Breaking/Exclusive: Trump on the phone with rioters, directing them to find Mike Pence’s family…and ‘Stop the Steal’ though kidnapping


VT:  There was always only one way for Trump and Giuliani to overturn the election and that was to force Vice President Pence into a bizarre extra-constitutional move, coordinated with Senator Ted Cruz, to halt proceedings.

As we know, Pence refused but Cruz was fully onboard.  To force Pence to comply, his family, who were all inside the Capitol, had to be taken.  Toward that end, Trump and his chief legal advisor, working directly with the leadership of paramilitary groups, sent teams into the Capitol.

It was one of these teams that murdered Brian Sicknick and maimed several other officers with lead pipes.  Trump’s team was armed with semi-automatic weapons and molotov cocktails.  One of their team was taken by Capitol Police.  Rudy Giuliani is trying to have him released before he talks.

A 70 year old Alabama native with a history of KKK involvement is being held.

Initial FBI arrests are targeting members of these groups that were directly in contact with Trump.  Several members of these groups tasked with hunting down the Pence family are serving police officers.

While Trump’s goon army, virtually unopposed because Trump stood down the National Guard and Pentagon, were killing a DC police officer with a lead pipe and hospitalizing two dozen more, Trump and Giuliani were on the phone.

Trump and Giuliani were on the phone with Tommy Tuberville, a new senator from Alabama, ordering him to stop congress.

They were also on the phone with leaders of the paramilitaries inside the Capitol, ordering them to find Mike Pence’s family.

This is one of the people tasked with kidnapping the Pence family.

If you wonder why the searching, from room to room, and why the  attack was ordered, this was it.  Once Pence’s family was taken and removed to a secure location, Trump would call Pence and tell him that he would never see his family alive again unless Pence stopped the legal proceedings that finally certified Trump’s loss.

These calls will show up on the phones of those inside the Capitol and may be confirmed though location finding through the local carrier.

They can also be confirmed by checking both Donald Trump and Rudy Giuliani’s phones.

Trump’s fallback was always to go after Pence, when money didn’t work, when intimidation didn’t work, that left going after Pence’s family, something Trump attorney Michael Cohen has pointed out time and time again, is exactly what Trump does when his back is against the wall.

Working under cover of a mob riot, Trump’s teams quickly moved through the building, brutally bludgeoning anyone in the way with their lead pipes.  They had been supplied with detailed directions and, we are told, were working with congressional staffers and sergeants of arms for both the House and Senate as well.

When the mysterious video hit, showing several Capitol Police officers guiding specific “demonstrators” through police lines while their compatriots were being brutalized nearby, we are seeing the breadth of this operation.




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  1. My first impression when I first saw this photo was that this fellow was in too good of shape to be one of the rest of the traitors and he covered his face better than the rest and made sure his head was down so you couldn’t get a good look at him for photos.

    He knew what he was doing.

  2. The US president does not have the right to take too extreme actions, even if he is sure, that he lost by massive election fraud, the rights for actions in this case are owned only by God. So prayer is the only thing available for the ordinary people, and the president is obviously one of them. Most of the people just dont differentiate between the CIO and the stakeholders when the organization in question is USA.

  3. The “Super-Dupers” hang around their interests in Wall Street. Some of them feel intimidated by the Russian-Jewish-Israëli Mafia threat of a teke-over of the US as bourgieoned thru Trump. What they have not noticed, is that it has already happened. I am schooled in sinology and Chinese history, and I can bear witness from my aquaintanses in Mainland Chine that they have a keen understanding of what is happening. They debate amongst themselves whether to follow up on or resist the Sino tekeovers throughout the world.

  4. I have never liked the death penalty for various reasons, but if this is true, seeing the Trump family swinging by their necks above the Capitol lawn (after public trials, of course) would be a good thing for the country.

  5. The situation is very serious.
    What I saw on 6.01.2021. was a well-planned terrorist attack against the US government!
    The actions(inaction) of the Capitol police chiefs, some rank-and-file police officers, and the leaders of the Washington National Guard show me that it is highly likely that they were involved in this terrorist attack by MAGA
    And you can’t just say, ” Let’s leave these clowns and move on, because that’s not how the state works.”
    The terrorist act of MAGA was committed against the US government, and the US must respond to it. Otherwise, the United States will cease to exist.
    We don’t know what the Maga were carrying in their backpacks when they broke into the Capitol.
    There can be everything from bombs to chemical and bacteriological weapons.

  6. How about that!

    A superduper false flag was announced, and there you have it.

    One with a script so good and going so deep that even the professional false flag unrafflers are buying it.

    First off, Trumps road to the presidency has been in the works for a long long time (watch an old Oprah interview with him, where she asks again and again if he would run. He “only wants to see America great again”. Goes back, what, 30 years?)

    He was groomed and his road was prepped too long and too stringently for his handlers not to have a solid handle on his lose cannon personality and having him follow a prepared script. to have him jeopardize the scenario. Personally I think that a lot of what he did was a part of the script leading to present events.

    This whole situations will end up giving Biden unlimited powers to clamp down even further on the freedoms of Americans.

    As for foreign policy…God help us all.

  7. Once these thugs are in custody and start talking to save their skins, the evidence will be forthcoming. It won’t be like 9/11 where there was no real evidence-based investigation.

  8. People outside the US are wondering if this is a coup by GQ-Anon gone wrong. In truth this is a typical small army of ragtags that the NRA pushes in marketing. They just fail to mention you that could be officially a terrorist, instead they tell you that you too could sit in Nancy Pelosi’s chair one day, with no mention of how long LaPierre and Heston made a lot of money.

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