Norway’s Fake Vaccine Deaths, Vaccinating the Dying

Are those who fail to report this as VT is doing lying to the public? Yes.


VT: Thus far 29 Norwegians have died of Pfizer’s vaccine.  That story is being pushed by Russian assets around the world, in fact it is a perfect tool for identifying them.

Why is Russia doing it?  They are selling (through VT associates) their own mRNA vaccine, the Sputnik V.

What Norway did was to prioritize vaccinating the most frail over 80 patients with the most serious diseases and conditions, technically, and we aren’t overstating, the dying.


First of all, folks who have vaccine reactions should be very very careful about using vaccines and many should never use them, their reactions are so severe. Those reactions are often tied to inferior quality vaccines that use equine (horse piss) components that many react to severely.  Yes. people are lied to about this.

This is done purely to save money, no need to use horse piss at all.

As for Norway, they chose to, for no real reason, vaccinate those not expected to live long at all.  Did the vaccines push death forward by hours or days?

Probably yes.

Would the same reaction kill a normal 90 year old?

Not hardly.

Would the Russian vaccine do the same thing?


Are those who fail to report this as VT is doing lying to the public?



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  1. Pfizer vaccine seems like such shit compared to the Sputnik.
    Needing storage at -40 degrees makes Pfizer vaccine a sick joke.
    Russia protects its people, the US protects only its rich.
    Russia will sell or give away to anyone who wants it their Sputnik vaccine.
    But it is competition to US and western vaccine producers so there you go.
    The US/Israel bioweapon riding horseback nanotech style on a common flu virus that was used against Iran in early February and spread worldwide is the truth and the truth will not be told or even discussed not even here!
    Russia knows this is the case, we are collateral damage from a US military bioweapon attack on Iran. China was just the diversion and excuse to keep the attack “covert”
    Because Russia sent in hundreds of top scientists into Italy at height of the massacre there, they got a good idea of exactly what the virus is, what needs to be done in way of antidote and vaccine….but if vaccines will be effective is not really known – so wear masks, dont be stupid wash hands clean everything like crazy stay away from idiots, hope it mutates into something non lethal like war of worlds movie at end…

  2. WHO is obviously part of a problem, not solution. The WHO bragged about preventing vaccine nationalism, and achieved nothing, and they fail again at the fastest speed within a pandemic.

  3. The West is surprised that Russia has created an effective vaccine against COVID-19, said Federico Cuxo, a member of the Executive Committee of the World Federation of Science Journalists. According to him, prejudice prevents Western countries from realizing the fact of “Russia’s return to the top pharmaceutical league.”
    The creation of the Sputnik V vaccine by Russia against the COVID-19 coronavirus was the result of a rich history of scientific developments by Russian scientists, writes the Spanish edition of the French newspaper Le Monde diplomatique in an article authored by Federico Cuxo, a member of the Executive Committee of the World Federation of Science Journalists. It is reported by Rambler.

    • EU commission head Von Leyen she explicitly forbids EU members from acquiring any other vaccine than Pfizer or Moderna, Astra/Zeneca at this stage, as is part of EU contract, which means Sinopharm and Sputnik are out of the question, whereas other non-EU European countries have advantage of acquiring any vaccine out there. It’s cold war revisited. The psychopaths perpetually lead a Cold war, they never sleep, their departments are open 24/7.

  4. Russia their own mRNA vaccine, the Sputnik V??

    As I understand them, mRNA treatments are not vaccines in the usual sense. They are a form of genetic engineering.

    Sputnik V, on the other hand, is based on the well-studied human adenoviral vector-based platform.

  5. As a rough estimate about 1/2 to 1/3 of the techs I work with had flu like symptoms on their 2nd dose of the Phizer vaccine that we were given some symptoms lasting a couple days. The vaccine symptoms didn’t discriminate young or old our age ranges 20’s -60’s. This from a mostly Caucasian group of about 50 in my department. I Have spoke with our infection control nurse and of the 1000 or so dose the injected no serious symptoms have been reported.

  6. “…inferior quality vaccines that use equine (horse piss) components…” – GD

    I thought only two positions on vaccines were possible:

    A. They are perfectly fine as currently made and applied, and anyone who mentions the slightest problem with them is a closet anti-vaxxer.
    B. They are a hoax promoted by the likes of Bill Gates and are used to implant tracking and mind-control chips, and generally cause autism and other severe and permanent side effects.

    Duff is going to create cognitive dissonance with this intermediate position.

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