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In evidence already in existence, a case for treason can be made against Donald Trump. 

Conversations involving people Trump pardoned, including but not limited to Paul Manafort, Roger Stone, Steve Bannon and Michael Flynn, provide more than needed evidence Trump conspired against the US.  Two witnesses are required only but the story behind the law, the history and some of the scandals, makes good reading…

The Senior Editor

Today we will make much needed legal points, a history lesson that proves what is going on inside Washington is illegal and pure theatre.  What does it prove?  To me it prove the US has already fallen to Trump’s Russian friends and the coverup is going full speed….

Trump is really being charged with Sedition, which is also called “Insurrection.”  For him to be guilty of Treason, he would have to be working with Russia.  However, we will show that Russia has been able, through its penetration of the DOJ, DHS and GOP, to defend Trump and that the Mueller inquiry may have been used to provide Trump a smoke screen.

Chip Tatum’s book, The Mule, contends that Barr and Mueller worked together to cover for Trump with a fake investigation, intended to discredit the massive evidence that Trump has been a Russian agent since 1987. 

The real charge is treason, not sedition and the trial of Aaron Burr in 1807 (Burr was found not guilty) is how such things are handled under the constitution.

Trials are for criminal courts, not for congress.  Congress is, as is shown below, empowered with setting the penalty for Treason through statute, but not with criminal trials or with judging guilt or innocence.

Secondly, we have the issues of murder, though incitement, though conspiracy, through abetment, you choose.  Americans have been convicted of treason for acts that deeply parallel “Stop the Steal.”  John Mitchell and Philip Weigel’s “Whisky Rebellion” was certainly a parallel.

In 1799, John Fries’ “anti-lockdown” gangs, exactly like Proud Boys and Oath Keepers, got him convicted of treason.

In 1842, Rhode Island’s Thomas Dorr disputed an election and tried to set up a parallel government, exactly like Donald Trump.  He was convicted of Treason.

In 1921, coal miners union member Walter Allen was convicted of Treason for standing against corrupt armed strike busters.  US Army Air Corps bombers were used against strikers, bombing their homes, strafing demonstrators.  If Allen was convicted and this precedent stands, and it does, Trump meets this burden easily and surpasses.

In 1807, former Vice President of the United States, Aaron Burr went on trial for treason.  He wasn’t impeached.  From the

It was on this day in 1807 that former Vice President Aaron Burr was acquitted of treason charges. The trial was truly a “Trial of the Century” in its time and one of the first tests of the Constitution’s Treason Clause.

The clause reads as follows in Article III, Section 3, of the Constitution:

“Treason against the United States, shall consist only in levying war against them, or in adhering to their enemies, giving them aid and comfort. No person shall be convicted of treason unless on the testimony of two witnesses to the same overt act, or on confession in open court. The Congress shall have power to declare the punishment of treason, but no attainder of treason shall work corruption of blood, or forfeiture except during the life of the person attainted.”

The Treason Clause was carefully worded to limit the charge to the most serious of crimes. Part of this was because of the application of treason charges, in a broader sense, in Great Britain.

The clause, as it was developed by James Wilson at the 1787 convention in Philadelphia, borrowed part of its wording from the English Statute of Treason, and it limited the ability of Congress to define treason. It also put a high burden of proof in place by requiring “the testimony of two witnesses to the same overt act.”

Since the Constitution went into effect in 1789, treason charges have been brought fewer than 30 times. And Burr’s landmark treason trial was one of the earliest, featuring some of the same people who were at the Constitutional Convention.

Working on Burr’s treason defense team in 1807 were Edmund Randolph and Luther Martin (as the lead attorney), both former constitutional delegates. President Thomas Jefferson directed the prosecution from the White House, with George Hay, and future attorney general William Wirt assisting Jefferson.

How Burr came to be arrested in Alabama in 1807 was a long story in itself, but the brief version is that Burr was rejected by his own party, the Democratic-Republicans, for opposing Jefferson in the 1800 presidential election runoff in the House, and then shunned by the Federalists and others for killing Alexander Hamilton in a duel.

Burr moved west to seek better fortunes, which included an independent military adventure to seize lands belonging to Spain in Louisiana and Mexico (specifically, Texas), with the possible incentive offered to the western states joining in the “adventure.” His activities, to a lesser extent, had been public knowledge since 1805.

However, Burr’s longtime friend, General James Wilkinson, decided to abandon the adventure. Wilkinson sent a message to federal authorities and President Jefferson that Burr intended to entice the western states to leave the Union and join with him as he colonized new lands – with the support of England. Jefferson then alerted Congress about Burr’s plan, and he ordered his arrest.

“Jefferson himself never doubted that Burr was a traitor. Indeed, on January 22, 1807, he had pronounced Burr guilty of treason to Congress and the entire nation—without a grand jury indictment,” said Kent Newmyer, in his recent book, “The Treason Trial of Aaron Burr: Law, Politics and the Character Wars of the New Nation.”

