s safety and welfare.

The professionals who understand Trump the best have been gagged and muzzled. The media has been a major enabler of Trump — and that continues to this day.

Mental health experts could have helped to prevent Trump’s election in 2016, minimized his destructiveness from 2016 to 2020, and/or thwarted his re-election chances in 2020. Their collective voices could have been loud, compelling and impactful.

History will show that the mainstream media has been as complicit with Donald Trump as any other group of enablers, including congressional Republicans, cabinet members, close associates and his millions of supporters.

The role of the free press is vital in a representative democracy such as ours. It is protected in the First Amendment of the Constitution. The overarching purpose of the press is to be a watchdog of government and of our elected officials.

The press is our indispensable friend. We depend on it to expose, inform, explain, interpret and, yes, warn. The free press is the foundation of our democratic way of life. It is what separates us from authoritarian regimes and third world countries.

A duty to warn the public is a central component of the role of the watchdog press. Politicians are under the microscope because they are our elected officials and must be held to account. That is the specific task of the press.

When a politician is malicious or engages in nefarious activities, it is the responsibility of the free press to expose and warn — all for the greater good of the people.  read more about the Goldwater Rule…

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  1. Maybe someone can educate me here. I was raised Catholic (44 years sober from that) so I should probably know this, but here goes. #1 The OG Christians are those who followed Jesus? #2 Jesus was not one for Temples or following false Gods? #3 Jesus was not a promoter or follower of religion? He despised Usury. Why do religions and people who profess to be religious claim to be striving to follow in the footsteps of a man who professed Love and being true to oneself (god), Turn the other cheek and all that and yet appear to be worshiping an alien god and tiething who knows what? I feel for those 1st Century Christians Pakal, those were the days! One other question. Are we Rome? In a couple hundred years there would be nothing put a plastic puddle to show. Oh and some unsurvivable Uraniaum piles. Have we figured out what to do with that shit yet? And where in the hell is the book of Jesus? Don’t tell me he was like Agent Orange and was illiterate.

  2. I blame the democrats as well as the republicans for the damage done by the evil orange clown. They let him get away with crimes which started soon after his inauguration. In fact they egged him on. They could’ve impeached and removed him but they refused to do it, all the while being warned about the danger by the “World Mental Health Coalition.”

    They think it’s bad that four people died in Washington DC yesterday? Wail till the evil orange clown’s nuclear brinkmanship and WW3 tripwires bring results. If he isn’t stopped immediately and his self-destructive policies reversed “we ain’t seen nuthin yet.”

  3. Dear David: real Christians, those in the 1st Century AD, went to the lions while singing canticles rather than serve in the Roman Legions.

  4. And it will be said, a thousand times, how much yesterday reminds them of when christianity shows up and overthrows countries. The rhetoric in the posts and the chants and the words and the behaviors, and the actions, and the source. Everywhere in the world.
    Trumps supporters , are from every judeo-christian faction. That is who he served, and that is who supported him, and continue to do so. Very unsurprisingly I might add.
    Allowing this black eye on religion to be covered with “concealer makeup” is a disservice to humanity, and wrong for any soul. Immoral by any standard.

  5. In ‘Nam, we had our own rule: if an officer said, “Take this hill!” the reply came, “after you, sir!”
    Else they were fragged.

  6. Religion was not a bit player, they were the main base and financial support for the entire thing. Without the religious base, trump had a zero shot of getting the nomination.
    He was constantly lauded as ‘sent by god”, even as recently as 5 minutes ago.
    He was supported by many different denominations, a word that should have been used properly before the RNC convention of 2016.
    There is no walking this back. That would appear to be a 2 year old with chocolate on his face denying he was in the cookie jar.

  7. Exhibit A: Mary L Trump PH.D.
    Too much and Never Enough
    How My Family Created The Worlds Most Dangerous Man
    I’ll give you the media could have endlessly cited references from this book Healthcare professionals could not even give us accurate physical reports on this guy. He hid his taxes and his women with endless NDA’s and Lawyers. His bankruptcies somehow gave creadence to his wealth. How he miss treated and screwed his contractors and associate and even his friends (wives). Yet his followers see him as a family man and Christian.
    We only hear what resonates with or beliefs and what we want to hear. I know you are married Gordon even the best of ‘um can relate. No excuses though. Trump survived by repeating the lie beyond often.

  8. Why don’t the American System handcuff this buffoon and drag him to jail? He’s a threat to peace both in USA and rest of the world.

  9. Another overwhelmingly obvious observation from yesterday. The insurrectionists were imitating the BLM movement after dominating the stream chats with vitriol for months and months. Even verbatim lines being shouted at cops. This process was observable and the outcome predictable. The mental health of the US, begins with acknowledging our violent tendencies, and our callous attitude regarding our willingness to kill “others”.
    This is what the mental health professional with any honesty should be saying. We are a blood thirsty marauding nation of mercenaries and the icon of the tortured dude on the stick, is on full display. This was as much a christian event as it was white nationalism, and intergenerational insanity caused by repeated violence taught as OK by tax payer subsidized religions. It is a deep and profound psychological malfunction, and it continues today.
    It is in our day care centers where we teach, solving problems with violence is unacceptable.
    The self protective egos of mental health “professionals” are immature and spineless at best.

    • And speaking of psychology, it is immature deflection if anyone says, “well these aren’t real christians”. Yes They Are. This is the product and always has been. It doesn’t work.
      The so called ‘experts of human psychology” cannot with one hand say endless war is unavoidable, and with the other teach peace. Denial and obfuscation are not indicators of healthy mental fitness. Neither is lying.
      The religious do not march against war, they march for it. Unsupported by facts, just like yesterday. It is a learned and maintained behavior. No degree necessary to observe that.

    • Elvin, as many times as I say it, the immediate response is deflection and denial. It is a most immature deflection to say, christians are not christians, as soon as they do something horrible. If that were the case, then nearly all christians are not christians.
      That is a simple observation. Think, and observe honestly.

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