…by Jonas E. Alexis, VT Editor

If you say that Joe Biden is a bad guy while ignoring what Trump did for four years in the Middle East, then you are applying a standard that has no place in the political climate whatsoever.

The simple fact is that both the Democratic and Republican parties have blood on their hands. In fact, the Republican Party is a complete disaster when it comes to the Middle East. Keep in mind that it was the Republican Party which the Neocons used to give us the debacle in Iraq, one which continues to bleed America. It was the same disaster that will cost the United States at least six trillion dollars.

So it was quite interesting to read Michael Shrimpton’s recent article equating the Democratic Party with the “forces of evil.” In order for that statement to make any sense at all, its author has to completely ignore the fact that Trump was selling weapons to a terrorist country known as Saudi Arabia, and the same country was using those weapons to kill innocent men, women, and children in Yemen.[1]

Shrimpton also equates “Joe” with the “Chinese,” but Shrimpton doesn’t want to equate Trump with the Israelis, which gave us the wars in Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, etc. So how can Shrimpton be taken seriously when he makes sweeping statements and runs away from giving a fair hearing to the actual facts? Shrimpton says: “I always try to give an objective view.” Really?

Then why didn’t he mention the Saudi connection? Trump was willing to issue an “emergency declaration” in order to “push through an $8.1 billion arms deal to Saudi Arabia”![2] The senate rejected the “emergency declaration,” but the Trump administration still moved on to materialize their plans. Can we talk about that? If not, why not? Why didn’t he mention the fact that Israel was trying to use Trump to summon bogus allegations against Iran?

If Shrimpton is willing to say that both parties have blood on their hands, then we agree, but that is not what he argued in his recent article. In that sense, he must admit that he was not being objective.

[1] See for example “Saudi-led airstrikes in Yemen killed 99 civilians in 2020, monitor says,” Al-monitor.com, January 5, 2021.

[2] “What You Need to Know About Trump’s $8 Billion Saudi Arms Deal,” PBS.org, July 16, 2019; for similar reports, see also “Trump touts weapons deals with Saudi Arabia as peace groups accuse US of fueling kingdom’s war on Yemen,” Independent, March 20, 2018; “Trump Wants To Sell A Dictator $23 Billion In Weapons. Here’s Where They Could Go,” Huffington Post, December 9, 2020; “Trump to bypass Congress to sell $8bn of weapons to Saudi Arabia and UAE,” Middle East Eye, May 24, 2019.


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  1. Yeah Jonas, I agree that “theShrimp” is waaay out there with his one sided hit on Biden. Also I can remember at one other offering being more than sandwiches short of a lunch.. Still probably better to aim our guns at the actors in our ongoing fiasco’s than the commented on it all. I greatly respect your work, and your help in keeping the record honest. Always looking forward to your prescient take on events. Keep up your excellent commentary for us here @ VT!!!!!

  2. Shrimpton reminds me of RDS and his idiocy. Listened to an interview with RDS and Matthew Ehret the other day and it only confirmed to me that Ehret is BS as well. He also has a series of articles on the US and how it has been compromised and co-opted throughout our history. They discussed the events @1900 and what came out of them. Although the ME redrawing of boundaries and creation of nations by UK was the story, never mentioned was the creation of Israel end game. Then I ran across Ehrets article ‘Debunking the Jewish Myth’. What a load of BS. RDS BS is just that as well, BS. They should do an article likening Navalny to Trump. But neither would, as both extolled Trump as the anti-DS warrior and saviour. Never mind that he is Mossad owned, Israeli bought and the object of multiple indictments, regardless the rape payoffs and related charges as well. Navalny is a piker compared to Trump, but you’d never know it by them. Of course, the fact that neither color Israel as the leech state they are is indicative as well. The only disagreement between them? A very short, almost invisible denial of Q by Ehret, which RDS did not challenge, in fact he ignored the remark and continued his BS as if it didn’t happen. I guess he didn’t want to rock the boat with any outright disagreement. Funny as how we were to be saved by Trump, the consummate Israeli operative-in-chief, but Biden is absolute poison.

  3. Why do the VT Editors allow Shrimpton to be in VT?
    I am really sick of these English Tories telling the United States of America what to do and whom to fight.
    You know they will be asking America for another bailout after the Brexit fiasco.
    Really VT, haven’t we all had enough of Michael Shrimpton and the Pro Israel English Monarchy?

  4. Trump is an asshole who didn’t get it done. I’m tired of saying: there are no names for me as president of the United States. I am against all these bastards (bastards!) Who will now come to power in the United States. Are you pleased if your country will be ruled by perverts? Gays, lesbians, transgender people and other bastards? Do you want your children, grandchildren to learn sex at school from the age of 6? Do you want to be ass fucked at work because you are white? Do you want your rights to be violated? Do you want a middle sex bastard to command you? Do you want to call mom – parent number 1? Do you want pedophiles to fuck your kids on the streets? Do you want US veterans to be called terrorists ?! It’s all terrible! Have the courage to say your NO! Destroy these LGBT bastards! Do not turn your country into a country of tyranny and absurdity. This is your country. Stop closing your eyes and pretending that everything is fine! Government for the people and not vice versa! Why should I, a Russian, tell you about this? Where is your spirit ?!