“In Jefferson’s morally dichotomous calculus, Burr was a danger to the republic; in Jefferson’s personalized view of the presidency, it was his responsibility to eliminate the danger, even if it meant breaking the law. Burr brought out the worst in Jefferson, and Jefferson brought out the worst in Burr,” said Newmyer.

Chief Justice John Marshall, Jefferson’s long-time political foe (and also his distant cousin), would preside at Burr’s treason trial since he was also the federal judge for the U.S. Circuit Court for Virginia.

At the trial, Marshall made the unusual move of issuing a subpoena to President Jefferson to deliver documents that Burr had requested to prepare his defense. Jefferson only supplied parts of the letters to the court and never acknowledged the subpoena. More damaging was testimony that showed that Burr was 100 miles away from a scene on Blennerhassett’s Island on the Ohio River, the one location where the government claimed Burr was planning an overt act of treason.

Marshall told the jury that it had to confine its analysis to testimony that an act of war against the United States had been conducted on Blennerhassett’s Island. Marshall and the Supreme Court had narrowed that definition in an earlier case related to Burr called Ex parte Bollman.

“No testimony relative to the conduct or declarations of the prisoner elsewhere, and subsequent to the transaction on Blennerhassett’s Island, can be admitted; because such testimony, being in its nature merely corroborative and incompetent to prove the overt act in itself, is irrelevant until there be proof of the overt act by two witnesses,” Marshall said. “This opinion does not comprehend the proof by two witnesses that the meeting on Blennerhassett’s Island was procured by the prisoner.”

What do we get out of this?

  • No role whatsoever for the House or Senate
  • A real judge, a real court
  • A president can be forced to testify
  • Hiding evidence is a crime
  • Trump deserves the same rights Burr had, exactly the same

Tin foil hat time, I keep mine close….

Some years, call it ‘decades’ ago, I read a document allegedly from the Office of Naval Intelligence dated August 23, 1977.  It was on a carbon flimsy.  It had arrived as a response to an inquiry I had sent 18 months before.  It’s source was official.

It stated, among other things, much worse things, that President Eisenhower had, in 1953, met with aliens and agreed to let them have 30,000 Americans a year for food, just like in “To Serve Mankind.”

I feared it might actually be true.  Now I believe it was and this was years, many many years before QAnon.

This last year 500,000 Americans died, ostensibly of COVID.  Many media outlets deny it, nobody really knows who they are and when I question real medical professionals who work in COVID wards, their reports are very different than those the public can see on COVID sites at local level.

Last week I was taken (unwillingly) on a detailed tour of the COVID ward at the Cleveland Clinic.  It was loaded beyond capacity.  Note, if you can’t handle a $600k donation, don’t seek medical care there.  More on that…

I now believe that 30,000 Americans could easily disappear and the press would cover for it entirely, even without Project Bluebook or such.  How?

Were they all “flu deaths?”  Were we being hit with fake diseases to cover for other issues?

OK, this is what one person believes, such as it is, and what can also be proven, I suggest, if ever proof were on any value.  Proof isn’t.  Facts don’t matter.

I was just talking to Jim a bit ago explaining CIA operations.  I explained that, when the US went into Afghanistan after 9/11, this is the real report:

There were 12 al Qaeda suspects in the region, not in Afghanistan but in Quetta, Pakistan, held under house arrest by Mullah Omar and under the sponsorship of the Saudi government.  I know this to be true, my sources there are first hand and many.  I also personally investigated this onsite.

I also confirmed this with British sources, highest, including a senior defense official who had been born in Quetta and still maintained strong intelligence contacts there.  I also went over this with General Pasha, then head of Pakistan’s ISI and with now PM Imran Khan.  This is only part of it, and other things are reviewed similarly.  I am providing this information as background only.

Yet, the CIA reported that dozens of massive underground bases existed all over Afghanistan and you can listen to then Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld describe them here:

Here we are over two decades later and every effort, including hacking VT’s offshore servers, has been made to hide this gaff.

OK, what’s our point?

We quickly went from attacking QAnon, a Mossad/CIA/KGB front that makes up silly things to now using a hillbilly congresswoman to debunk real false flag terrorism.  Her hillbilly ignorance is being jumped on to cover several real false flag attacks on the US, by grouping them into her insanity and coloring them with her HeeHaw version of 9/11, which she says really happened in 2011.

Let’s look at how these things apply to the farce in Washington.

We know these things:

Trump planned a violent coup with the aid of pro-Israel billionaires and Russian backed militia groups, part of an umbrella put together in a very secret operation that alleged Russian Agent Maria Butrina was blamed for.

She may or may not have been part of it but extremist groups in Russia did target the National Rifle Association, the police unions.

Already existing was the broad partnership between the drug cartels and the GOP, which operated at state level across the US.  Cartel backed “conservative activists,” paid from slush fund accounts in the Caymans, numbering over 500, and working with the Koch funded Federalist Society, began building an army of corrupt police, prison and street gangs and partnered with neo-Nazi and White Supremacist groups.

