Breaking: Pelosi asks Pentagon to take Nuclear Football from ‘Unhinged president’



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  1. The first thing I would like to draw your attention to is that, as always, the American special services lack real evidence, so they use the word “probably”, which significantly reduces the credibility of these structures and their assumptions.

    Second, the Americans are “burying themselves in the grave”, claiming that their government structures can be easily compromised, emphasizing the absolute insecurity of their security system.

    Third, the lack of evidence of involvement and real damage makes attempts to raise the issue of applying the “fifth article” groundless. Some hotheads should also bear in mind that the use of force for far-fetched reasons (as a pretext) turns the United States into an aggressor who will face just retribution.

    Russia, President Putin, are not crazy. The very idea of an attack on the United States is absolutely absurd and even counterproductive. Therefore, I consider every American politician or military man who calls Russia to war (we simply will not come) as a moral monster, a stupid provocateur who deserves strict isolation in a madhouse. I do not understand this winter aggravation of the mentally abnormal representatives of the White House. I would like to ask a reasonable question: has a ship with a new drug arrived at the shores? What the hell are they smoking?

  2. What a mentally and morally defective hypocrite she is (as are they all). She didn’t have a problem when Trump attacked Syria and risked starting WW3; she didn’t have a problem when Trump tried to overthrow the Venezuelan government; she didn’t have a problem when Trump single-handedly trashed the framework of nuclear arms control, repudiated the doctrine of MAD and took us back to the most dangerous days of the cold war; she didn’t have a problem when Trump risked WW3 by assassinating Iranian General Soleimani; she didn’t have a problem with Trump’s escalating provocations against both Russia and China; it was only when Trump’s evil hit close to home that she suddenly discovered his lawless criminal insanity.

    If Pelosi had included Trump’s war crimes amongst the impeachment charges against him, this madness might have been stopped before it got to this point.

  3. If I’m not mistaken, Trump only by himself he can not ordering a nuclear strike, he need at least two cabinet members more to confirm a nuclear launch and I find very hard he can find two more unhinged as him…

  4. Yeah I’ve been concerned since he lost election.

    Its a remote viewing sort of thing and what I feel/see is really not good.

    This DC bs may have been Russia’s final preparation for their attack.

    I don’t want to scare anybody and honestly I am just a trailer park nobody living outside of Nashville, but what I see is serious danger ahead for America AND THE WORLD.

    Can’t somebody change the codes?

    • What you see are ghost, why Russia would want to do an military attack at this moment?? for what purpose ?? What they have to win?? Nothing to win, only some nukes falling over russians cities on retaliation.

    • Adrian, are you aware of the destruction America has inflicted on Russia the past many decades? And sanctions are the least of it.

      Russia has missile shields but will they even need them if they have the USA nuclear codes? Trump works for Russia not America.

      And I assure you, the advanced nuclear weaponry that Russia has been working on will not sit idle for much longer. I am part Russian so my love is for Russia, but Bolshevism and the Order of the Black Sun.

      You can do the math.

    • Randa, Russia’s most current missile shields are to defend Moscow district mainly, the most important. I don’t really believe Putin have a wild thirst of revenge and is lurking ready to launch an unexpected evil nuclear strike on America. The economic destruction America has inflicted with sanctions on Russia in last 10-15 years, leaving aside the 90’s, is minimal compared Iran or Venezuela and the impact has been mostly irrelevant and offset. Don’t be a fool believing the Obama’s bragging and lies when he said is a small and weak country and the tales of Russia’s haters west media. Is ridiculous and bored to see how them are used by the west as straw man all time.

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