Jewish Space Lasers Attack America, Part of Biden Plot – GOP/DOJ


Not a word about destroying the water supply of Damascus on behalf of ISIS or butchering Palestinian children…and of course, as we all know, it wasn’t just the Rothschilds but Joe Biden, Bill Gates and George Soros had a part as well…

VT: The belief center of the Trump base is blind love of Israel and support for her even against the United States.  Any questions about that?  Oh yes, you can take bribes, arm the Arabs as well, the corrupt murderous sheiks who have critics chopped to pieces, not critics of them, but Khashoggi was a critic of Donald Trump.  You didn’t know that?

So, why are lovers of Israel now festooning the red states with swastikas and decorating synagogues again?  Anyone see something fake in this?

We do.  These were the heroes our friends in Israel wanted to see in power until a few days ago…and the 180 degree policy change.  It was their cash that paid for this…and maybe now America needs to present Israel with a bill…

(JTA) — Among the many posts being unearthed amid renewed scrutiny of Marjorie Taylor Greene’s social media history is one in which the new congresswoman implicated “Rothschild Inc” in connection with a deadly forest fire that, she wrote, was started using laser beams from space.

Greene, a freshman Republican from Georgia who made waves during the campaign for her promotion of the QAnon conspiracy theory, made the accusation in a 2018 Facebook post that is no longer visible. In the post, Greene offers a mix of evidence-free speculation as to what caused the 2018 Camp Fire, which burned more than 150,000 acres and killed 85 people.

In reality, the fire was determined to have been started by electrical wiring belonging to Pacific Gas and Electric. [ Editor’s Note: PGE paid a huge damage award to the state, admitting that this was the case, due to poor maintanence…JD]

In her post, Greene noted that Roger Kimmel, a board member at Pacific Gas and Electric, was also the vice-chairman of Rothschild Inc. Greene also wrote that PG&E had invested in technology to beam solar energy from space down to Earth. She claimed in the post that that technology had caused the fire. The post was first reported on Thursday by Media Matters for America, a liberal media watchdog.

Suggesting that the Rothschild family is conspiring to cause damage for profit is a longstanding anti-Semitic conspiracy theory, and one that is baked into the QAnon mythology.

Greene wrote that “there are too many coincidences to ignore.”

Greene has expressed overt and more subtle anti-Semitic theories over time. In 2018 she shared a video, also on Facebook, that lambasted “Zionist supremacists” and advanced the “great replacement” theory, which falsely alleges that Jews are conspiring to undermine white-majority countries by bringing in non-white immigrants.

Like others who have amplified the QAnon theory, Greene frequently calls George Soros, a Hungarian-American Jewish billionaire and mega-donor, an enemy of the people.

A video from 2019 shows her following Parkland, Florida, shooting survivor David Hogg as he walks in Washington, D.C., and accusing him of being funded by Soros. Fred Guttenberg, the Jewish father and gun-control advocate whose daughter Jaime was killed at Parkland, first shared the video this week.


In recent days, Green has also come under scrutiny for suggesting in the past that the school shooting in Parkland, Florida, was a “false flag” event. She has also advanced a conspiracy theory about the Sept. 11 attacks.

Greene amplified some of these ideas in Facebook posts that she deleted this week, shortly after joining Congress. It is unclear whether the Camp Fire post was among the recently deleted posts, or whether she made it unavailable previously.

Multiple Democrats are seeking to expel Greene from Congress, citing her expression of conspiracy theories and past social media posts threatening violence against lawmakers. They include Rep. Lois Frankel of Florida who said, “Many members of Congress are afraid to be in the building with her.” But a two-thirds majority of Congress would need to approve for that to happen.

Republican leaders have appointed Greene to the House Education Committee.

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  1. ..these people will believe that there are aliens amongst us and that they steal cows!

    It’s not really the sign of an advanced, democratic, industrialized, technocratic state with a decent standard of civics or education for the general population in failed red states.

    Red states that are now massive petrie dishes of virus mutations because there are no mandated anti virus precautions.

    They will have to be isolated and quarantined, no one in or out!

  2. In all of the deadly California fires from the last 3 years there have been dozens of blue lightning reports. Cell phone videos of blue laser beams clearly visible in the smoke. Our military has had laser’s attached to airplanes for many years now so it’s not a ridiculous conspiracy. Houses and everything in them including all appliances, toilets bathtubs and even brick fireplaces burned down to dust. Metal liquefaction in driveways but no trees were hurt.

  3. The high energy nuke enrichment technology used to zap canals in granite in Siberia after 1950s and zap out basements for the old WTCs and probably create ‘high speed’ underground facilities and tunnels is more likely the tech used to destroy things by Israel. Think portable neutron flux generators enriching low level isotopes recently strategically replaced forv effect. Kellogg Corp. personnel explained this tech to me 1966-1969. I have yet to hear it repeated at VT or elsewhere since. Shhh! Secret.

  4. “911 conspiracy theorist” in congress?
    Are there any others? (no)
    Better censor her before she tells the truth!
    Use tactic of “QAnon supporter” as the blanket dismissal…

  5. A youtuber Dutchsinse, who has 480,000 subs was pushing this crap, and the audience is largely christian right wing , and they excitedly claim he has over a 90% prediction rate for earthquakes. Greene saw this and did exactly what Donald would do, throw truth to the wind and grab what she can. The general tendency to capitalize on fear, is spreading, but the established fear core,… is pro war and pro christian. And using it is not new. So, what we are seeing, is “Hey we can use that, but you went too far”. But who established this fear base ?

  6. The picture in this article and the story line tells it all! The Zionists got US to where it is now, and there will be more vicious attacks from within … Basically the Zionists have got uncle Sam (Samuel) by the short and curly. time to pour lots of Chlorine in the swamp until the creatures in it turn belly up.

  7. …. “false flag” event. She has also advanced a conspiracy theory about the Sept. 11 attacks…. ”
    Which one did she advance? The one where WTC7 collapsed because airplanes ran into the two buildings across the street?
    I’m beginning to see that the “left vs. right” paradigm is a wedge tool in the true battle of “Top vs. Bottom”. She joins Alex Jones in the pantheon of agents of discredation.
    We have to rotate our paradigms 90 degrees.

  8. “She has also advanced a conspiracy theory about the Sept. 11 attacks.” You mean she doesn’t believe the official story? Well! I Never! How skeptical can you get? Some people would not believe the truth if it came and poked them in the eye!

  9. I’m sorry to say this but when I opened this article, I had no idea which side of the fence you were going to be on.

    • Yes, I am still confused. But then may will say ” of well your name tells you are non Anglo. I however maintain that since 9/11 all Truth is ridiculed as Conspiracy Theory and all Mass Murder as justified as Collateral Damage. These two inventions have blocked out any valid opposite views in on electronic ( radio TV ) or print media. So much so that no valid discussion is allowed on the subject of hurried availability of Vaccines for this Coved and its harmful affects on vaccinated or opposing vies by even the most learned Scientists and medical persons about the existence of this so called Pandemic. My appology for wondering off. Or is of?

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