    • Andy, in these threads, you have said repeatedly that you “like or love the US”. But, if you don’t see yourself as being part of the improvements within and for a unified nation, then you are merely trying to exacerbate a wound.

      Your comments in these threads have repeatedly stoked thoughts and feelings of unfounded white superiority. And yet, the legacy that you carry with you as a proponent of all things Russian is for a people that was, from my college European History course of the period 1450-1850, ‘the most disenfranchised, downtrodden and impoverished citizenry in Europe’. And from that, I would suggest, is the fount of your discontent, rather than American failings. I would also suggest that America has never had, and never will have, anyone like Ivan the Terrible, whose legacy of cruelty, insensitivity and viciousness reverberates across the skin of the bear like an irreparable tattoo.

      With respect, if you really want a dialog about which system will face down the boogeyman, keep expounding, because I’m sure there are many more educated than I who would be pleased to have this discussion with you and like thinkers.

    • Wow, what an outpouring! First off, Trump did his job admirably, as intended…he did not screw up. You sure do seem to be overly occupied with the gay thing. Many things you mentioned occurring is more political BS than reality. Then again, as many have postulated, these are things pushed by ‘Jewish overlords’ to destroy the US, are they not? But, I guess we’re not alone, are we? Did not Chabad-Lubavitch Putin endorse RF laws concerning antisemitism? Does he not guarantee Israels security at the expense of long time allies? Does he not allow the Atlanticists to continue to tear at Russia’s very fabric? Have the Rothschild’s banking influence been dealt with? The allegations by Navalny, Browder are lies, says Putin. How do we really know? Is it really state propaganda? Then there is the push to change the Russian constitution to allow Putin to remain in office, opening the way for anti-democratic Tzarism to return, the new Bolsheviks? From NK, Syria, Turkey, to Israel, hasn’t Putin allowed the cabal free rein? Christian democracy and civil rights has it’s limits, much like in Muslin governed countries, huh? No wonder Trump appeals to Russians. The Bolsheviks were hated, is the prevailing notion, as they were responsible for slaughter…but overwhelmingly popular Putin and the Russian state continues to protect their proxies, Zionists…also backed by the Chabad-Lubavitch Trump. Why does it take a stupid American to tell you this?

  5. Shrimpton represents what is destroying us. Or, trying to destroy.

    Synthetic Hive Mind wants to devour humanity.

    To some, there is nothing, absolutely nothing in this universe or any of the other multitude of universes, more important than retaining our true Divine Soul(s).

    This will be our victory.

  6. Listening to religious radio stations they speak of the great evil of the democratic party. They preach that democrats are anti-religious. The eight years of the Obama administration where the worst thing ever for religious freedom and that the Biden administration will be the fall of Christianity. Shrimpton, Fabio, MDS seem to be greatly influenced by these messages. Well as my wife would say – trying is not doing – or something to that effect. So when Shrimpton says he always tries to give an objective view, take him for his word. He is not doing it!

  7. Why oh why isn’t it reported in the MSM that the US has ” Always” been Israel’s biased supporter in it’s ambition to gain 100% of Palestine .This is because & until that occurs they believe “Baby Jesus” will not return as promised in the Judeo/Christian Scriptures
    Many of the Jewish founders of Israel have recorder in their papers that 100% & even more is Israel’s real objective & Christians regard the whole operation as a Crusade.

  8. “Unless, of course, the definition of ‘genius’ in his ridiculous dictionary is ‘a fat dullard or wobblebottom; a pompous ass with sweaty dewflaps.”

    “The Black Seal”, Series 1. Blackadder

  9. Shrimpton is brought in to VT so the Q-Anon people, the Aussies and Russians don’t pass out reading the realities that you write. It’s their pressure valve.
    I used to laugh at his writings and now I can’t even go beyond the first sentence. When he discloses at the start of a writeup that “I always try to give an objective view”, it means start laughing and stop reading.

    • I’m guessing that Gordon keeps Shrimpton around for laughs like you said. His screeds are the antithesis of everything else presented on VT. He objected once to my telling him that Israel attacked us on 9/11. Actually I said that Israel nuked us on 9/11. His delusional world where the Germans are responsible for everything evil in the world is cover for his slavish support of Israel and of course Trump.

    • Without specifying who, Gordon Duff wrote that VT keeps certain contributors around to provide material that appeals to the “crazies”.

      Of course, there is always the possibility that Shrimpton is writing in code, and one just needs to dump his articles into a word processor and use the “find and replace” function to have it make sense.

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