How Ted Cruz and Josh Hawley have set themselves up to be expelled from the Senate: Historian

Michael Beschloss told MSNBC that the senators may have "aided an insurrection" and the 14th amendment could apply


Raw Story: Presidential historian Michael Beschloss on Saturday explained that the U.S. Constitution has a provision to prevent people like Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) and Sen. Josh Hawley (R-MO) from serving in office.

“First of all, has this ever happened before in the United States?” MSNBC’s Alex Witt asked. “Has a sitting president been delighted by scenes of chaos and carnage?”

“Never,” Beschloss replied. “Ever.”

“We never had a rebellion like this, an insurrection that was encouraged and maybe planned and executed by the president of the United States. We don’t know that yet,” he explained. “This is a president that you and I saw that speech he gave. He told the crowd to march up to the Capitol, stop the counting of the ballots and the stolen election — which was not stolen — and later on from the White House told them, ‘We love you, you’re special.’ No one will say that Trump did not authorize and possibly plan this.”

“The other questions linger. Was this an assassination attempt against the vice president, against the speaker of the House, others in the line of succession to Donald Trump?

  • Were these people trying to steal those mahogany boxes?

  • Was this a coup attempt?

  • Why did law enforcement allow this terrorist mob to get into the capitol and were there ties between this effort and a foreign government?

All those are big questions, we now have to refer them to the courts, to Congress and to the next president of the United States, maybe a commission.”

“And one more thing, if I might add to this, 14th Amendment of the Constitution says if you’re a member of Congress — senator or representative — and you have aided an insurrection, you can’t sit in Congress. As far as I’m concerned that may well define Josh Hawley, Ted Cruz, others involved with this,” he explained. “Congress is going to look very hard at these people and say, ‘Are they allowed to continue in Congress under our Constitution?'”  read more..


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  1. Hawley is yet another in a long line of phony patriot POSs from Missouri. I’d like to say that Arkansas is not as F’ed up, but we have Tom ‘bought and paid for’ Cotton and a Zionist ex-gov named Huckabee (both Trumpets). At least Hawley has the guts to stick to his guns…but Israel firster Cotton did cut and run, indicative of how much he could be trusted in a pinch. Don’t even get me started on Cruz the Canadian masquerading as an American.

  2. @Adrian…My feeling as well. The 1980 GOP October surprise was the signal that anything goes. TBH though, it was patterned on the Nixxon scuttling of NV peace talks that LBJ should have had him charged with treason.

  3. The non-acceptance and attempted blockage of results of a free and fair election, after the insurrection, is { Complicity and Participation } in the insurrection. If this is not made clear, and enforced properly, then we will have to do this again and again, until it is. The smart ones changed their minds during the “pause in proceedings”.
    This isn’t rocket science, and what we are really watching now, is the spineless nature of our own Legislative branch, partially in complicity with the insurrection. This happened before in 2001. So, this nail needs to be pounded vigorously with a proper sized hammer. Failure to do so, is more Dereliction of Duty, on top of an already large pile that.

    • David….results of a free and fair election…. hmmm, are you absolutely sure ?? free sure, fair…. I think last one fair was the 1976 Carter election….

    • So if action is taken, how is this unlike trading the devils we know for new ones we’ve not yet met?
      Hell must be empty. All the devils are here.

    • And btw, they made and formed their own case against them by filing over 60 lawsuits which all verified the election and were even dismissed with extra language in many cases citing the baseless nature of them. They all knowingly engaged in the insurrection, after the insurrection.
      To question this, is also engaging in the insurrection. This is an easily observable self imposed injury and no fault or blame can lie with any member calling for expulsion and removal.
      The constitution requires it,….the one they love soooooo much.

  4. “..All those are big questions, we now have to refer them to the courts, to Congress and to the next president of the United States, maybe a commission…”

    A politician said once, if you want that something not be able solved, creates a commision….

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