We have seen the results.

We also have very strong reason to suspect that this organization, and it is both highly organized and centralized. may have introduced and spread COVID 19 in the US.  If COVID 19 is laboratory created, as many real scientists claim, then a mechanism for spreading it exists.

It could not have been done without their knowledge as their control over much of America deeply parallels the structure of Gestapo control of Germany under Himmler.  But then we are dealing with Nazi’s, aren’t we?

Once Trump was engineered, in a very rigged election, into the presidency, court stacking began as did the total infiltration of the US Departments of Justice and Homeland Security by Russia.

How many Democrats did they take over?

When they were done, nothing of America was left.

Let’s look:

For decades, Donald Trump has litigated away criminal charges, mail and wire fraud, bank fraud, bankruptcy fraud, certainly dozens.

We also know he has been criminally accused in maybe a dozen child rapes, which were settled as civil cases:

We now see him doing the same thing and Nancy Pelosi is his instrument:

On January 6, 2020 a police officer died in a coup attempt that Trump is now being tried for, not in a criminal court but in a silly Senate hearing that was engineered from day one to find him “not guilty.”

The crime is murder and treason, not a Senate popularity contest which could end in a few insults and a fake conviction.  The US Senate is not a law enforcement agency, it is not a criminal court, it cannot find “guilt” other than within the scope of finding someone unfit for office.

The whole thing is a scam.  Let’s go to for a teaser:

In the summer of 1807, the city of Richmond, Virginia, played host to one of the most remarkable trials in early American history. The case involved several legal luminaries, but its undisputed star was the defendant, 51-year-old Aaron Burr.

The New Jersey native had only recently served as Thomas Jefferson’s vice president, but since then his reputation had been marred by political intrigue and his participation in a duel that had left Alexander Hamilton dead.

Burr now stood accused of one of the gravest crimes in American law: treason. According to one account, he had been at the heart of a “deep, dark, and wicked conspiracy” against the young United States.

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  1. In 1830, a brutal dictator waged war against the US, telling SCOTUS “Let’s see you enforce the law & stop me”, then committing the #DeadliestUSTerrorEvent.

    Using an army that broke their oaths and were #JustFollowingOrders.

  2. Forget Moscow – try TelAviv & Jerusalem.
    Remember that although a mere 1.5 M of Israel’s population are Russian born another Million or two come from the old Soviet Republics and from Poland, Belarus, Ukraine, Georgia, Moldova, Hungary, Czech Republic Slovakia, Bulgaria & Romania while the children of all of these emigres ensure that of Israel’s “Jewish” population today close to 75% come from behind the Iron Curtain.
    The overwhelming majority of the Russian-Siberian-Ukrainian Oligarch class that surrounded the Kremlin and Putin in his early years were (nominally) Jewish but examine Putin’s inner-circle today and you’ll discover that the overwhelming majority of thsoe who plundered & ransacked Russia during the 90’s have fled with the Fruits of the Labors in hard cash while the Jewish population of Russia now teeters on a few hundred thousand, at most. Russia is now thriving but so also is TelAviv-Jaffa-Haifa but Russia has the resources & human capital on which to continue to grow and thrive. Meanwhile, over in Palestine, there’s nowhere left to go but down with the country under the control of the Russian Jewish Mob who continue their take-down of the American Republic. America is on the chopping block while Russia thrives.

  3. and btw,… Trump set tons of precedent with his tactics and behaviors, certainly providing a unique time to set precedent. So, those who think everything needs a precedent, should be given an example of what setting one looks like.
    This means expulsion from office for anyone who supported, overturning the election.
    All of them. The Governors of the states should hold a gathering to discuss and vote on it.

  4. The magic carpet he seems to be riding on, is woven from a fabric of “maybe he didn’t really know” ,..”wasn’t his doing”,…”just joking” ,…”loophole legislation” ,..”hesitant enforcement”,.. and the best one,…’its just Donald he’s different, it’s how he does things”.

    I would contend there are maybe two entities capable of carrying out things as they have gone, while also profiling the twins, Trump and Johnson as the perfect water carriers. Brexit and Trump ran simultaneously, and there’s nothing the Queen and Pope love better than to see people blaming aliens. Compare the clumps of power shifts around the world with Trump and Nixon. The cartel trial started in tandem with the inauguration. Juan Carlos came when Nixon left and left when Trump did. Then we have a Guatemalan family burned like Mormons on the border. Drugs, and sex and heredity.

  5. Lets make it easy.

    Create money from nothing.
    Buy Royalty.
    Buy an Army .
    Buy Politics
    Buy the Law.
    Buy the Police.
    Buy Religion
    Buy Education.
    Buy Science.
    Buy the Media.
    Just buy everything.

  6. And until today we don’t know who really was killed in Abbottabad, not Bin Laden for sure, he was enough dead several years ago….

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