Powerful: Trump’s Real Threat? Crooked Nazi Loving Cops Across America that Hate Freedom…

“These are people who we give guns to, who get specialized training, who have access to sensitive information,” said Vida B Johnson, Georgetown University law professor and expert on policing, “and they took part in a plan to undo the votes for the democratically elected president.”


VT: It is time to reexamine the idea of defunding corrupt police organizations who aren’t just infiltrated but whose membership are the core of Pround Boys, Oath Keepers and other extremist groups.  Many departments allow police to shake down protesters, rob their homes and support a lavish lifestyle selling narcotics.  Don’t believe it?

You just aren’t paying attention.  There would be no meth problem without police and their partnership with producers.  Ask any DEA agent.  Tens of thousands of America’s cops are skinheads and criminals, been that way for a long time…and is getting worse every day.

Defund?  Decommission…clean the slate and start again..

Guardian: Experts were not surprised that officers were part of the mob, given the ties between some police and white supremacist groups in recent years.

For years, domestic terrorism researchers have warned that there are police departments in every region of America counting white supremacist extremists and neo-Nazi sympathizers among their ranks.

To these experts, and the activists who have been targeted by law enforcement officers in past years, it came as no surprise that police officers were part of the mob that stormed the US Capitol on 6 January. In fact, the acceptance of far-right beliefs among law enforcement, they say, helped lay the groundwork for the extraordinary attacks in the American capital.

“I’ve been trying to ring the alarm since before Donald Trump was elected,” said Cedric O’Bannon, a journalist and activist who was stabbed at a 2016 neo-Nazi rally in Sacramento and was later targeted by the investigating officer. “It’s nothing new. We’ve seen it getting worse and worse. The law enforcement collusion with white nationalists is clear,” he said.

In the days since the attack, which left five people dead and caused lawmakers to hide in fear for their lives, investigations have revealed that a wide range of US law enforcement personnel were represented in the crowd. News reports and other inquiries have identified roughly 30 sworn members of police agencies from more than 12 different states who were present at the Capitol, according to criminal justice news site, the Appeal.

When police protect neo-Nazis



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  1. They will hire from within familial circles or kindred political beliefs, and degrees often bring a more apathetic presence. In order to sustain a white supremacist department, the hiring has to be tightly controlled. Church is more important than college in this regard. These types of departments are much more fearful and wary of any strangers.

  2. The recidivism, and the gang like presence, controlling the hiring, maintaining longevity, and intergenerational power structures, are just a few ways , police become a deep state unto themselves. We have some of the worst training for officers in the world. Our fatality rates and incarceration rates show it.
    Our courts are cash registers and school to jail pipelines with a Highly noticeable courtesy extended to privilege and certain race. Police in large cities have too much power over elected officials.

  3. You build a house with the bricks that you can find and are available…. so, don’t complain later if the walls don’t look nice.

  4. Police should be required to have personal liability insurance, DA’S should be held accountable for covering up police murders (Mike Freeman ! Minneapolis PHILANDO CASTILE….technically Obstruction of Justice). Police unions should have RICO lawsuits against them.
    Over a 5 year period, from May 2013 thru May 2018 American polce killed 5,900 citizens approximately 1 person every 7hrs and 45 min….(killedbypolice.net). You can see on YouTube on a daily basis how police violate their oaths and violate citizens constitutional rights….channels like Tom Zebra or Laura Shark out of L.A. or Joe Cool and DPN News out of Chicago, Big Nick in Florida, Eric Brandt or Cut the Plasctic in Colorado to name a few of the good activists on the ground that are just trying to hold the police accountable. Some of them push the limits of what is necessary but for the most part won’t verbally engage unless engaged first.
    Its mind boggling that even when the police are recorded murdering people they are exonerated approximately 95% of the time. How much longer can this go on?

    • Tom Zebra has a heart the size of a bus, working all the time, mostly by himself.
      A lot of auditors are veterans. Anyone can get a glimpse of the gang like atmosphere pervasive among departments, the occasional good cop doing the right thing, and the nasty retribution and contrived tactics to avoid being held accountable by police.
      In LA they got approved for encrypted communications, cutting out the public and other departments from all police comms over the scanners. very dangerous move for the public. I’ve seen auditors save lives and prevent unlawful searches a hundred times.

  5. Is it just a coincidence that many of these cops were trained by Israelis? Is it just a coincidence that many of them are also Christian Zionists? Is it just a coincidence that Christian Zionists consider consider themselves the “chosen ones” who have brought the Ashkenazim back to Jerusalem in preparation for the return of their warrior messiah who will vanquish all unbelievers in a cataclysmic apocalyptic conflict that be the end of the USA as we know it and the beginning of a Christian Zionist theocracy? Just asking…

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